Every year Auto-Sleepers motorhomes walk away with some of the top awards in the industry.

In 2023 alone, for instance, the company won Practical Motorhome Owners’ Gold Customer Satisfaction award for Best Manufacturer in the category for pre-owned vehicles and the Silver award as the Best Motorhome Manufacturer of New Motorhomes.

If you’re thinking motorhomes, you’re almost certainly thinking Auto-Sleepers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from customers eager to buy.

Who are Auto-Sleepers?

Auto-Sleepers are probably the leading manufacturer of motorhomes in the UK. The company has been around for many years now and remains a family-run business – in which the passion for motorhomes runs as high as ever – with headquarters at Willersey in the Cotswolds.

Auto-Sleepers have carved out the reputation they enjoy today by concentrating on the highest craftsmanship and expertise in design. Their motorhomes are all hand-built, with top-quality fittings, fixtures and furniture that combine luxury with creative innovation. That clever use of precious space within a motorhome is one of the key features setting Auto-Sleepers apart from other brands.

What is the history of Auto-Sleepers motorhomes?

Way back at the beginning of the 1960s the Trevelyan family and their two young boys were after a more adventurous holiday than usual.

Through some ingenious, home-crafted adaptations of a Morris J2 van, they built a vehicle that took them all the way to the south of France. Inspired and encouraged by that adventure, their prototype vehicle swapped the Morris for an Austin – on which further design innovations were made. These were enough to attract the attention of the leading dealership Henleys of Bristol.

It sparked a spate of orders from which the company Auto-Sleepers was born – and, once in business, the enterprise never looked back.

What are the principal models in their range?

Ever innovative, Auto-Sleepers launch new models, variations on and upgrades of existing favourites each year but all are based on either Peugeot or Mercedes chassis and drivetrains – and, most recently, the Ford Transit van.

How are they powered?

Peugeot campervans are powered by the well-proven 160bhp turbo diesel Euro 6 engine with manual transmission as standard. For an even more comfortable ride, you might choose the optional premium package featuring Peugeot’s twin-leaf rear suspension and AL-KO dual Air-Top suspension.

Peugeot coachbuilts are also fitted with the 160bhp turbo diesel Euro 6 engine, but you also have the option of a Fiat Ducato 130/150bhp Comfort-Matic automatic transmission engine.

Peugeot AL-KO coachbuilts feature AL-KO’s wide track chassis with its generous 3,500kg Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM), powered by either the 160bhp turbo diesel Euro 6 engine or the optional Fiat Ducato 130/150bhp Comfort-Matic automatic transmission engine.

Mercedes coachbuilts are built up and handcrafted on the chassis and powertrain of the German manufacturer’s next-generation 163bhp Euro 6.2 turbo diesel engine, which may be optionally upgraded to the mighty V6 190bhp engine, and also comes with the choice of an optional 7-speed automatic transmission.

The newly released Air Camper is powered by Ford’s 2-litre EcoBlue (170 PS) unit and comes with a standard 6-speed manual gearbox or the optional automatic transmission.

What’s on the inside?

Whatever model, from whichever range, and the engine configuration that is chosen, you may be assured of top-quality luxury, making maximum use of the available space in the elegantly fitted interior.

Those interiors have clearly seen exhaustive innovation and creativity in layouts and designs which offer a whole range of different beds, galleys, and washrooms.

Layouts recognise that what you need for daytime use is going to be different to night-time, yet both make maximum use of the interior space and converting from one to the other is achieved quickly and effortlessly.

Where can I find out more about Auto-Sleepers motorhomes?

The official Auto-Sleepers website is regularly updated and refreshed and provides a wealth of information about every model in the wide range of campervans and motorhomes. Since we are proud dealers of these and other makes of motorhome, you can find out still more about new and pre-loved vehicles for sale on our website, too.

Since Auto-Sleepers regularly top the charts of owner satisfaction surveys in the UK, you are also likely to encounter plenty of examples out and about – especially during your next visit to any motorhome, caravan, or camping site. Why not ask one of those neighbours to let you have a look over their motorhome?

Where can I buy used Auto-Sleepers?

At the end of the day, of course, you’ll want to view a selection of different Auto-Sleepers from a dealer specialising in this leading marque. And that’s where Derby Motorhomes will come into its own.

Why not visit our Auto-Sleeper Exhibition Centre and immerse yourself in the motorhome experience? We display the entire range of brand new Auto-Sleeper motorhomes here in Derby, plus we also carry a good selection of used Auto-Sleepers motorhomes.

Once you’ve chosen the motorhome that suits you and your family, simply buy your favourite Auto-Sleepers directly from us.