Motorhome Accessories Retrofitting Services

Here at Derby Motorhomes, we provide a wide range of motorhome accessories retrofitting services. So, our services includes the supply and fit of most motorhome accessories. Please, ask us more about the products and services we offer.

In fact, over the past few years we have made sure that we supply a quality products. Also, developing an after sales service to fit those products, that provides our customers, with piece of mind.

Motorhome Accessories Retrofitting Services

Remember, not to forget if you an ASOC (Auto-Sleeper owners club) member, you will receive a 10 % discount on any prices that we quote ( a valid in date membership card must be produced before work starts).

Motorhome Tracking Systems

Motorhome Accessories Retrofitting Services

In addition, to fitting tracker and alarms, we have done quite a lot of research on reports on alarms and tracking devices

Also, we find that the ones that have become popular are those that have integrated the three in one systems.

Therefore, with the engine immobiliser, motorhome alarm and tracking system.

So, to find out even more about trackers and alarms, please feel free to contact us. In fact, we have a lot of experience when it comes down to fitting tracking systems and alarms.

So, if you just need some friendly advice we will be glad to help you.

Also, protecting your motorhome is an important part of insuring a motorhome. Some insurance quotes, carry a discount when certain systems are used.

Auto-Sleeper Sargent Thatcham Cat. 6 / S7 Tracker 

In fact, all new Auto-Sleeper motorhomes come as standard with a Sargent Cat.6 / S7 tracker as standard

(requires monitoring subscription), Therefore, any stolen motorhome will be quickly identified. In addition the Sargent App provides customers with peace of mind.

Also, there is that element of security in the knowledge, that the Sargent motorhome system has Thatcham approval and covers against virtually any potential theft.

Thatcham Category 1 alarms and Category 5 trackers.

We can arrange for the fitting of Thatcham Category 1 alarm systems to be fitted if required. We can also arrange for Thatcham Category 5 trackers to be fitted, (requires monitoring subscription).

Motorhome Alarms

As with any motorhome accessories retrofitting services, we must remain competitive. To that end, we try to use well known products. Also, we find that many alarms have designs to fit most base vehicles like Fiat, Peugeot, VW and Mercedes Benz. So, we will be happy to quote you with a suitable motorhome alarm system.

Happy to help contact us on +44 (0) 1332 360222

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