The mere mention of Mercedes-Benz is likely to conjure up images of precision engineering and auto-manufacturing of the very highest standards and quality.

The mere mention of Auto-Sleepers is likely to conjure up images of luxury, comfort, and imaginative design from Britain’s leading manufacturer of quality motorhomes.

Put Mercedes-Benz and Auto-Sleepers together, therefore, and you are certain to have a winning, world-class combination. And that is exactly what we can offer to demonstrate for you here at our indoor exhibition centre at Derby Motorhomes – Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers.


The company has its origins back in the earliest days of motor vehicles.

Not only does Mercedes boast a whole stable of iconic luxury motor cars it also continues to dominate Formula 1 racing – with the hybrid technology of its engineering making Mercedes one of the finest cars on the circuit, according to Essentially Sports on the 22nd of December 2020.

Getting to know Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers motorhomes

However, reassuring as it may be to know you have a fantastic chassis and power plant built upon such a lineage, most owners of campervans and motorhomes also like to have the same feeling for the internal fixtures and fittings. That’s why here at Derby Motorhomes, we’d like to take you on a brief descriptive tour of the Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-sleepers.

For 2021, there are six models in this range, offering a choice of four different wheelbases, from the shortest to the longest. You can find full details in our brochure of course:

  • Stanton – a compact two-berther offering everything you could possibly want or need. Full of innovative features, even the longest journey will be a breeze with its unprecedented driving comfort;
  • Bourton – this is a spacious no compromise front lounge end kitchen model, which delivers on every front. The lounge quickly converts at night to provide a choice between full-length singles or a double bed;
  • Malvern – with space enough to feature a full double traditional French bed at the rear and two further berths in the centre of the vehicle;
  • Winchcombe – just two berths on a mid-range wheelbase means that you have spacious comfort for you and your partner in this classic layout;
  • Burford – the Burford’s long wheelbase accommodates a spacious fixed bed area at the rear, where there is also an ensuite shower room and two further berths amid-ships; and
  • Burford Duo – finally, the Burford Duo offers what Auto-Sleepers boasts as “aspirational decadence for the discerning motorhome owner”. We need say no more.

Probably more so than any of the other motorhomes in the Auto-Sleepers range, the Mercedes coachbuilts exude sheer quality. From touches as apparently fleeting as the upholstery, the overall impact is stunning – in most cases based on a grey colour scheme with tasteful highlighting stripes.

Much of the trim is in wood and again, everything looks fresh, clean, and ultra-modern. Your first impression will be that everything looks spacious and comfortable and if you’re familiar with the phrase “first impressions can be deceiving” don’t worry because that’s certainly not the case here. These are extremely spacious and comfortable motorhomes.


Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers occupy a leading position in an impressive stable of motorhomes – so expect no ordinary product from this foremost of British manufacturers.

You are unlikely to be disappointed and almost certainly impressed by a range of key features that include:

  • confident driving performance from the precision engineering of a 163bhp Mercedes Euro engine as standard;
  • an upgrade pack that gives you Mercedes latest 7-speed automatic transmission;
  • all Mercedes coachbuilts feature Grade III Classification insulation standards for heating and thermal integrity;
  • they all also come equipped with an eco-friendly, energy-saving 80W Solar Panel;
  • each model has a 25-litre underfloor mounted LPG gas tank installed – offering hassle-free practicality;
  • Auto-Sleeper motorhomes are protected 24/7 with the Sargent CAT 6 Tracker – for which annual subscription fees are payable;
  • every Auto-Sleeper has gained product approval from the National Caravan Council (NCC) and complies with the latter’s rigorous UK specification standards;
  • Mercedes coachbuilts have the MBUX 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system installed, and this state of the art technology delivers intuitive touch control and access to Mercedes PRO connect services;
  • additionally, all onboard facilities can be monitored and controlled from a state of the art LCD touch screen panel combined with the Truma iNet mobile system – which also features an “Auto-Sleepers Locate” online portal that remotely manages and locates your vehicle; and
  • an optional roof-mounted air-conditioning system will control the climate inside your Mercedes coachbuilt thanks to a Trauma Aventa Comfort unit.


The Mercedes-based motorhomes are perennially popular. As stated at the outset, the reputation of the marque virtually guarantees that.

The Auto-Sleepers coachbuilding capitalises on that quality with its own brand of exclusive accommodation and accessories. There is no doubt that if you own one of these, it’ll not only offer a fabulous platform for your leisure activities but also prove to be the envy of many other owners.

Of course, our full range of pre-sales consultancy and post-sales support is available on these models. We also offer attractive finance options, including help over any credit history issues that you feel might prejudice your search for competitively priced finance.

Why not contact us as soon as possible to learn more about Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers?

Please note that technical specifications may be liable to change and may not be reflected in this article.

Auto-Sleepers – probably the epitome of luxury in British manufactured motorhomes. Combine those standards of luxury and design with customer service here at Derby Motorhomes that is second to none – and you have a match made in heaven.

In the impressive stable of different motorhomes bearing the Auto-Sleepers marque, none stand out better or are more highly prized than the manufacturer’s Peugeot coachbuilt models.

The reputation gained by this particular string of motorhomes gets burnished year after year, thanks to the release of new models and variations on well-loved themes. So, let’s take a look at what 2021 brought in terms of Peugeot coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers.

The 2021 Peugeot coachbuilt range

Renowned for their styling, comfort, and luxury finish, the Peugeot coachbuilt range for 2021 simply confirms this fine tradition with motorhome driveability that is as close as you are likely to get to driving your own car.

What’s more, there is almost certain to be a model that suits you and your family’s particular needs – with a choice of highline and low-profile versions, and vehicles with short, medium, or long wheelbases.

There are currently seven basic models – offering either two or four berths – from which to choose:

  • Nuevo ES;
  • Nuevo EK;
  • Broadway EK TB LP;
  • Broadway EB;
  • Broadway EK;
  • Broadway FB; and
  • Broadway EL.

In addition, there are special editions available of both the Nuevo ES and Nuevo EK.

Initial impressions

Cool, crisp, and modern – with an evident flair for innovative yet proven design – that may be the best way of summing up first impressions of the Peugeot coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers.

With seven different models available, built on short, medium, and long wheelbases, there is no single overall design or layout. Both the short wheelbase Nuevos, for example, and mid-range Broadways, and the long-wheelbase Broadway FB all have their wash and shower rooms at the rear of the vehicle.

The Broadway EB, FB, and EL are the three models with a mid-vehicle galley while the remainder have the galley at the very rear.

The mid-range Broadway EL is the sole motorhome with a layout featuring its two single berths or double bed at the rear of the vehicle – the layout of the remaining models all feature either two or four berths in the middle of the motorhome.

Whatever the layout that best suits your particular needs, you are unlikely to find the available space inside the motorhome at all limited – instead, each model boasts an impression of spaciousness achieved through clever design.


Auto-Sleepers make no ordinary motorhomes – their mission is focused on delivering the best and this extends to the impressive range of features that make life on the road in one of these motorhomes such a joy.

For 2021, those onboard features include:

  • an integrated touch-screen media console with DAB radio, satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity
  • all onboard facilities can be monitored and controlled from a state of the art LCD touch screen panel combined with the Truma iNet mobile system – which also features an “Auto-Sleepers Locate” online portal which remotely manages and locates your vehicle;
  • all Peugeot coachbuilts feature Grade III Classification insulation standards for heating and thermal integrity;
  • each model has a 25-litre underfloor mounted LPG gas tank installed – offering hassle-free practicality;
  • all Peugeot coachbuilts also come equipped with an eco-friendly, energy-saving 80W Solar Panel;
  • Auto-Sleeper motorhomes are protected 24/7 with the Sargent CAT 6 Tracker – for which annual subscription fees are payable;
  • Top Drive Suspension – a Top Drive semi-air suspension unit on the rear axle is designed to enhance performance and increase driving comfort;
  • the Peugeot coachbuilt models come with the 165bhp Peugeot Euro Engine as standard;
  • the optional 140/160bhp Fiat Ducato with an automatic gearbox (is also available on any model in this range);
  • an optional roof-mounted air-conditioning system will control the climate inside your Peugeot coachbuilt thanks to a Trauma Aventa Comfort unit.

If that sounds impressive – you’ll want to see it to believe it!

The Peugeot coachbuilt model for you

If seeing is believing, of course, then you’ll want to make an early date to visit us here near the centre of Derby to get up close and personal with any one of these Peugeot coachbuilts in the comfort of our indoor exhibition centre.

We can’t guarantee to tell you which model is going to be best suited to your particular needs, of course, but we’ll do everything to demonstrate every last detail, feature, and benefit of owning one of these first-class motorhomes.

It’s then down to some of the decisions you’ll make as a single traveller, couple, or family – do you want as much room as possible for you and your partner in a spacious long-wheelbase version, for instance? If you have children, your requirements for bed configurations and lounge accommodation might be different again.

Where we can offer some reassurance is the knowledge that, with so many different versions from which to choose, it’s hard to believe there won’t be one for you.

Contact us now – or plan a visit – and we’ll be happy to take this discussion further.

Auto-Sleepers is probably the foremost UK manufacturer of motorhomes – including van conversions, campervans, and coachbuilt motorhomes.

While its reputation in recent years has been founded on conversions and coachbuilt models based on the Peugeot Boxer chassis, the manufacturer also offers ALKO – or AL-KO – coachbuilt models.

So, let’s begin with a little background about Peugeot and, specifically, the ALKO chassis.

Peugeot and ALKO

Peugeot is one of the biggest and oldest names in motor vehicle manufacturing.

The French manufacturer started life way back in 1810 and the days of Napoleon I, originally producing coffee mills and then, later, bicycles. Their first true internal combustion engine vehicle (as opposed to earlier steam models) dates to 1890. The manufacturer has a long – not to mention proud – history.

AL-KO has its origins in 1931 as a blacksmith in a small village in Germany. By the 1980s, it was producing vehicle chassis based on world-class technology as the company steadily acquired other manufacturing bases around the world.

In collaboration with leading European vehicle manufacturers – Peugeot, Fiat, Citroen, Volkswagen, and Mercedes – AL-KO chassis development went from strength to strength with design and technology recognised for its comfort and safety, granting improved driving dynamics and improved driving comfort.

This is the chassis on which Peugeot ALKO coachbuilt motorhomes are produced.

The Peugeot ALKO Auto-Sleepers range

You can view both models in the ALKO Auto-Sleepers range here at our indoor exhibition centre at Derby Motorhomes – where the word Corinium equals unrivalled finesse within a palatial layout and a generously full-bodied motorhome width of 2.35m to accommodate four full-sized berths:

Corinium FB

The FB has a double berth towards the rear with a full ensuite washroom facility.

It has a fully-fitted kitchen and a spacious lounge – the latter accommodating a further double bed during its night-time layout.

Corinium Duo

In this layout, the spacious forward lounge again accommodates a double bed for night-time use, a spacious and fully-equipped kitchen, leading to a rear bedroom with two single beds and a full-width ensuite bathroom.

First impressions

With both models, the initial impression inside is one of spaciousness. As usual, Auto-Sleepers have done a marvellous TARDIS-like job of making the inside appear so much larger than the outside.

The fixtures and fittings are finished to an impeccable standard. Fitted mainly in wood trim with grey upholstery, the overall effect is one of designer elegance.

As we have noted elsewhere, the Corinium – just like every Auto-Sleepers motorhome – has a comprehensively equipped kitchen. The galley space is ergonomically designed and elegant in style. It has a real home-from-home feel all around and 2021 models feature:

  • dual fuel hob with 3 gas burners and an electric hot plate plus separate oven and grill;
  • dual level microwave oven;
  • large refrigerator with freezer compartment; and
  • 12v extractor fan with down-lighters.


2021 models include a wide range of attractive features – the majority of which are standard across the whole Auto-Sleepers range, but some are optional:

  • the 165bhp Peugeot Euro Engine, for instance, comes as standard;
  • but there is also an optional 140/160bhp Fiat Ducato with an automatic gearbox (available on any model in this range);
  • Top Drive Suspension – a Top Drive semi-air suspension unit on the rear axle is designed to enhance the motorhome’s performance on the road;
  • there is Grade III Classification insulation standard for heating and thermal integrity;
  • both Corinium models also come equipped with an eco-friendly, energy-saving 80W Solar Panel;
  • each model has a 25-litre underfloor mounted LPG gas tank installed – offering hassle-free practicality;
  • Auto-Sleeper motorhomes are protected 24/7 with the Sargent CAT 6 Tracker – for which annual subscription fees are payable;
  • integrated touch-screen media console with DAB radio, satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity
  • all onboard facilities can be monitored and controlled from a state of the art LCD touch screen panel combined with the Truma iNet mobile system – which also features an “Auto-Sleepers Locate” online portal which remotely manages and locates your vehicle; and
  • an optional roof-mounted air-conditioning system will control the climate inside your Peugeot ALKO coachbuilt motorhome thanks to a Trauma Aventa Comfort unit.


Peugeot-ALKO coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers offer a real taste of comfort, spacious luxury and designer elegance combined with practicality and economy.

Of course, it’s so much easier seeing them than just reading descriptions or looking at photographs in brochures. So, why not contact us and arrange to get up close and personal for your own private viewing at our permanent exhibition halls.

We’d love to hear from you and we’re waiting to help!

Well, it’s lockdown version number 3 and we’re all still living and working in very challenging times and circumstances.

Yet again, I’d really like to express my appreciation to quite a large number of people; to all of our customers who have and are continuing to support us during this third national lock down; to our wonderful staff, the majority of whom are either unable to work presently due to restrictions or working from home and to Auto-Sleepers who remain committed to supporting their dealers and customers, almost with their hands tied behind their backs.

Our service department has been forced to close this lockdown due to the national restrictions in place and preparation of sold vehicles and collections are also therefore suspended until a clearer picture emerges of exactly when we will be permitted to reopen and begin preparation, vehicle collections and service works again.

Service and After Sales – Happy to Help If We Can

Our dealership is currently closed due to the national restrictions in place and our sales and service customers have all been extremely understanding regarding the current situation and although unfortunately, everyone is in the same boat so to speak and some of you will have problems or outstanding issues with your motorhomes and possibly feel frustration at not being able to resolve these problems, I can assure you all that here at least, we would all rather be working hard, helping our customers and not being forced to sit around at home twiddling our thumbs!

Sales Department Online via email will get you a great deal

Although we all appreciate that our dealership has to remain closed during lockdown #3, for me the saddest sight that I see most days (and the one I simply can’t get used to) is the image of our great big showroom, full of new and used motorhomes, in darkness and gloom.

That said though, at least some of our sales team are still able to continue to work (to some extent anyway), behind closed doors and in the dealership and at home on-line so, to each of our customers so far, the ones who have left holding deposits against new and used motorhomes this lockdown, again, I’d like to say another very big thank you so much – your support is as overwhelming as much as it is appreciated, thank you all.

Auto-Sleepers and McLouis Fusion

I think that it is really important to spare a thought for Auto-Sleepers, the UK’s oldest motorhome manufacturer.

Last year was a challenge to say the least; as if two national lockdowns and the chaos that the last-minute Brexit negotiations caused at ports and to supply-chains wasn’t enough, this year has not started in a very positive way either with their dealer network forced to close again.

This year is certainly going to be another challenging year for all manufacturing.

The latest lockdown and restrictions have and will cause more chaos for manufacturing and yet again we can expect parts and component supply to be a particular challenge in this industry.

Scheduling and certainty had become an enormous issue last year and will continue to be so this year too; unfortunately, not everyone appreciates just how much these issues affect UK manufacturing and all I can say is that Auto-Sleepers have continued throughout to support us and you. Maybe, sometimes responses have been slower than usual – other times, models haven’t arrived on time but throughout, Auto-Sleepers have done everything within their power to deliver a service to us all.

Thank you, Auto-Sleepers, your hard work, dedication and support last year and this, so far, has been massive and appreciated.

The Derby Motorhomes Team

Finally, I’d like to say a massive thank you to the unbelievable team that work here in Derby.

We’ve all been together as a group for a very long time; no single individual is more important than another. Everyone plays a vital part in our success and the hard work and dedication usually shown by every single member of our team is an inspiration and although we all know how difficult last year was and this year is likely to be, each has always got on with their work and done their very best for us all.

On that final note I would simply like to assure everyone that Derby Motorhomes will continue to do everything we can to support our customers both old and new during these difficult times; thank you for supporting us, please continue to do so in the coming year and we will continue to support you.

Thank You, one and all.

February march 2018 newsletter

Tim Lemon

Managing Director

If you are thinking of buying an Auto-Sleeper motorhome, you are unlikely to find anything better when it comes to your choice of large or small, luxuriously spacious or nimbly manoeuvrable. Nor, for want of options when it comes to the layout of your ultimate leisure vehicle.

Indeed, you are likely to be so spoiled for choice that making a final decision seems overwhelming. So, why choose an Auto-Sleeper, and what do you need to consider when buying one?

Why choose an Auto-Sleeper?

This might be summed up in just three words – quality, design, and variety:


  • the whole point of a motorhome is to provide comfortable accommodation while you are out and about exploring the world at large;
  • as a result, you will typically want the accommodation component of your motorhome to offer the height of comfort, and be well equipped and spacious;
  • while no motorhome is likely to offer the same space and luxury as a penthouse suite in a top-class hotel, even so, Auto-Sleepers come close to achieving this in the vehicles they have constructed or customised;
  • this is partly about the quality of the materials used internally, partly about the design approach and most importantly, about the overall build quality;
  • it’s perfectly possible to have a great design using superb materials, but if they are poorly put together, the end result will be sub-optimal – that is not a mistake made by Auto-Sleepers, who consistently turn out widely praised interiors;


  • there are certainly cases where it is evident the design of a motorhome has perhaps not been entirely well thought-through;
  • although the materials and build quality may be fine, that doesn’t count for much if you have to climb over a table to reach the WC or can’t easily open a cupboard door when sitting in the lounge because it jams against a piece of furniture;
  • Auto-Sleepers have clearly been impeccably designed with an emphasis on practical functionality – and the importance of that often becomes crystal clear during the first 24 hours of using your new motorhome;


  • not only do they vary based on chassis and engine but also in terms of their internal configuration – you could, for example, have near identical chassis and engines but with the accommodation configured for two, three or four-berth use;
  • the company also doesn’t restrict its activities to larger flagship motorhomes;
  • the manufacturer’s van conversions are innovative and display genius in terms of the utilisation of available space;
  • this means that recreational vehicle users of all types and budgets can usually find an Auto-Sleeper to meet their needs.

Meeting your needs and requirements

These three excellent reasons for choosing an Auto-Sleeper come to nothing, of course, unless the motorhome can meet your particular needs and requirements. However brilliant the motorhomes are, you will still want to exercise personal tastes and preferences to your own specification.

Whether you will be happy with a van conversion or a full-sized motorhome is very much a matter of personal choice. The same is true in terms of things such as the size of the shower room and the total number of berths. For example, some people may prefer to trade a berth if it means they have a larger shower and WC area.

These things need to be considered, and a general requirements list produced before you start searching the Auto-Sleepers range. It will help focus your attention on what’s important to you.

So, let’s take a closer look at what might appear on your list of sought-after qualities and features.


Who is likely to be travelling with you on your adventures in an Auto-Sleeper motorhome? Is it just you and your partner or do you have children or maybe an extended family to think of?

The answer governs the number of beds you need in your motorhome and, of course, this determines, in turn, the overall size of the vehicle that may comfortably accommodate your travelling companions.


Closely related to the question of size is the overall weight and laden weight of your motorhome.

This may become more critical as you consider the largest of the motorhomes you might have an eye on. For the great majority of motorhomes, your standard driving licence allows you to drive vehicles of up to 3,500kg Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM), explains the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). For motorhomes above this weigh, however, you may need to pass and hold a supplementary Category C1 licence.

To complicate things a little further, your precise driving licence qualifications also depend on whether you took your test before or after the 1st of January 1997.

Where are you going?

Your choice of the size and weight of your motorhome might also be influenced by where it is you are likely to be going and how you intend to use the vehicle:

  • if you are planning to use it mainly for touring, with just overnight stops along the way, a smaller vehicle is likely to be more manoeuvrable along narrow winding lanes or congested city streets;
  • if you have a particular destination in mind and plan to use your Auto-Sleeper as a – somewhat luxurious – home away from home, then the extra spaciousness and higher standard of fittings and furniture of a larger, heavier vehicle may be more appropriate.

Seeing is believing

As you begin to lock onto the motorhome of your choice, there is nothing to beat the experience of ditching the brochures and magazines and getting up close and personal to the real thing.

Why not stop by our Auto-Sleeper exhibition centre and view the whole range on offer? Settle down in one of the comfortable seats in the cockpit or lounge area, bounce up and down on a bed or two, and get hands-on with the galley.

Your budget

As with so many things, your final decision may come down to the hard realities of your bank balance.

Once again, though, Auto-Sleeper build motorhomes to suit many a pocket – and reputable dealers such as ourselves here at Derby Motorhomes offer access to finance specialists who may advise on the ways to finance your purchase – including the Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) similar to the deal with which you might have bought your last motor car.

Here we are well into 2020 and it’s still possible to save thousands of pounds when you buy one of this year’s Auto-Sleepers.

That means £2,000 off the price of any one of 12 different current-year coachbuilt models – from the already economically priced Nuevo or Broadway, right up to the luxurious Burford or Burford Duo.

At Derby Motorhomes we’ve slashed prices still further by offering a £1,500 discount on many of our van conversions too. That’s a significant reduction in the price of the ever-popular Symbol and the king of van conversions, the Fairford.

Remember that these deals are all on this year’s 2020 models. If you are interested in a brand new model from 2019, we still have a few of these left, too. Act now, and you could find yourself saving as much as £4,000 on last year’s price for a two to four-berth Corinium Duo, for example.

What’s new in 2020 Auto-Sleepers?

One of the definitive guides to the full range of Auto-Sleepers is published by Out and About Live.

The review of the models on the market in 2020 drew attention to the following features across the range of these leading motorhomes:

  • windows and blinds from Dometic or Remis – depending on the model;
  • Sargent EC700 electrical systems;
  • Santana furniture fitted as standard – furniture from the Valencia range available as an option;
  • upholstery from Casa Mila – in a choice of five main colours, blue, green, brown, mustard, and purple;
  • Dometic microwave ovens fitted as standard;
  • your own motorhome WiFi system, which includes a 4G antenna, docking station and Huawei internet router;
  • Sargent Category 6 GPS vehicle tracker (annual subscription required);
  • window etching and security chip installed in support of the Central Registration and Identification Scheme (CRiS); and
  • new for 2020 decals and graphics.

Fairford and Fairford Plus

Special mention might be made of the new versions of the Fairford and Fairford Plus launched by Auto-Sleeper for 2020. We have already named this model the king of van conversions and the current models more than live up to that name.

It was reviewed by What Motorhome before the turn of the new year.

The end section of the Fairford Plus has received special attention from the motorhome designers. The transverse double bed can be folded down to create bench seats or may instead be stacked either side, thus freeing up valuable floor space for use as a full-width garage. Here you can store your bicycles, mobility scooters and all manner of sports gear – there are even seatbelt anchors for a harness in which your dog can safely travel.

Another space-saving feature sees the Whale heating system also installed out of the way under the floor. The system is an especially efficient dual-power unit of either 3kW electric or gas-fired.

Every year, Auto-Sleeper turns out a whole stable of thoroughbred motorhomes. Every year, the manufacturer’s reputation for ingenuity, design and top-quality craftsmanship advances a further notch or two.

Now that you can still find deals on brand new 2020 models, you might want to contact us soon to order yours now

You’ve almost certainly heard the name. Their reputation tends to go before them. And if you’ve ever parked your own motorhome alongside one on a campsite, you’ve probably seen for yourself that Auto-Sleepers are a cut above most others.

So, if you are thinking about upgrading your motorhome this season, what makes it an attractive choice and how might you go about trading up for an Auto-Sleeper motorhome?

Why choose Auto-Sleeper?

What better way of finding out how well any particular motorhome is regarded than to ask those who own one. And in terms of owner satisfaction, Auto-Sleeper has an enviable and undisputed tract-record.

For the second year running Auto-Sleeper, has been voted by owners themselves as the Best Motorhome Manufacturer 2020. As winners of this prestigious accolade, Auto-Sleeper collected the award at an annual dinner with sponsors Practical Motorhome, Practical Caravan, and the Camping and Caravanning Club on the 17th of January 2020.

There are 22 Auto-Sleeper models from which to choose – from the compact 2-berth Symbol campervan to the luxurious and spacious coachbuilt Mercedes-powered 4-berth Burford Duo.

The characteristics of each model – frequently updated to greet each new season – make Auto-Sleepers some of the most reviewed motorhomes on the market. Practical Motorhome, for example, focussed on the “ultimate in coachbuilt luxury” of the Corinium FB, while Out and About Live has praised the high specification yet affordable price of the Fairford campervan.

Trading up

Whether the fulsome reviews give you that incentive to buy or whether you prefer to take the word of those who already own an Auto-Sleeper, therefore, this is the manufacturer you might want to have in your sights when looking to upgrade.

If you already own an older Auto-Sleeper and want to upgrade to a newer of higher specification motorhome, you might naturally turn to a main dealer and franchise-holder such as us here at Derby Motorhomes. Our familiarity with every model of the – whole of the Auto-Sleeper range – whatever its age or mileage ensure that we are able to offer a highly competitive price in part exchange when you want to trade up.

Simply put, we are also interested in taking a second-hand Auto-Sleeper in part exchange.

In fact, we are interested in the whole chain of transactions typically involved when trading up to a new motorhome. If you have a private buyer interested in the motorhome you are trying to sell, for example, simply direct them to our motorhomes wanted page. If it is a campervan, van conversion or any motorhome less than seven years old, we may be able to offer a further part-exchange deal or offer to advertise it in our own listings on a sale or return basis.

As you will have gathered, therefore, you do not need to currently own an Auto-Sleeper in order to offer any make of motorhome in part-exchange. The way is clear for you to upgrade to the luxury and reliability of an Auto-Sleeper simply by visiting our showrooms today and choosing the latest model that suits you and your family.


A new year brings with it a packed schedule of motorhome events, shows and exhibitions.

Whether you are looking to buy your first motorhome, trade up to a new one, or simply have an interest in holidays that combine the freedom of the open road and the outdoor life, there’s almost certain to be an upcoming event near you.

This is where you can get up close and personal with some of the season’s exciting new launches – including a range of 2020 Auto-Sleepers – talk to experts about any aspect of owning and driving a motorhome, or browse the bewildering array of gadgets and accessories.

Here are some of the key dates and places for your diary.

Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Home Show, Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), Glasgow, 6th to 9th of February

Scotland is never slow to get in on the act and stages the biggest of its kind north of the border in February.

The Camping and Caravanning Club organises this extensive display of everything related to caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes at the expansive SECC in Glasgow.

Yorkshire Motorhome and Campervan Show, Harrogate, 20th to 22nd of March

Just a month later is the Yorkshire Motorhome and Campervan Show, held at the Yorkshire Event Centre in Harrogate and expected to feature more than 300 new and second-hand leisure vehicles for sale.

If you want to try your hand at manoeuvring a motorhome, campervan or caravan, the Caravan and Motorhome Club will also be there to offer free 20-minute hands-on courses.

Southern Motorhome and Campervan Show, Newbury, 15th to 17th May

With springtime’s new season well underway, why not pay a visit to the South of England’s main event, the three-day show at the Newbury Showground, in Chieveley, Berkshire?

Make a longer break of it by pitching up at the onsite camping grounds, which are open for visitors to the show from 10 a.m. on the 17th until noon on the 20th of May.

Your entry fee gains access to two shows for the price of one – not only is there the motorhome and campervan show, but also the National Park and Holiday Homes Show in the same grounds.

Midsummer Motorhome Show, Kenilworth, 19th to 21st of June

Organised by the Camping and Caravanning Club in the beautiful grounds of the Midlands’ foremost showground at Stoneleigh Park, near Kenilworth, this show has a 1950s rock and roll theme.

But you’ll not be coming for the music alone, of course, rather the 300 or so new and used motorhomes for sale, the 30 national and local dealers to talk to, and the 145 or more retailers of accessories and gadgets.

Motorhome and Caravan Show 2020, NEC Birmingham, 13th to 18th October

By the time mid-October comes around, it has probably been worth the wait for the biggest show of them all, the jewel in the crown that is 2020’s Motorhome and Caravan Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

The extensive exhibition halls of the NEC pack all of 2020’s caravans and motorhomes under one roof, there are mountains of accessories, devices and gadgets to browse, and expert advice from the UK’s foremost caravanning club is readily on hand.

There are motorhomes. And then there are Auto-Sleepers.

From the moment you toy with the idea of buying a motorhome, you begin to realise what a wide range of makes and models there are to choose from. As you start to take the notion more seriously and look more closely at your options, you realise that one marque consistently stands head and shoulders above the rest. That is Auto-Sleepers.

Why Auto-Sleeper?

A thoroughly British success story, the Auto-Sleepers name and reputation has been built up over many years as a family-oriented business. With beginnings traced backed to 1961, that reputation has been founded on the time, effort and care that goes into making every motorhome that emerges from its factory in the Cotswolds.

From van conversions to coachbuilt models, that care and effort shines through in the design, quality and innovation that goes into every motorhome the manufacturer produces.

That range of models is constantly expanding. There are currently eight Peugeot-based campervans, six Peugeot coachbuilt models, two Peugeot AL-KO coachbuilts, and six top of the range Mercedes coachbuilt models from which to choose.

The designers and production crews live and breathe the motorhome, ensuring the highest of hand-built standards and the maximum benefit from every cubic centimetre of space within each vehicle – turning out motorhomes that have become the envy of any aspiring owner. And that is reflected in the growing list of awards consistently won by Auto-Sleepers.

But the company is never content to rest on its laurels. Every year sees the introduction of new models and refinements to proven favourites – and 2020 is no exception – as the display of new motorhomes at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show at the NEC in Birmingham in February will go to show.

Why Derby Motorhomes?

Conveniently situated in Derby, in the middle of the country, Derby Motorhomes has established itself as probably the leading dealer of Auto-Sleepers motorhomes. We are the place to come if you have an interest in an Auto-Sleepers for sale – whether that’s new or pre-loved.

Our extensive exhibition centre offers the opportunity to get up close and personal with different Auto-Sleepers models and to see for yourself why this is the outstanding marque in motorhome manufacture.

Like many another dealer, we have discounts and special offers from time to time – but few others are able to match our current deals (as at December 2019) which represent savings of up to £2,500 off the list price of some Auto-Sleepers. Add to this our range of finance options and the chance of owning your dream motorhome may prove well within your grasp.

As a main dealer for Auto-Sleepers, Derby Motorhomes of course ensures that every motorhome we sell has been the subject of thorough and rigorous pre-delivering checking and servicing. It also means that any optional packs and accessories are expertly fitted and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements and warranty conditions.

Our expert team of engineers is also on hand to carry out after-sales servicing, repairs and warranty work, using genuine approved parts – even on Auto-Sleepers which you might have bought elsewhere.

Whether you are looking or a campervan or the luxury of a fully fitted and furnished motorhome, Auto-Sleeper has long been a peerless marque. Its factory in the Cotswolds has been turning out motorhomes that are the envy of existing and prospective owners alike.

The company’s reputation has gone from strength to strength through successive releases of improvements to its existing range and the launch of new models. So, what’s to look out for in the 2020 Auto-Sleepers range?


Fairford Plus

One of the hottest additions to the 2020 Auto-Sleeper range comes in the shape of the Fairford Plus.

The Fairford itself was launched a few years back in 2016 and the “Plus” in the New Year’s model is thanks to the development of a new Fairford that is now based on the extra-long wheel-base Peugeot Boxer van.

That additional length makes it one of the few campervans that manage to squeeze in comfortable sleeping for four people, including two in the double transverse bed at the rear of the motorhome. In the lounge area to the front of the van, a dining table drops down to convert the benches either side into another double bed.

Peugeot coachbuilts

Also built on the extra-length Boxer van is an ever-popular Broadway FB.

The clever, coachbuilt design allows not only for a fixed double bed at the rear but also a separate shower and washroom to the side, a fully equipped kitchen in the middle of the motorhome and a spacious lounge area at the front.

All in all, it remains amazing just how much has been fitted into this handsomely proportioned coachbuilt Peugeot.

AL-KO Peugeot coachbuilts

The lighter weight of the AL-KO coachbuilt motorhome allows a still higher degree of finish for the same level of performance and manoeuvrability.

With the choice of two Corinium models, the FB version delivers an extremely spacious lounge area and well-equipped kitchen. The real delight – and impressive for a motorhome of these overall dimensions – is the enclosed bedroom to the rear with its own ensuite shower and bathroom.

Mercedes coachbuilt

Maintaining its position in the height of luxury and comfort is Auto-Sleeper’s range of Mercedes-powered coachbuilt motorhomes.

And top of that range, the superlative Burford Duo offers two fixed single beds in a spacious room at the back, where there is also a fully equipped shower and bathroom.

2020’s new look

Exterior detailing across the whole range of Auto-Sleepers makes it crystal clear that these are the latest models for 2020.

Inside, you have limewash furniture as standard, the choice of five different fabric options, chrome fixtures and fittings and LED lighting.

In their latest incarnation, all Auto-Sleepers now also come with Whale heating and hot water systems, Sargent EC700 electrical systems, Dometic microwave ovens, in-built Wi-Fi routers, Cat 6 Trackers – which are said to provide the highest levels of security for any vehicles – and further security chipping and window etching with your CRiS registration and membership (the Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme established by the National Caravan Council in 1992).