When someone has owned an Auto-Sleeper motorhome they’re rarely likely to look back – when it comes the time to change or upgrade the leisure vehicle, therefore, they invariably buy Auto-Sleeper again.

If you’re in the market for buying a top-quality, pre-loved motorhome, therefore, you might want to take more than a second look at any Auto-Sleeper for sale.

Why buy a used Auto-Sleeper?

Auto-Sleepers are famed for their quality, luxury and level of finish. The design and craftsmanship that goes into every model to emerge from the factory in the Cotswolds ensures a level of comfort that is second to none among British-built motorhomes.

So, an Auto-Sleeper is built to last. Even when the first owner decides its time to renew or upgrade, therefore, there is still likely to be plenty of life left in the original model.

As a buyers’ guide published by Out and About Live points out, motorhomes tend to hold their price much better than an average car – and an Auto-Sleeper holds its price better than an average motorhome. But all vehicles inevitably depreciate in value over time. That means you may be able to make appreciable savings on the price of a used Auto-Sleeper compared with one that is brand new.

Where to buy a used Auto-Sleeper

Private sale

You might see an Auto-Sleeper for sale when it’s advertised in a magazine or online listing site.

As you might have discovered when attempting to buy any vehicle through such a private sale, however, the transaction can be fraught with frustration and danger. You need something of an expert eye to check that the vehicle is everything it’s cracked up to be, you have to negotiate a fair price with the vendor, and it’s your responsibility to check that the vendor has title to the motorhome and that it is not subject to any outstanding finance.

You need to check the service history – to ensure that servicing and maintenance has been carried out by approved dealers – and it is down to you to check that everything is clean and has been well cared for.

Most worrying of all when buying through a private sale, perhaps, comes if anything goes wrong with the motorhome you have just bought. You have no come-back if the motorhome is bought “as seen”.


You are in much safer hands, of course, if you buy a used Auto-Sleeper from a reputable dealer.

Owners of Auto-Sleepers tend to be loyal to the dealer from which they first bought the motorhome. They rely on the same specialist dealer for the servicing and maintenance of the motorhome and go there for the subsequent fitting of any extras or accessories.

When it comes time to renew or upgrade the vehicle, they are also likely to ask that dealer to handle its sale. So, the majority of Auto-Sleepers you see for sale are likely to be in the hands of specialist dealers. They are likely to prove your most active market.

When buying from such a dealer, you may be assured that the motorhome has been thoroughly inspected and serviced, you have a full range of warranty options, and you have a contact through whom any post-sale snags or concerns may be resolved.

When it comes to motorhomes, Auto-Sleeper has a reputation and standing second to none. From their factory at Willersey in the Cotswolds, they have been hand-crafting motorhomes of superlative quality and design since 1961.

From Peugeot campervans to coachbuilt motorhomes based on either Peugeot or Mercedes powertrains, there is almost certain to be an Auto-Sleeper that suits you and your family’s needs and circumstances. The difficulty is more likely to lie in choosing the appropriate model – there are plenty from which to choose and every year sees a refinement or make-over of still more.

So, what’s in the Auto-Sleepers’ range and what to look out for this year?

The range

From the ever-popular – and constantly up-dated Symbol and Symbol Plus to the more spacious Warwick XL, Peugeot-based campervans remain among the company’s best-sellers.

If you want to upgrade to a coachbuilt Peugeot-engined motorhome, there are a further six models from which to choose – from the stylish Nuevo EK up to the large and very spacious Broadway FB.

If you are looking for a motorhome that is specially engineered to provide a lightweight superstructure – capable of carrying a bigger payload – take a look at the Peugeot AL-KO range, in the shape of either the Corinium Duo or the Corinium FB.

For those in search of the ultimate in luxury and comfort, there is the range of Mercedes coachbuilt motorhomes – five in all, from the Bourton to the Burford Duo.

What’s new?

In a preview of this year’s Motorhome and Caravan Show makes the point that Auto-Sleepers do not make radical changes to their well-proven stable of vehicles. Instead, each year sees a steady evolution of the range through incremental improvements and refinements.

Some of those finishing touches may appear relatively minor – but all add up to the company’s constant search for improvements based on feedback from their customers. As a result, therefore, new models for 2020 see the introduction of:

  • space heating and hot water systems from UK caravan heating specialists Whale;
  • microwaves made by the prestigious manufacturer Dometic;
  • Sargent EC700 electrical systems;
  • WiFi routers from Huawei;

Some innovations pack a bigger punch, such as the changes to the Peugeot Broadway, which now has the latest engines meeting up to date European emission standards (6d-Temp). This is a 2.2-litre 165bhp engine generating 370Nm of torque.

Auto-Sleepers stay ahead of the competition by steadily improving and enhancing the specification of individual models throughout the whole range of models. This applies even to top of the range Mercedes coachbuilt vehicles, which somehow manage to take the level of comfort and luxury still further. For 2020, for example, these models incorporate many new features as standard, including Truma Aventa Comfort air-conditioning.

There is really only one way of taking your next step in choosing an Auto-Sleeper and that is to get along to a reputable dealer specialising in the sale of these iconic motorhomes and taking a closer inspection.

If you are thinking of buying an Auto-Sleeper motorhome, you are unlikely to find anything better when it comes to your choice of large or small, luxuriously spacious or nimbly manoeuvrable, or for want of options when it comes to the layout of your ultimate leisure vehicle.

Indeed, you are likely to be so spoiled for choice that making a final decision seems overwhelming. So, what are some of the considerations likely to come into play when buying a motorhome?


Who is likely to be travelling with you on your adventures in an Auto-Sleeper motorhome? Is it just you and your partner or do you have children or maybe an extended family to think of?

The answer governs the number of beds you need in your motorhome and, of course, this determines, in turn, the overall size of the vehicle that may comfortably accommodate your travelling companions.


Closely related to the question of size, is the overall weight and laden weight of your motorhome.

This may become more critical as you consider the largest of the motorhomes you might have an eye on. For the great majority of motorhomes, your standard driving licence allows you to drive vehicles of up to 3,500kg Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM), explains the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). For motorhomes above this weigh, however, you may need to pass and hold a supplementary Category C1 licence.

To complicate things a little further, your precise driving licence qualifications also depend on whether you took your test before or after the 1st of January 1997.

Where are you going?

Your choice of the size and weight of your motorhome might also be influenced by where it is you are likely to be going and how you intend to use the vehicle:

  • if you are planning to use it mainly for touring, with just overnight stops along the way, a smaller vehicle is likely to be more manoeuvrable along narrow winding lanes or congested city streets;
  • if you have a particular destination in mind and plan to use your Auto-Sleeper as a – somewhat luxurious – home away from home, then the extra spaciousness and higher standard of fittings and furniture of a larger, heavier vehicle may be more appropriate.

Seeing is believing

As you begin to home in on the motorhome of your choice, there is nothing to beat the experience of ditching the brochures and magazines and getting up close and personal to the real thing.

Why not stop by our Auto-Sleeper exhibition centre and view the whole range on offer? Settle down in one of the comfortable seats in the cockpit or lounge area, bounce up and down on a bed or two, and get hands-on with the galley.

Your budget

As with so many things, your final decision may come down to the hard realities of your bank balance.

Once again, though, Auto-Sleepers build motorhomes to suit many a pocket – and reputable dealers such as ourselves at Derby Motorhomes are likely to offer in-house finance specialists who may advise on the ways to finance your purchase – including the Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) similar to the deal with which you might have bought your last motor car.

They’ve been voted the Best Motorhome Manufacturer of both new and used vehicles in the UK in the Caravan and Motorhome Owners’ Satisfaction awards. Two of their coachbuilt motorhome models walked away with second-place prizes in this year’s Caravan and Motorhome Club’s Design Awards.

So, if you’re thinking motorhomes, you’re almost certainly thinking Auto-Sleepers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from customers eager to buy.

Who are Auto-Sleepers?

Auto-Sleepers are probably the leading manufacturer of motorhomes in the UK. The company has been around for nearly 60 years now and remains a family-run business – in which the passion for motorhomes runs as high as ever – with headquarters at Willersey in the Cotswolds.

Auto-Sleepers have carved out the reputation they enjoy today by concentrating on the highest craftsmanship and expertise in design. Their motorhomes are all hand-built, with top-quality fittings, fixtures and furniture that combine luxury with creative innovation. That clever use of precious space within a motorhome is one of the key features setting Auto-Sleepers apart from other brands.

What are the principal models in their range?

Ever innovative Auto-Sleepers launch new models, variations on and upgrades of existing favourites each year but all are based on either Peugeot or Mercedes chassis and drivetrains:

  • even among the smaller yet refined Peugeot campervans, for example, there are now eight models from which to choose;
  • six models of Peugeot coachbuilt motorhomes offer unrivalled luxury;
  • there are three Peugeot AL-KO coachbuilt models boasting luxury personified; and
  • six Mercedes coachbuilt models which all offer the ultimate in motorhome luxury.

How are they powered?

Peugeot campervans are powered by the well-proven 160bhp turbo diesel Euro 6 engine with manual transmission as standard. For an even more comfortable ride, you might choose the optional premium package featuring Peugeot’s twin-leaf rear suspension and AL-KO dual Air-Top suspension.

Peugeot coachbuilts are also fitted with the 160bhp turbo diesel Euro 6 engine, but you also have the option of a Fiat Ducato 130/150bhp Comfort-Matic automatic transmission engine.

Peugeot AL-KO coachbuilts feature AL-KO’s wide track chassis with its generous 3,500kg Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM), powered by either the 160bhp turbo diesel Euro 6 engine or the optional Fiat Ducato 130/150bhp Comfort-Matic automatic transmission engine.

Mercedes coachbuilts are built up and handcrafted on the chassis and powertrain of the German manufacturer’s next-generation 163bhp Euro 6.2 turbo diesel engine, which may be optionally upgraded to the mighty V6 190bhp engine, and also comes with the choice of an optional 7-speed automatic transmission.

What’s on the inside?

Whatever model, from whichever range, and the engine configuration that is chosen, you may be assured of top-quality luxury, making maximum use of the available space in the elegantly fitted interior.

Those interiors have clearly seen exhaustive innovation and creativity in layouts and designs which offer a whole range of different beds, galleys, and washrooms.

Layouts recognise that what you need for daytime use is going to be different to night-time, yet both make maximum use of the interior space, and converting from one to the other is achieved quickly and effortlessly.

Where can I find out more about Auto-Sleeper motorhomes?

Why not visit our Auto-Sleeper Exhibition Centre and immerse yourself in the motorhome experience?  We display the entire range of brand new Auto-Sleeper motorhomes here in Derby, plus we also carry a good selection of used Auto-Sleepers motorhomes.

We are proud of our long association with Auto-Sleepers and make no secret of our admiration for their vehicles.

In what follows, we’ll outline some of the reasons for that and why Derby Motorhomes is proud to offer them to our customers for their consideration.


The first thing we have to mention is, of course, the very highly regarded reputation of Auto-Sleepers for build quality.  This covers every element of their coachbuilding and van transformation services, as well as their commitment to no compromise on getting it right.

Unsurprisingly, that has a direct relationship to how often you, as a potential buyer, will need to get things looked at and attended to after purchase.  From our lengthy experience, we know that these vehicles typically don’t cause post-sales issues for our customers and that means we are protecting the interests of those same customers when we recommend Auto-Sleepers to them.

Excellence in design

Of course, important as build quality is, nobody wants it to result in a rather Spartan motorhome that looks fit for purpose in a utilitarian sense but which also manages not to catch the eye!

The Auto-Sleepers range sets the bar high in terms of innovative design and attractiveness.  Their interiors are stunningly modern and also offer a range of options that will allow you to select the décor you feel suits your personality.  There is no question here of you having to put up with a single option by way of what their designer thought you should appreciate.

Looks are not the only consideration though and the functional quality of these designs is fantastic.  When you are inside an Auto-Sleepers motorhome, it’s almost like being in a small boutique hotel where everything not only looks good but performs excellently too.

For example, some of the kitchen and cooking equipment is simply stunning and of a type and quality you might normally associate with a luxury apartment rather than a motorhome.

Financial sense

A combination of the things mentioned above leads to a situation whereby Auto-Sleepers vehicles are highly sought after and that includes within the pre-used motorhome marketplace.

The result of that is that they tend to have an excellent residual value model, depreciating less than numbers of other models.

This Cotswold based company doesn’t target the bottom end of the marketplace in terms of its pricing model and nobody is pretending that they are the cheapest motorhomes around.  However, if you’re looking at the financial position from a balanced perspective, taking into account depreciation, Auto-Sleepers might make sound common sense.

Customer feedback

As you might expect and even demand, we take the feedback that we receive from our customers very seriously.

We know from many years of after-sales discussions with our customers, just how happy they are with Auto-Sleepers.  That gives us on-going confidence in terms of our recommendations.

Power plant

Having a superb piece of coachbuilding isn’t necessarily going to be massively impressive if it sits on a middle-of-the-road and decidedly average power plant and chassis.

Auto-Sleepers only use prestige plants from Peugeot and Mercedes-Benz.  Yet again, there is no compromise on quality there either.


We recognise that there are many factors to take into consideration when you are purchasing a motorhome.  We will be only too happy to look at those objectively with you and to see whether or not there is an Auto-Sleepers model that will be ideal for your requirements.

If you are looking to buy a motorhome, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer choice of makes and models.

But there is one manufacturer you certainly don’t want to pass by – and that is the renowned Auto-Sleeper brand. Some of the following frequently asked questions might help to explain why.

Why buy an Auto-Sleeper?

The British manufacturer has established an enviable reputation as one of the finest builders of van conversion and coachbuilt motorhomes.

That reputation is not without good cause since it has been confirmed by motorhome owners themselves. Readers of Practical Motorhome, for example, voted Auto-Sleeper the best manufacturer of motorhomes in 2019, taking the laurels in the owner-satisfaction award, in an annual competition the magazine runs jointly with the Camping and Caravanning Club.

The company has more than 58 years’ experience in building motorhomes, with a focus on every aspect of their design and ensuring that the interiors take full advantage of every inch of space.

What powers an Auto-Sleeper?

Auto-Sleepers typically come with a choice of powertrains:


  • fitted to both its van conversions and coachbuilt models, many Auto-Sleepers are powered by Peugeot’s proven 160bhp turbodiesel Euro 6 engine; or
  • if you prefer the option of an automatic transmission, you have the choice of the 130bhp/150bhp Fiat Ducato Comfort-Matic engine;


  • Mercedes coachbuilt models are fitted with the German brand’s 163bhp Next Generation Euro 6.2 turbodiesel 163bhp engine; and
  • with the option of that powertrain’s 7-speed fully automatic gearbox.

How extensive is the Auto-Sleeper range?

Not only is there an extensive range of Auto-Sleepers from which to choose but new models and updated versions of current favourites are launched each year.

Presently, for example, there are seven different Peugeot van conversions, six Peugeot coachbuilts and five coachbuilt, Mercedes-powered motorhomes.

Which Auto-Sleeper is for me?

Your choice of motorhome, of course, is a highly personal one and depends on how you intend to use it, the number of passengers you may need to accommodate (and the number of berths for them to sleep in), and the interior space and layout you are likely to need.

You might want a motorhome that you – and a partner perhaps – are likely to use mainly for touring and for exploring the highways and byways of new and unfamiliar places. In the way of many adventures, these may lead you along narrow, winding lanes one minute and through the congestion of busy city streets the next. That is when you are likely to want a smaller, more manoeuvrable motorhome.

If you want a luxurious second home on wheels that you are likely to use as your more permanent base on holidays and short breaks, then a larger motorhome might be the order of the day.

Where can I buy an Auto-Sleeper?

There are main dealers who specialise in this make of motorhome and have the experience and expertise to guide you through the decision-making process – and may also offer the competitively-priced finance packages you may need.

Choose one of these leading dealers with extensive showrooms and exhibition halls to allow you to get up close and personal with the models that suit your tastes and preferences.

Do you remember the day you first took delivery of your motorhome and your delight in finding everything inside so new, shiny, spick and span? Do you remember how the engine purred into life as you set off on your first outing, without a care in the world about the vehicle or the comfort it would provide?

After several outings and maybe a holiday or two, your motorhome might also have taken a few knocks that are in need of repair.

Keeping your motorhome in its nearly new condition and carrying out the occasional repair, therefore, means scheduling a regular service and maintenance regime.

Here at Derby Motorhomes we share the pride you take in keeping your motorhome – whether or not you actually bought in from us – in next to perfect running condition, appearance and comfort, so we are pleased to offer all the servicing, maintenance and repairs you may need.

Servicing your auto-sleeper

There is rather more involved in auto-sleeper servicing, of course, than the periodic services you may give the car you keep at home.

Typically, it is going to focus on two separate and distinct areas:

The vehicle

  • failure to have a valid, up to date MOT certificate may mean a fine of up to £1,000;
  • but an MOT is the most basic of checks – and certifies the vehicle’s roadworthiness on the day of the test only;
  • yet roadworthiness and the mechanical safety of the vehicle are paramount at all times – and your failure to ensure that this is so, may not only invalidate your motorhome insurance but also land you in trouble with the police;
  • so, leave your auto-sleeper servicing to us, confident in the knowledge that we will service, maintain or repair your vehicle in accordance with the engine manufacturer’s strict requirements;

The auto-sleeper

  • the Camping and Caravanning Club also insists that you have an annual “habitation” service of the interior of your auto-sleeper and its facilities;
  • this not only provides a servicing of the living area of your motorhome, but also checks and maintains the gas, electrical, water and heating systems of your auto-sleeper;
  • this might prove an extremely important aspect in the servicing and maintenance of your motorhome – not just from it being safe and health hazard-free for habitation, but also to spot and prevent the longer-term problems such as creeping damp, which may otherwise prove very expensive to remedy once it has taken hold;
  • another potential health hazard which go overlooked is the cleanliness of your motorhome’s (drinking) water systems – which may be harbouring more harmful bacteria than you can have imagined, especially if yours is an older auto-sleeper or you have not used it for a while;
  • while draining down your system and ensuring that you use it regularly – at least to run off some of the stored water – may help to some degree, this alone does not kill off the potentially harmful bacteria that might be present;
  • to achieve that, you need to regularly flush the entire system with an antibacterial solution.

Whether it is just your annual MOT and mechanical service, or a full habitation service, too, at Derby Motorhomes, we are able to provide everything you may need – just let us know exactly what you require.

If this is the year you’re looking to buy your first motorhome or upgrade to a new one, you might be looking for the best that money can buy – and the best is almost certain to come from the 2019 Auto-Sleepers range.

Don’t take our word for it, or listen to the natural sales hype of the manufacturers, just turn instead to the opinion of thousands of Camping and Caravanning Club members and readers of Practical Caravan and Practical Motorhome magazines who voted Auto-Sleepers outright favourites in the Tent, Caravan and Motorhome Owner Satisfaction Awards.

Auto-Sleeper Symbol Plus 2019

Auto-Sleeper clearly listen to what their existing and potential customers have to say about what they want in a motorhome.

It has all come together in this year’s launch of the Auto-Sleeper Symbol Plus.

The Symbol Plus is based on an ever-popular sub-6metre van chassis – prized for its manoeuvrability in urban congestion or narrow country lanes – but manages to enclose a surprisingly spacious and well laid out interior.

According to What Motorhome, it combines the best of both worlds from two previous incarnations – a medium length (5.41m) van conversion that still offers the option of both double or single beds, a fully-equipped L-shaped galley, and spacious lounge.

Auto-Sleeper Corinium Duo motorhome

If you are looking for a larger Peugeot-based motorhome, a further addition to the 2019 Auto-Sleepers range is the Corinium Duo.

This has 4 full berths, with its two single beds in a separate bedroom at the rear, where there is a full-width, en suite bathroom too.

Powered by a 160bhp Peugeot Euro VI turbo-diesel engine, the Corinium Duo is equipped to the highest of standards with air-conditioning for the cab, integrated GPS, cruise control, and touch-screen radio, USB ports, mains sockets, and external BBQ.

Auto-Sleeper Broadway EB motorhome

In the medium wheelbase range once again is the Broadway EB, which combines practical manoeuvrability with clever interior layout to create 2 full berths and seating for up to 8 people (with the cab seats swivelled round).

The separate washroom is at the back of the vehicle and the galley in the middle.

Auto-Sleeper Bourton motorhome

The 2019 Auto-Sleepers range continues its choice of Peugeot (and Fiat Ducato) and Mercedes powertrains.

If you are after the engineering excellence and reliability of the 163bhp Mercedes models, this year’s re-working of the popular Bourton might be your choice of motorhome.

It, too, is a well-appointed, yet manoeuvrable 2-berth (converting between a double bed or two singles), a large sky view window that winds up from the lounge, with kitchen and bathroom to the rear. Out and About Live describes its level of luxury as “quintessential”.

Auto-Sleeper Sprinter Chassis

If your heart is set on the luxury of a coach built, Mercedes-based motorhome, you’ll welcome the introduction of the new Sprinter 2019 Auto-Sleeper range – with five different models to choose from.

Each comes with an exceptional specification and a superlative driving experience that offers more economical, more flexible, more advanced, and even safer performance than previous models in this range.

As you’ve trundled around in your cherished – but now somewhat ageing – motorhome, you might have cast envious eyes at those campsite neighbours showing off the Auto-Sleeper they’ve just bought.

Perhaps this is the year you’ll be able to earn your share of jealous looks by upgrading your motorhome to an Auto-Sleeper of your own.


For anyone with even a passing interest in motorhomes the models built by Auto-Sleeper are in a class of their own when it comes to quality and reliability – a solid reputation that has been more than 57 years in the making.

It’s not just the Mercedes chassis and power-unit, but the sheer spaciousness and clever design of the interior that one plaudits from reviewers of 2018’s models Caravan Guard.

If you are upgrading your motorhome to an Auto-Sleeper you are likely to be spoilt for choice by the range of Mercedes models alone – there are six of these to choose from, many of them award-winning and each one a customisable coachbuilt motorhome.

But it is not only the Mercedes fleet of top-quality motorhomes that emerge from Auto-Sleeper’s Orchard Works in Worcestershire. There is an equally fine range of Peugeot coachbuilts and Peugeot van conversions, with models to suit all users and pockets.


For all the magazines and brochures you might read – or even that model you spotted at a recent campsite – there is unlikely to be anything to beat a first-hand inspection up close and personal.

And nowhere are you likely to find such an extensive range of all Auto-Sleeper models on permanent exhibition under one roof than at our centre here at Derby Motorhomes – a heated indoor showroom, no less.

It’s here that you are able to step up into whichever motorhome takes your fancy, take a seat behind the wheel or in the luxurious interior, open and close the drawers and cupboards and truly imagine yourself on holiday in such a home away from home.


You’d like to upgrade your motorhome to an Auto-Sleeper, but how are you going to afford it, you might ask.

At Derby Motorhomes once again the choice is all yours.

One way we are committed to helping is by guaranteeing a fair, top-notch part-exchange price if you are looking to upgrade. Our website helps to get the ball rolling by inviting you to submit details of any motorhome or campervan you want to offer in part exchange so that we can provide you a valuation as speedily as possible.

We are also able to arrange motorhome finance at what we believe are competitive rates – even if your credit history is less than perfect. If you choose to fund your purchase that way, you may do so in the confidence that we are duly authorised and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – who regulate the providers of such credit.

You have probably heard that all the rage in car finance these days is something called Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – you might even be buying your car through just such a scheme. And that is yet a further method of financing the purchase of an Auto-Sleeper if you are upgrading your motorhome.

For those more comfortable with more established, traditional forms of finance, we can also offer hire purchase agreements.

If you are interested in buying a motorhome – or trading in your existing vehicle for a new one – you are almost certain to come across the term “Auto-Sleeper”.

It might mean one of two things:

  • Auto-Sleeper is the brand name of a specific manufacturer of high-quality motorhomes; but
  • the term is frequently used to describe any motorhome or campervan – they are all vehicles fitted-out for you to sleep in, after all.

Buying an Auto-Sleeper

Whether you are opting for a top-end Auto-Sleeper, a modest campervan, or anything in between, however, a few tips and suggestions might help you make your choice:


  • in choosing a motorhome, you have already made the decision that towing a caravan maybe going a step too far;
  • but Auto-Sleepers still offer a huge range of different sizes and layouts from which to choose – depending on the space you need and the degree of comfort you expect from the fittings, appliances and devices you want from your motorhome;


  • the question of size is also closely related to your intended use of the Auto-Sleeper;
  • is it likely to be just you and your spouse or partner sleeping in the motorhome, for example, or do you need a family-sized vehicle to accommodate the children too;
  • do you expect to be mostly touring in a motorhome which needs to be nimble enough to negotiate the occasional narrow, winding country lane, or will it be largely parked up for use as a well-equipped and fully-stocked base in the same place for most of your holiday;


  • a guide to buying Auto-Sleepers published by the motoring magazine AutoTrader also makes the important connection between your intended use of the motorhome, its size and its weight;
  • it is not just a question of the larger motorhome weighing more, but the driving qualifications you may need to drive a heavier Auto-Sleeper;
  • if you didn’t take your driving test until the 1st of January 1997 or after, the category B licence you obtained qualifies you to drive vehicles with a maximum weight of 3,500kg. To drive one of the larger Auto-Sleepers – weighing between 3,500kg and 7,500kg – you need to take an additional category C1 driving test;
  • remember, too, that the Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) or Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is the maximum legally permitted weight of your Auto-Sleeper when it is fully loaded. You re breaking the law if you exceed this weight;
  • finally, also bear in mind that the unladen weight of your motorhome also determines the maximum speed limits with which you must comply;
  • Auto-Sleepers less than 3.05 tonnes – built-up areas 30mph, single carriageways 60mph, dual carriageways and motorways 70mph;
  • Auto-Sleepers more than 3.05 tonnes unladen weight – built-up areas 30mph, single carriageways 50mph, dual carriageways 60mph and motorways 70mph;

Whilst these might be the cardinal points of consideration before buying your Auto-Sleeper, there is probably nothing like seeing one close up and personal when trying to make your choice.

That is why, here at our showrooms in Derby, we maintain a permanent exhibition of branded Auto-Sleepers, together with a whole range of other new and preloved Auto-Sleepers or motorhomes.