Auto-Sleepers’ campervans and van conversions have retained an enviable status ahead of what is a large field of motorhomes available in the UK. They have gained a sterling reputation for quality design, practical luxury, and affordability. At Derby Motorhomes, we are proud to boast our well-established association with Peugeot van conversions and the high standards set by Auto-Sleepers.

There are 8 models in the current stable of van conversions and campervans so let’s take a brief look at the essential characteristics of each one:


  • good things come in small packages and the proof of that is in the compact Symbol;
  • its compact size makes it especially agile and manoeuvrable without sacrificing the interior’s well-built and carefully designed comfort – the 2-berth Symbol is a truly versatile motorhome;

Symbol Plus

  • just as the name suggests, the Symbol Plus is built on a somewhat longer wheelbase – allowing a greater sense of spaciousness that would make you feel at home in a much larger motorhome;
  • the innovative design of the Symbol Plus makes for adaptable use of the main living space and its twin berths while the rear of the vehicle accommodates a kitchen in one corner and a washroom in the other;

Warwick Duo

  • well-established in Auto-Sleepers’ line-up, the Warwick Duo is probably the manufacturer’s best-selling 2-berth panel van;
  • versatility and comfort make this a favourite with couples intending to tour and explore the great outdoors in all the luxury a well-made motorhome can afford;

Kemerton XL

  • the innovative design of the Kemerton XL cleverly incorporates a full-width washroom and enclosed shower cubicle – a rare feature of comfort in a motorhome of this size;
  • there is a fully-equipped galley kitchen alongside and space in the mid-section living area for either one luxurious double bed or two generously-sized singles;


  • the longest of Auto-Sleepers’ van conversions is based on the Peugeot Boxer panel van and makes full use of the extra length of this long wheelbase – giving the Fairford the very generous overall dimensions of 20ft 11in. (6,363mm), a width of 8ft 3in (2,508mm), and a height of 8ft 8in (2,640mm);
  • the size – and skilful use of innovative design – means that the Fairford offers 4 full-size berths (singles or two-doubles) in a dedicated rear compartment and convertible mid-section dining area, with a washroom and full-equipped kitchen betwixt the two;

Fairford Plus

  • while built on the same long wheelbase as the Fairford, the Fairford Plus offers still more versatility in its use of the twin living areas in the front and rear of the vehicle;
  • once again, there is space for two full-sized double beds – or the equivalent 4 singles – and in the mid-section a self-contained washroom and shower, with a kitchen opposite;


  • the royal allusion is no accident since the Kingham takes the otherwise humble van conversion to new heights of luxury;
  • that luxury is maintained by incorporating a fixed French double bed in the rear of the vehicle – with a clever innovation that allows the bed to be lifted on gas struts to access a large storage space below;
  • the forward living area and the fully-fitted kitchen lend a further degree of comfort and luxury;

Warwick XL

  • where the Warwick Duo has already established its credentials as the best-selling Peugeot van conversion by Auto-Sleepers, the Warwick XL;
  • the Warwick XL makes full use of the long, extended wheelbase of the Peugeot Boxer and allows an interior layout that is probably the most luxurious of the whole of this range of motorhomes;
  • whether you are aiming to take short breaks away from home or indulge in serious, extended touring, the Warwick XL can offer all the comfort you could want.

Common features

All Auto-Sleepers are built to an exacting standard and Peugeot van conversions share a number of important key features including either the standard 165bhp Peugeot Euro Engine or the optional Fiat Ducato 140 or 180bhp automatic gearbox (the compact Symbol offers only the 140bhp power unit).

All van conversions also incorporate an upgraded Top Drive semi-air suspension system, interior insulation and heating systems that allow all-year use in comfort, a 90W solar panel for auxiliary power, and a 25-litre LPG tank unobtrusively and safely fitted under the main floor of your motorhome.

Finding out more

Useful as we hope our descriptions have been, there’s nothing better than seeing one of these vehicles for yourself.

We’re always eager to hear from potential customers and to help them improve their motorhome knowledge. So, if you’d like to know more about Peugeot camper van conversion Auto-sleepers or get the chance to inspect one, why not contact us without delay?

Disclaimer: Please note that product features, layouts and dimensions may vary from the descriptions above.

What’s not to love and admire about motorhomes made by Auto-Sleepers? Although it’s likely to be a long list of attributes and features, we are still sometimes asked why we so clearly approve of these motorhomes.

If we were pressed and had to sum it all up in just one word, we’d probably say “experience” – the sheer lived experience of the Auto-Sleepers brand.

Let’s expand a little upon what here at Derby Motorhomes we mean by that.

Pulling everything together

Thanks to our extensive experience in the marketplace, we know that it’s possible to identify many motorhomes that:

  • are brilliantly designed in terms of their internal layouts – with innovative features such as the flexibility of their accommodation;
  • offer designer-quality internal décor, fixtures, fittings, and colour schemes;
  • contain state of the art technology in terms of appliances and recreational-support activities;
  • demonstrate unparalleled build quality – resulting in an experience that is not only tactile but very much “good in the hand”;
  • use only the best and proven power trains – so that you can be assured of superb on the road driving performance;
  • implement the best ergonomic design to provide a safe and comfortable driving experience;
  • offer an excellent value for money proposition;
  • deliver exceptional reliability in day after day performance; and
  • come with great external looks, bodywork, and a superlative quality finish.

However, while we have seen many motorhomes that deliver some of or perhaps even several of those defining features, what we like about Auto-Sleepers is that you can put a tick in all the boxes for motorhomes constructed by this now very famous and highly esteemed Cotswolds company.

Unsurprisingly, of course, it goes without saying that all of these qualities are important.

Reliable and luxurious

A motorhome can offer incredibly comfortable accommodation and some great facilities. But none of that will count for much if the vehicle has broken down and is constantly under repair in your local garage.

Similarly, being out on a trip and finding, shortly after you have parked up, that something simply “doesn’t work” is a frustrating experience and one that might spoil the whole experience of your precious leisure activity.

For all these reasons – and others like them – we naturally incline towards Auto-Sleepers when we are discussing quality solutions for motorhome recreational needs.

Of course, even within the Auto-Sleepers range, there will be many choices to make and not every model will necessarily be equally suitable for a prospective buyer or suit an individual’s particular needs and circumstances.

This is another big advantage of Auto-Sleepers though. Nobody wants to face Hobson’s Choice of a limited range of options when contemplating an expensive purchase. Auto-Sleepers have an incredibly flexible range of vehicles and configurations to choose from. It is highly likely, therefore, that there will be one to suit the requirements of the overwhelming majority of motorhome purchasers.

How can we prove this to you?

Don’t just take our word for it but treat yourself to a first-hand experience by getting up close and personal with the full range of Auto-Sleepers. Under the year-round cover of our indoor exhibition hall, you’ll find both new and pre-loved models to inspect both inside and out.

We remain only too pleased to offer further advice and guidance on any models in the Auto-Sleepers range. We have all the required technical information and can share with you the many and varied layout configurations that are open to you when you buy an Auto-Sleepers motorhome.

We look forward to showing you around and if you’d like to contact us beforehand, our telephone number is 01332 360222.

Go on, you have to admit it to yourself. However much you cherish your faithful – somewhat ageing – old motorhome, you’ve probably been casting envious eyes at those campsite neighbours who’ve turned up in the shiny new Auto-Sleeper they’ve just driven from the franchise dealer.

Who knows what good fortune awaits you – maybe this is the year you’ll earn your share of jealous looks by upgrading your motorhome to an Auto-Sleeper of your own.

Why upgrade to an Auto-Sleeper?

For anyone with even a passing interest in motorhomes, the models built by Auto-Sleeper are in a class of their own when it comes to quality and reliability – a solid reputation that has been more than 60 years in the making since it was founded in Worcestershire in 1961

It’s not just the Mercedes power unit and chassis, but the overriding sense of space and a clever interior design that won praise and admiration from the reviewers at Caravan Gossip who concluded that the Bourton range delivers on every conceivable front.

If you are upgrading your motorhome to an Auto-Sleeper you are likely to be spoilt for choice by the range of Mercedes models alone – there are five of these to choose from, many of them award-winning and each one a customisable coachbuilt motorhome, from the quintessential luxury of the Bourton through to the ever-popular Burford Duo.

But it is not only the Mercedes fleet of top-quality motorhomes that emerge from Auto-Sleeper’s Orchard Works in Willersey. There is an equally fine range of Peugeot coachbuilts and Peugeot van conversions, with models to suit all users and pockets.

Where can I view an Auto-Sleeper?

For all the magazines and brochures you might read – or even the model you recently spotted first-hand at the campsite – there is unlikely to be anything to beat an inspection that gets you properly up close and personal.

And nowhere are you likely to find such an extensive range of all Auto-Sleeper models on permanent exhibition under one roof than at our centre here at Derby Motorhomes – a heated indoor showroom, no less.

It’s here that you can step up into whichever motorhome takes your fancy, take a seat behind the wheel or in the luxurious interior, open and close the drawers and cupboards and truly imagine yourself on holiday in your dream home away from home.

How can I upgrade to an Auto-Sleeper?

You’d like to upgrade your motorhome to an Auto-Sleeper, but how are you going to afford it, you’re probably asking yourself.

At Derby Motorhomes once again the choice is all yours.

One way we are committed to helping is by guaranteeing a fair, top-notch part-exchange price if you are looking to upgrade. Our website may help to start the ball rolling by inviting you to submit details of any motorhome or campervan you want to offer in part exchange. On the strength of that description, we can provide you with a valuation as speedily as possible.

We are also able to arrange motorhome finance at what we believe are competitive rates – even if your credit history is less than perfect. If you choose to fund your purchase that way, you may do so in the confidence that we are duly authorised and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – which regulates the providers of such credit.

You have probably heard that all the rage in car finance these days is something called Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – you might even be buying your car through just such a scheme. And that is yet a further method of financing the purchase of an Auto-Sleeper if you are upgrading your motorhome.

For those more comfortable and at home with established, traditional forms of finance, we can also offer hire purchase agreements.

You’ve almost certainly heard the name – since their reputation goes before them. And if you’ve ever parked your own motorhome alongside one on a campsite, you’ve probably seen for yourself that Auto-Sleepers are a cut above most others.

So, if you are thinking about upgrading your motorhome this season, what makes it an attractive choice and how might you go about trading up for an Auto-Sleepers motorhome?

Why choose Auto-Sleeper?

What better way of finding out how well any particular motorhome is regarded than to ask those who already own one? And in terms of owner satisfaction, Auto-Sleepers have an enviable track record.

Your choice of models

There are lots of Auto-Sleepers models from which to choose – from the compact 2-berth Symbol campervan to the luxurious and spacious coachbuilt Mercedes-powered 4-berth Burford Duo.

The characteristics of each model – frequently updated to greet each new season – make Auto-Sleepers some of the most reviewed motorhomes on the market. 2022 even saw a brand-new make and model to the Auto-Sleepers stable – the all-new 4-berth Ford Air Camper.

In its review on the 11th of November 2021, Out and About Live described the class-leading Ford Air’s proven layout and featured its “top-notch pop-top”.

Trading up

Whether the fulsome reviews give you that incentive to buy or whether you prefer to take the word of those who already own a motorhome from the Auto-Sleepers stable, this is the manufacturer you might want to have in your sights when looking to upgrade.

If you already own an older Auto-Sleepers model and want to upgrade to a newer motorhome with a currently higher specification, you might naturally turn to a main dealer and franchise-holder such as us here at Derby Motorhomes. Our familiarity with every model of the whole Auto-Sleepers range – whatever its age or mileage – ensures that we can offer a highly competitive price in part exchange when you want to trade up.

Simply put, we are also interested in taking a second-hand Auto-Sleeper in part exchange.

In fact, we are interested in the whole chain of transactions typically involved when trading up to a new motorhome. If you are a private buyer interested in the motorhome you are trying to sell, for example, simply direct them to our Motorhomes Wanted page. If it is a campervan, van conversion or any motorhome less than seven years old, we may be able to offer a further part-exchange deal or offer to advertise it in our own listings on a sale or return basis.

As you will have gathered, therefore, you don’t have to own an Auto-Sleepers motorhome to offer any make of motorhome in part-exchange. The way is clear for you to upgrade to the luxury and reliability of an Auto-Sleepers motorhome simply by visiting our showrooms today and choosing the latest model that suits you and your family.

It’s no secret that at Derby Motorhomes we’re great fans of Auto-Sleepers motorhomes and we’ve developed a huge amount of experience with Auto-Sleepers over many years. We’d like to share that with you in the following selection of some of the most frequently asked Auto-Sleeper questions (FAQs) we receive.

Do Auto-Sleepers build motorhomes?

Like all the best answers, we can give this one both a yes and a no!

Auto-Sleepers is based in the Cotswolds and builds coachwork and undertakes van conversions. They do not build engines, transmission systems, or any of the mechanical features of a motorhome.

An Auto-Sleepers motorhome will use state-of-the-art power plants and chassis from companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Fiat, or most recently Ford, but everything related to accommodation and fittings will be sourced and installed themselves.

What is a van conversion and how does it differ from a motorhome?

This one comes up regularly in Auto-Sleepers FAQs we receive.

Essentially, a motorhome has had its entire accommodation unit designed and built bottom-up for accommodation purposes. A van conversion is based upon a standard van supplied by a major manufacturer which is then specifically customised and configured into luxury accommodation.

By and large, van conversions are typically smaller and have less space internally than coachbuilt motorhomes.

Some people always differentiate in speech or writing between motorhomes and van conversions. Others describe them all as motorhomes.

Whatever you call them, you can view our entire range of motorhomes in our heated, indoor, exhibition centre here in Derby.

How do collapsible caravans fit into the picture?

These are typically trailers that have a caravan/tent folded up inside. Once you arrive at your campsite, the pieces are unfolded and connected up to provide what is typically semi-rigid tented accommodation.

They are not usually considered to be motorhomes.

Is it better to purchase a new or used Auto-Sleepers motorhome?

There are multiple arguments for both. We won’t take a position! But that won’t stop us from making a few of the more obvious observations.

Whatever vehicle is being discussed, the logic behind purchasing pre-used as opposed to new is usually either:

•       price – pre-used vehicles are usually cheaper, of course (all other things considerations equal); and

•       model – sometimes buyers might prefer a given model that’s since been discontinued, although this is rare.

In terms of price, Auto-Sleepers motorhomes typically hold their values well. Of course, a three-year-old vehicle is likely to cost less than a brand new one, but the difference might be less than would be the case with a typical motor car – since cars attract a notoriously high rate of depreciation.

Some people prefer to own a vehicle that’s brand new in the knowledge nobody else has used it. Other buyers don’t feel strongly at all about such things. In other words, it often boils down to a simple question of personal preference.

Can I customise my Auto-Sleepers motorhome?

You have options to select one of many varying configurations and décor schemes – and can choose from a wide range of optional packs – such as our Premium Packs, Winter Packs, Media Packs, or Roof Options.

After purchase, you can customise your motorhome as you wish – although we’d urge a degree of caution about just how far you choose to go.

If you are planning to customise your vehicle, it’s important to use a fully-qualified and thoroughly experienced company to help. Secondly, remember that perhaps contrary to some expectations, customisation of a motorhome can actually reduce rather than enhance its resale value.

That’s because the value of an Auto-Sleepers motorhome is driven in part by its exemplary quality and superb engineering. If you start to dismantle things and replace them with someone else’s, then you may reach a point where some potential buyers and dealerships would no longer regard it as an Auto-Sleepers’ product – you may have undermined at least a part of its attraction and value.

If you are looking to buy a motorhome, you might well be overwhelmed by the sheer choice of makes and models.

But there is one manufacturer you certainly don’t want to pass by – and that is the renowned Auto-Sleepers brand. Some of the following frequently asked questions might help to explain why.

Why buy an Auto-Sleepers motorhome?

The British manufacturer has established an enviable reputation as one of the finest builders of van conversion and coachbuilt motorhomes.

That reputation is not without good cause since it has been confirmed by motorhome owners themselves. In the Owner Satisfaction Awards granted by readers of Practical Motorhome – and announced on the 21st of January 2022 – Auto-Sleepers stole the gold medal for Best Motorhome Manufacturer.

Co-organisers of the 2022 awards, the Camping and Caravanning Club, confirmed that coachbuilt motorhomes – on which Auto-Sleepers have consistently built their reputation – remain the most popular kind of vehicle, accounting for 55.7% of all new motorhomes purchased.

New for 2022 was Auto-Sleepers Ford Air Camper – which immediately walked away with the year’s Motorhome & Campervan Design Award from the Caravan and Motorhome Club for campervans under 5m in length.

The company has over 60 years’ experience not only in the manufacture of coachbuilt motorhomes but also van conversions and campervans. Whatever style you choose, you can be assured of an innovative and imaginative focus on every aspect of their design and interiors that take full advantage of every inch of space.

What powers an Auto-Sleeper?

Auto-Sleepers typically come with a choice of powertrains:


  • fitted to both its van conversions and coachbuilt models, many Auto-Sleepers are powered by Peugeot’s proven 160bhp turbodiesel Euro 6 engine; or
  • if you prefer the option of an automatic transmission, you have the choice of the 130bhp/150bhp Fiat Ducato Comfort-Matic engine;


  • Mercedes coachbuilt models are fitted with the German brand’s 163bhp Next Generation Euro 6.2 turbodiesel 163bhp engine; and
  • with the option of that powertrain’s 7-speed fully automatic gearbox; and

Ford Air Camper

  • 0-litre Ford EcoBlue (170 PS) engine;
  • 6-speed manual gearbox – or optional automatic transmission.

How extensive is the Auto-Sleeper range?

Not only is there an extensive range of Auto-Sleepers from which to choose but new models and updated versions of current favourites are launched each year.

Presently, for example, there are eight different Peugeot campervans, seven Peugeot coachbuilts, two Peugeot AL-KO coachbuilts, five coachbuilt, Mercedes-powered motorhomes, and the newly launched Ford Air Camper.

Which Auto-Sleeper is for me?

Your choice of motorhome, of course, is a highly personal one and depends on how you intend to use it, the number of passengers you may need to accommodate (and the number of berths for them to sleep in), and the interior space and layout you are likely to need.

You might want a motorhome that you – and a partner perhaps – are likely to use mainly for touring and for exploring the highways and byways of new and unfamiliar places. In the way of many adventures, these may lead you along narrow, winding lanes one minute and through the congestion of busy city streets the next. That is when you are likely to want a smaller, more manoeuvrable motorhome.

If you want a luxurious second home on wheels that you are likely to use as your more permanent base on holidays and short breaks, then a larger motorhome might be the order of the day.

Where can I buy an Auto-Sleeper?

There are main dealers who specialise in this make of motorhome and have the experience and expertise to guide you through the decision-making process – and may also offer the competitively-priced finance packages you may need.

Choose one of these leading dealers with extensive showrooms and exhibition halls to allow you to get up close and personal with the models that suit your tastes and preferences.

What to expect after you have bought your Auto-Sleeper

We are regularly asked what happens after someone purchases an Auto-Sleepers vehicle from us. Not only are we happy to receive such questions, we actively encourage them.

That’s because at Derby Motorhomes we don’t see your signature on the bottom line as being the end of the sale. We see it instead as the start of a relationship.

So, let’s have a quick look at the process.

When does the sale start?

Once you have confirmed your purchase, we swing into action in terms of getting everything ready for you.

Every single piece of equipment in a motorhome will be thoroughly tested and checked before it is ever handed over to you. Our Auto-Sleepers technicians are second-to-none in terms of their skills, knowledge and most importantly, commitment to total customer service.

Once that test is complete, our technicians will pass the vehicle over to our valeting services. Although the vehicle should already be in near immaculate condition, we will make sure that it is absolutely perfect and spotlessly ready for you to take delivery of. 100% perfection in this respect is non-negotiable as far as we are concerned.

Motorhome know how

We will demonstrate how your Auto-Sleeper works when you collect your vehicle, so you can familiarise yourself with the controls. We also have several “how to” videos you can watch here if you are unsure.

Post-delivery services

Once you have formally taken possession of the vehicle, things move on to the next stage in the development of our relationship with you.

We have a great emotional commitment to our vehicles and customers, so there is no question that we simply wave you off into the distance after delivery and then forget who you are.

We are always available for questions, as you gain familiarity with your Auto-Sleepers motorhome.


It hopefully goes without saying that a key factor in keeping your motorhome in tip-top condition is appropriate and regular servicing. Not only is that imperative in keeping everything as it should be, but it might also be important should you ever decide to sell your vehicle.

Potential buyers typically look closely at the service history and it’s something that can make a significant difference to the price you will eventually receive. That is why we have a clearly publicised and priced service schedule for all of the models we supply. We strongly recommend that you take note and subsequently use our services to your advantage.

Help and guidance

Our post-sales service isn’t just about helping you keep your motorhome in great condition. We can also play a role in assisting you to get the maximum enjoyment possible out of it, such as retrofitting services.

You can also browse our website for motorhome information and tips.

We are aware that it may sound a little sales-like but the reality is that we want to maintain relationships with all of our clients and not simply sell them motorhomes.

You will see this approach demonstrated at all times in our dealings with you, including those that take place post-sale.

The foremost British manufacturer of quality motorhomes Auto-Sleeper has never stood still. Every year sees the launch of completely new models in its range or the revamping and updating of existing favourites in its stable.

To own a new motorhome of this build and quality, of course, you might expect to pay a tidy sum. If you are already the proud owner of an Auto-Sleeper, though, you not only appreciate the reliability and craftsmanship that goes into every model but also have a valuable vehicle you can trade-in for a new motorhome.

Why trade-in your Auto-Sleeper?

As a current owner, you’ll already know that your Auto-Sleeper is not just a reliable and well-built motorhome, it is also made to last – you’ve probably enjoyed countless holidays and thousands of touring miles in the vehicle.

The enduring quality of your motorhome means that, in all probability, it has maintained its value well – depreciating much less, for example, than the car you are used to driving around in every day. The ability to trade in your Auto-Sleeper, therefore, puts you at least one step ahead of the game if you are looking to upgrade to a newer model.

New models of Auto-Sleeper

Trading in one model and upgrading to the next lets you enjoy the progress and development to which Auto-Sleeper are clearly committed.

Each year sees the launch of new models and refinements made to existing favourites. 2021, for example, has marked a particular milestone in the company’s illustrious history – its 60th or Diamond anniversary explains the Caravan and Motorhome Club. To celebrate that event, Auto-Sleeper launched a special, limited edition of the ever-popular Nuevo (which itself celebrates 20 years in production) and a brand new 6.6m Broadway EL model too.

Derby Motorhomes and trading in your Auto-Sleeper

We’ve suggested why you might want to upgrade to one of the newer Auto-Sleepers by trading in your current model – and a further big advantage in doing just that is the chance to avoid arranging a private sale, collecting the cash, and negotiating the purchase of a new motorhome.

Instead, you can safely entrust the entire transaction to us here at Derby Motorhomes.

As a leading, franchised dealer for Auto-Sleeper, your current motorhome, less than 10 years old, is always going to spark our interest in buying. Expertly valued to achieve the most favourable and fairest price possible, we’ll give you the cash, agree to display it on a sale or return (SOR) basis, or accept it in part exchange against a new or second-hand Auto-Sleeper.

With the last of these options, of course, a single, simple transaction could see you upgrading to a new Auto-Sleeper of your choice, at a price you can afford, and the sale of your current motorhome already done and dusted.

You can prepare for the transaction confident in the knowledge that you are dealing with an experienced dealer who knows exactly what they are talking about when arriving at the fair trade-in value for the make, model, and age of your vehicle.

You’ll no doubt want to ensure you get most competitive price by presenting it to us in all its full glory – and that means looking after any outstanding maintenance or repairs that might be required and giving your motorhome a thorough and final clean.


Are you already bitten by the bug of trading in your Auto-Sleeper to upgrade to a new or more recent model? If so, you might want to explore your options by giving us a call today on 01332 360222.

Thanks to the unprecedented boom in staycations, 2021 has seen a surge in the sale of motorhomes, according to a story in the Express newspaper on the 21st of July 2021.

If you’ve been caught up in the rush to get your hands on a motorhome, though, you’ll know that they don’t come especially cheap. Indeed, the story in the Express cited a record £140,000 recently paid for one top-end motorhome at a sale by British Car Auctions (BCA).

But if you are already a motorhome owner, part-exchange can offer a way of buying a model even as luxurious as an Auto-Sleeper, without the hassle of private selling.

The benefits of part-exchange

The principles of part-exchange are especially well-established in the markets for motor vehicles. Part-exchange (P/X) is simply a question of trading one vehicle for another where the value of the one you currently own is used as part payment against the new one.

That ability to stretch your budget to a quality motorhome you might otherwise not be able to afford might be the principal attraction of a part-exchange deal – but there are others:

  • the motorhome you already own is likely to have depreciated in value much less than the car you use – so, it probably represents a valuable asset with which to bargain and begin your trade;
  • added to that great starting point is the fact that there is almost always a shortage in the market of good-quality, second-hand motorhomes – that relative scarcity value may further strengthen your bargaining position;
  • in any such deal, you will be trading with an established dealer – someone who knows what they are talking about and appreciates the value of the vehicle you have to offer in part-exchange;
  • if you pursue the alternative route of arranging a private sale yourself, of course, you cannot be assured that prospective buyers have any informed idea about the true value of the motorhome you are trying to sell;
  • in short, part-exchange avoids the whole fraught and time-consuming business of first arranging a private sale and then negotiating the purchase of the replacement motorhome you want to buy.

Preparing for part-exchange

Although you will be negotiating a price for the motorhome you currently own with an experienced dealer who will have already calculated a trade-in value for the make, model, and age of your vehicle, it is still worth making sure to present it in its finest colours. That means attending to any outstanding maintenance and repairs that might be required and giving your motorhome a thorough and final clean.

If there is still outstanding finance on the vehicle you want to offer in part-exchange, or you are currently buying your present motorhome on a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement, it is important you let us know.

Why not contact us today?

Here at Derby Motorhomes, we are specialists in Auto-Sleeper part-exchange options. You can read more about our Autosleepers P/X service here.

Whether or not your current motorhome is an Auto-Sleeper, we are still interested in considering the vehicle for part exchange and take pride in our ability to offer what we believe is an attractive trade-in price against the cost of the motorhome you want to buy.

So, why not start the ball rolling by talking to us about part-exchange today

The mere mention of Mercedes-Benz is likely to conjure up images of precision engineering and auto-manufacturing of the very highest standards and quality.

The mere mention of Auto-Sleepers is likely to conjure up images of luxury, comfort, and imaginative design from Britain’s leading manufacturer of quality motorhomes.

Put Mercedes-Benz and Auto-Sleepers together, therefore, and you are certain to have a winning, world-class combination. And that is exactly what we can offer to demonstrate for you here at our indoor exhibition centre at Derby Motorhomes – Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers.


The company has its origins back in the earliest days of motor vehicles.

Not only does Mercedes boast a whole stable of iconic luxury motor cars it also continues to dominate Formula 1 racing – with the hybrid technology of its engineering making Mercedes one of the finest cars on the circuit, according to Essentially Sports on the 22nd of December 2020.

Getting to know Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers motorhomes

However, reassuring as it may be to know you have a fantastic chassis and power plant built upon such a lineage, most owners of campervans and motorhomes also like to have the same feeling for the internal fixtures and fittings. That’s why here at Derby Motorhomes, we’d like to take you on a brief descriptive tour of the Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-sleepers.

For 2021, there are six models in this range, offering a choice of four different wheelbases, from the shortest to the longest. You can find full details in our brochure of course:

  • Stanton – a compact two-berther offering everything you could possibly want or need. Full of innovative features, even the longest journey will be a breeze with its unprecedented driving comfort;
  • Bourton – this is a spacious no compromise front lounge end kitchen model, which delivers on every front. The lounge quickly converts at night to provide a choice between full-length singles or a double bed;
  • Malvern – with space enough to feature a full double traditional French bed at the rear and two further berths in the centre of the vehicle;
  • Winchcombe – just two berths on a mid-range wheelbase means that you have spacious comfort for you and your partner in this classic layout;
  • Burford – the Burford’s long wheelbase accommodates a spacious fixed bed area at the rear, where there is also an ensuite shower room and two further berths amid-ships; and
  • Burford Duo – finally, the Burford Duo offers what Auto-Sleepers boasts as “aspirational decadence for the discerning motorhome owner”. We need say no more.

Probably more so than any of the other motorhomes in the Auto-Sleepers range, the Mercedes coachbuilts exude sheer quality. From touches as apparently fleeting as the upholstery, the overall impact is stunning – in most cases based on a grey colour scheme with tasteful highlighting stripes.

Much of the trim is in wood and again, everything looks fresh, clean, and ultra-modern. Your first impression will be that everything looks spacious and comfortable and if you’re familiar with the phrase “first impressions can be deceiving” don’t worry because that’s certainly not the case here. These are extremely spacious and comfortable motorhomes.


Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers occupy a leading position in an impressive stable of motorhomes – so expect no ordinary product from this foremost of British manufacturers.

You are unlikely to be disappointed and almost certainly impressed by a range of key features that include:

  • confident driving performance from the precision engineering of a 163bhp Mercedes Euro engine as standard;
  • an upgrade pack that gives you Mercedes latest 7-speed automatic transmission;
  • all Mercedes coachbuilts feature Grade III Classification insulation standards for heating and thermal integrity;
  • they all also come equipped with an eco-friendly, energy-saving 80W Solar Panel;
  • each model has a 25-litre underfloor mounted LPG gas tank installed – offering hassle-free practicality;
  • Auto-Sleeper motorhomes are protected 24/7 with the Sargent CAT 6 Tracker – for which annual subscription fees are payable;
  • every Auto-Sleeper has gained product approval from the National Caravan Council (NCC) and complies with the latter’s rigorous UK specification standards;
  • Mercedes coachbuilts have the MBUX 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system installed, and this state of the art technology delivers intuitive touch control and access to Mercedes PRO connect services;
  • additionally, all onboard facilities can be monitored and controlled from a state of the art LCD touch screen panel combined with the Truma iNet mobile system – which also features an “Auto-Sleepers Locate” online portal that remotely manages and locates your vehicle; and
  • an optional roof-mounted air-conditioning system will control the climate inside your Mercedes coachbuilt thanks to a Trauma Aventa Comfort unit.


The Mercedes-based motorhomes are perennially popular. As stated at the outset, the reputation of the marque virtually guarantees that.

The Auto-Sleepers coachbuilding capitalises on that quality with its own brand of exclusive accommodation and accessories. There is no doubt that if you own one of these, it’ll not only offer a fabulous platform for your leisure activities but also prove to be the envy of many other owners.

Of course, our full range of pre-sales consultancy and post-sales support is available on these models. We also offer attractive finance options, including help over any credit history issues that you feel might prejudice your search for competitively priced finance.

Why not contact us as soon as possible to learn more about Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers?

Please note that technical specifications may be liable to change and may not be reflected in this article.