Auto-Sleepers can be the term used to describe any motorhome or campervan – regardless of its manufacturer. Since we are one of the country’s leading dealers for the Auto-Sleepers brand, however, let’s concentrate on buying a motorhome built by this iconic British manufacturer. After all, it is an established and reputable brand that has been around now for almost six decades.

Buying an Auto-Sleeper is an investment likely to pay off in so many ways. It offers comfort, convenience, flexibility, and freedom in ways that other forms of transport cannot match. With a range of models, features, and specifications to choose from, you’re practically certain to find an Auto-Sleepers motorhome that suits your travel needs and budget.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why buying an Auto-Sleeper could make such particularly good sense.

Buying an Auto-Sleeper

A few tips and suggestions might be in order to help you choose whether to aim for a top of the range luxury motorhome, a nimble and economic campervan, or something in between:


  • this is an area in which you probably strive to strike a balance between a vehicle that is manoeuvrable and compact yet also offers comfortable accommodation while touring
  • by choosing a motorhome or campervan, for example, you have already made the decision that towing a caravan maybe going a step too far;
  • Auto-Sleepers offer a huge range of different sizes and layouts from which to choose – depending on the space you need and the degree of comfort you expect from the fittings, appliances, and devices you want from your motorhome;


  • the size of your chosen motorhome is also closely related to your intended use of the Auto-Sleeper;
  • is it likely to be just you and your spouse or partner sleeping in the motorhome, for example, or do you need a family-sized vehicle to accommodate the children too;
  • will most days be spent touring in a motorhome that needs to be nimble enough to negotiate the occasional narrow, winding country lane, or will it be largely parked up for use as a well-equipped and fully-stocked base in the same place for most of your holiday;
  • as you arrive at the appropriate balance, you may be guided toward certain models in the Auto-Sleepers range;


  • a guide to buying a motorhome in the UK – published by Auto Express in May 2022 – also makes the important connection between your intended use of the motorhome, its size, and its weight;
  • it is not just a question of the larger motorhome weighing more, but the driving qualifications you may need to drive a heavier Auto-Sleeper;
  • if you didn’t take your driving test until the 1st of January 1997 or after, the category B licence you obtained qualifies you to drive vehicles with a maximum weight (Maximum Authorised Mass) of 3,500kg but to drive one of the largest, fully-laden Auto-Sleepers – weighing between 3,500kg and 7,500kg – you need to take an additional category C1 driving test;
  • remember, too, that the Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) or Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is the maximum legally permitted weight of your Auto-Sleeper when it is fully loaded – you’re breaking the law if you exceed this weight;
  • finally, also bear in mind that the unladen weight of your motorhome also determines the maximum speed limits with which you must comply;
  • Auto-Sleepers less than 3.05 tonnes – built-up areas 30mph, single carriageways 60mph, dual carriageways and motorways 70mph;
  • Auto-Sleepers more than 3.05 tonnes unladen weight – built-up areas 30mph, single carriageways 50mph, dual carriageways 60mph and motorways 70mph.

Whilst these might be the cardinal points of consideration before buying your Auto-Sleeper, there is probably nothing like seeing one close up and personal when trying to make your choice.

That is why, here at our showrooms in Derby, we maintain a permanent exhibition of branded Auto-Sleepers, together with a whole range of other new and preloved Auto-Sleepers or motorhomes.

If you are interested in buying a new or used Auto-Sleeper, why not get in touch with us today?

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What to expect after you have bought your Auto-Sleeper

We are regularly asked what happens after someone purchases an Auto-Sleepers vehicle from us. Not only are we happy to receive such questions, we actively encourage them.

That’s because at Derby Motorhomes we don’t see your signature on the bottom line as being the end of the sale. We see it instead as the start of a relationship.

So, let’s have a quick look at the process.

When does the sale start?

Once you have confirmed your purchase, we swing into action in terms of getting everything ready for you.

Every single piece of equipment in a motorhome will be thoroughly tested and checked before it is ever handed over to you. Our Auto-Sleepers technicians are second-to-none in terms of their skills, knowledge and most importantly, commitment to total customer service.

Once that test is complete, our technicians will pass the vehicle over to our valeting services. Although the vehicle should already be in near immaculate condition, we will make sure that it is absolutely perfect and spotlessly ready for you to take delivery of. 100% perfection in this respect is non-negotiable as far as we are concerned.

Motorhome know how

We will demonstrate how your Auto-Sleeper works when you collect your vehicle, so you can familiarise yourself with the controls. We also have several “how to” videos you can watch here if you are unsure.

Post-delivery services

Once you have formally taken possession of the vehicle, things move on to the next stage in the development of our relationship with you.

We have a great emotional commitment to our vehicles and customers, so there is no question that we simply wave you off into the distance after delivery and then forget who you are.

We are always available for questions, as you gain familiarity with your Auto-Sleepers motorhome.


It hopefully goes without saying that a key factor in keeping your motorhome in tip-top condition is appropriate and regular servicing. Not only is that imperative in keeping everything as it should be, but it might also be important should you ever decide to sell your vehicle.

Potential buyers typically look closely at the service history and it’s something that can make a significant difference to the price you will eventually receive. That is why we have a clearly publicised and priced service schedule for all of the models we supply. We strongly recommend that you take note and subsequently use our services to your advantage.

Help and guidance

Our post-sales service isn’t just about helping you keep your motorhome in great condition. We can also play a role in assisting you to get the maximum enjoyment possible out of it, such as retrofitting services.

You can also browse our website for motorhome information and tips.

We are aware that it may sound a little sales-like but the reality is that we want to maintain relationships with all of our clients and not simply sell them motorhomes.

You will see this approach demonstrated at all times in our dealings with you, including those that take place post-sale.