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Derby Motorhomes will be at the Lincoln Show this weekend, exhibiting a great selection of new and used Auto Sleepers.

We will be on our usual stand, number 52 and have some particularly enticing offers this year; Over £8000 off a brand-new, unregistered ex display Corinium RB for example or over £2000 off our brand-new, display model Symbol and Warwick Duo too!

As we stock the entire Auto-Sleepers Mercedes range too, we also have some exciting offers available on our ex showroom display Burford, Burford Duo and Winchcombe, so you really do need to visit us at Lincoln and talk to us about a deal on a new Auto-Sleeper.

We also have some fantastic discounts on our used Auto-Sleepers with a massive £2000 discount on one of our Broadway EL duos’ and another huge £2000 saving on our Mercedes-based Hampshire!

This really is the time to get a great deal from the county’s leading, solus Auto-Sleeper main dealer. Ask our show team about special offers available when you order a new, 2019 Auto-Sleeper from us at this year’s show – you know it makes sense and if you can avoid the rush for stock at the NEC which happens every October, order now, save on the stress and get yourself a great deal.

For anyone who already owns a motorhome, is thinking of buying one, or is simply curious to find out just what makes them so popular, a motorhome show provides a revealing day out.

The annual Motorhome and Caravan Show is probably the biggest of all the shows and covers 11 of the huge halls at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre (NEC), hosting a presence to some 400 exhibitors. Because of the sheer size and variety of everything on display, therefore, it makes good sense to spend a moment or two thinking about how you can make the most of your time there:

Why are you going?

  • it might seem like too obvious a question, but if you have sorted out in your mind just why you are heading off to the show, it may help you to make the most of the day;
  • if you have a definite plan to buy a new motorhome soon, for example, you might find discounts and other deals being offered by suppliers at the exhibition – so you might want to be ready with the finance for your new motorhome before you go;
  • if you are going just to browse, you might want to give yourself that extra time and space you might on a weekday visit, when there are fewer crowds and you can wander to your heart’s content;

What’s there?

  • there are many motorhome shows around the country at different times of the year – and every one of them is different;
  • but most have a website where you can find details of what is going to be on display and perhaps even a site plan of exhibitors;
  • before show day, make a note of those manufacturers of motorhomes, suppliers of accessories, and any other exhibits in which you are likely to be interested;
  • this is to help make sure that you cover everything you want to cover, in a place where you are almost certain to be side-tracked and distracted by the new or unusual – your list of “must sees” may help to provide some focus;
  • the reason for going and knowing what’s there may help you to devise a plan for the best use of your day;
  • you might want to regard it as your list of intentions, rather than any hard and fast schedule that you have to stick to at all costs;

Motorhome show or permanent exhibition?

  • although it is easy enough to find a schedule of different motorhome shows that are going to be staged at various times of the year in different parts of the country, remember, too that there are also more permanent displays and exhibitions;
  • our own exhibition centre here at Derby Motorhomes in Derby, for example, offers year-round displays of a huge selection of new and used vehicles, supplemented by a comprehensive, user-friendly and personalised website and social media experience for anyone interested in buying their next motorhome;

What type of motorhome?

  • it’s a motorhome show, so you might want to give some thought beforehand to the type of motorhome you want;
  • where are you likely to be driving one, for example, for how long at the wheel and how long inside it once you’ve set up your base;
  • what standard of accommodation does it need inside and how much people does it need to sleep – is there sufficient headroom for the tallest member of the family;
  • where are you going to park or store your motorhome and where can you take it for repairs, servicing and maintenance;

A family day out?

  • a motorhome show can make for a great family day out – and the kids are likely to be just as excited as you about the next holiday adventure;
  • remember, though, that their attention span may be less single-minded than your own and you might want to be prepared to offer them other distractions, too – soft drinks and munchies for starters.

Your visit to a motorhome show is likely to prove a fun-packed and absorbing experience – but a little forethought and planning might help you make the most of it.

Well, it comes as no surprise to see Auto Sleeper awards winners the coach built Broadway EB and the Corinium RB winning prestigious awards. Yes. scooping not one, but two awards at the prestigious Caravan Club awards ceremony in Birmingham. This years awards coincide with the Caravan Club changing its name to the Caravan and Motorhome Club.

In some ways this achievement is nothing new, as Auto Sleepers who have been winning awards over many years. This comes from a long established company who have been in business for over fifty four years. With a vast wealth of experience in designing and making hand built, coach built motorhomes.

Award winners.

More prestigious awards.

We here at Derby motorhomes and all of the staff at the Auto Sleeper Centre offer our congratulations. This great achievement again enables us to help promote this great brand of excellence. We are equally happy to see a British motorhome manufacturer win these awards.

Auto Sleeper Broadway EB.

Coach built success.

The ever popular Broadway EB, built on the Peugeot Boxer chassis, scooped the winning prize for the coach built from £51,000 – £65,000′ category. The many long establish Auto Sleeper Broadway owners will not be surprised by this award.

Auto Sleeper Corinium RB.

AL KO chassis award.

The Corinium RB is built on the Peugeot AL-KO chassis achieving the top spot in the coach built over £65,000 category. There seems not stopping the Corinium range a hit from the moment it entered the motorhome charts. The layouts in all of the three current Corinium models certainly provides customers with a choice. The AL KO chassis has been providing Auto Sleeper with a whole new set of options.

See the awards winners.

Pay us a visit.

If you would like to know more about these Auto Sleeper award winners then please let us know. In fact, we extend an invitation to book a personal appointment with a sales team member. We are easy to find and we hold all of the Auto Sleeper range in our heated indoor showroom in Derby.

When buying a motorhome the motorhome weights are to some customers, a little confusing. They are essential parts of motorhome information, to assist in motorhomes being driven safely.

You may have seen the Police pulling lorries and large vehicles of the roads at weigh stations. Thus, to check that everything is compliant with the regulations. Motorhomes can also be required to take a test. So, lets investigate what motorhome weight calculations are all about.

Motorhome weights.

How heavy?

First things to remember is that on a new motorhome, every additional optional items must be subtracted from your available payload. From removable carpets to outside awnings. They all have a weight that has to be taken into consideration.

Therefore, when buying a motorhome with a modest payload with extras, this will reduce the remaining payload available to use. In fact, this will then reduce carrying things like clothing, bedding, food and drink.

Safety first.

Keeping legal.

When using a motorhome it is important to stay within the limits of the motorhomes capability. Also, it is extremely important not to overload your motorhome. In fact, doing so will have a detrimental effect on handling, and performance of the motorhome. Especially the stopping distances, so the overall safety and stability of the motorhome is very important to your safety.

In addition, Insurers may take a dim view if your motorhome is outside the limits recommended for the motorhome. If you have an accident that is down to this they may not even payout.

How heavy is the motorhome?

More than you thought?

Quite simply to find out, load up as if you were going away and pop along to a public weighbridge. There are many throughout the UK and they are easy to use. Drive the motorhome onto the weighbridge and you will then have an official certificate of the weight of your motorhome.


Maximum technically permissible.

This stands for the “maximum technically permissible laden mass of your motorhome. Sometimes known as “maximum authorised mass (MAM).

This information is usually found in the motorhomes owner’s manual. Also, the information should be on the chassis plate. Basically, this is the maximum amount that the motorhome is allowed to carry in total. This also takes into consideration any touring kit and passengers on board.

So, this is the actual measured weight of the motorhome and the MAM or MTPLM is the payload of the vehicle. Therefore, loading the motorhome in such a way as to not exceed the individual axle loading limits.

This is also, designed to stop overloading of a motorhome. For example if the motorhome has a garage and a 500 kg payload, the tolerance will be 300 kg on the back axle.


Mass of the unladen vehicle.

This weight calculation stands for the “mass of the unladen vehicle”. Also, when arriving at this calculation this is including an allowance for the driver (assumed to be around 75 kg). In addition, taking a calculation that on board at the time the fuel tank is 90% full. The MIRO assumes that the fresh water tank empty. An interesting point to also note. If you travel with water in the freshwater tank then the user payload will reduce accordingly.


Of a conventional load.

The payload is the maximum user payload of the vehicle. This calculation includes a conventional load, In fact, this is for the allowance for passengers. Along with the essential habitation equipment and fluids required for safe and proper functioning of the habitation equipment.

Not forgetting that the optional equipment are the items available from the manufacturer over and above the standard specification. They do not take into any personal effects.

Still not sure?

Please ask us.

Our service department will be happy to help you on any motorhome weight calculation issues.

Select and find out online.

Find out now.

Here is a way of finding out all you need is your motorhome details. Also, on the main website you will find all the help that you need to know.

Now lets face it motorhome servicing is not rocket science or is it? Now we know that there are always going to be the do it yourself DIY person, who can do anything. However, when it comes down to making sure your motorhome is in tip top condition who do you trust?

Well as a franchised Auto Sleeper dealer we feel we need to make sure your motorhome is safe. Then we want to ensure that everything is working correctly. Now on that word safe we mean just that, motorhomes have electrics and gas on board so we start right there.

For peace of mind.

Something worth having.

Ensuring things are as they should be with all gas and electric appliances is our first port of call. Having a service is one thing and mechanical servicing is straight forward. Or at least it should be.

We want to put your motorhome to the test and make sure that all the habitation checks are carried out professionally. Also, in a manner that will give any of our customers real peace of mind.

How far are you going?

Service planning.

You may be setting off for that long journey and like any maintenance you need assuring. Complying to a set of standards beyond just an MOT test is always the way to go.

Motorhome servicing.

Maintaining your motorhome.

No matter if you are only popping to the coast or warmer climates we want you to ensure you are safe. Now that you have found that your motorhome is in tip top condition you can book that trip to Mars after all.

Yes, a question that people often ask is why we like Auto Sleeper? So, a simple answer is we know they have been manufacturing motorhomes for over fifty four years. That speaks volumes about them and just one reason to why we like Auto Sleeper.

There are many other reasons mainly because the model range offers something for everyone. From the top of the range Mercedes Benz luxury motorhome to the very flexible Peugeot van conversions. Alongside the Peugeot coach built range and finishing with the all new Peugeot built on the AL KO chassis.

We love Auto Sleeper.

Over fifty four years in business.

There are other good reasons that we like them for example UK based makes life easy. Parts and servicing issues just disappear most of the time. Yes, there is always an exception but with an Auto Sleeper there are not many to be concerned over.

Factory collections and a that easy to get to destination that is in a beautiful part of England. The English Cotswold’s take some beating for a taste of real England. Also, there is a matter of residual values and whilst every motorhome devalues over time, Auto Sleeper remain very popular.

Wanted second hand.

Good Auto Sleeper motorhomes.

In fact, they hold that desirable appeal second hand and the trade likes them as well! We tend to find that they really do sell well. This is also an important factor for all our customers who have an Auto Sleeper.

Selling well.

Great residual values.

Having the ability to sell an Auto Sleeper quickly is another good reason, should peoples circumstances change and cash be needed in the bank then we would always be a potential buyer.

Need our help?

Just ask happy to help anyone.

So, there you have some of the reasons that we like our Auto Sleeper. One sound financial reason is that now they are part of Trigano one of Europe’s largest Leisure groups.

Following on from the motorhome shows we attended last year we are today starting a brand new season. The show at the NEC really does kick the season off in our opinion. The build up is always part of the fun and no doubt this generates interest in the motorhomes and accessories on display.

We will be attending a number of shows this year and the details, dates and venues are available here. We know that historically motorhome shows have been a great success for us, especially being part of the Auto Sleeper stand at the NEC. This brings all the dealers together to unite under the brand and provide customers with some great deals.

Are you going this year?

Meet up with Auto Sleeper.

I think our sales team really does like the buzz of it all. Either that or all those customers in one place. The great feature of a motorhome show is a new model launch. We love to be the first to sell a new model.

Many outdoor shows are really great for a weekend away, However, not when that rain comes down or even snow. Yes, that 2012 season outdoors really tested people to see how dedicated a show goer they were.

Bargains at motorhome shows.

Great deals available.

Well lets face it we all love a bargain and that is what motorhome show specials are all about. That motorhome we have had in stock a while sometimes just has to find a new home!

So, if you are looking for a bargain then show time may provide you with one. The outdoor show in sunny weather takes some beating. In fact, we know the weather plays apart with how we feel.

All year round show.

Come and see for yourself.

Now that is why we set up the Auto Sleeper Exhibition Centre here in Derby. Ideal for customers to avoid the bad weather and see all the range in one place.

Now in the sixth year the Auto Sleeper Exhibition Centre continues to go from strength to strength. Following on from record sales of new Auto Sleeper motorhomes in 2016. The company continues to develop the new technology and promote their social media platforms. Now get that seat belt on and relax while we demonstrate our services.

The start of 2017 has seen the company develop a very new website and trade as Derby Motorhomes. This will become the motorhome marketing strategy. Brought in to enhance the growing number of enquiries from the website.

Exhibition centre.

In Derby in the UK.

The company has been very innovative from introducing the idea of a dedicated centre for one manufacturer. They have developed new sales of Auto Sleepers using their indoor showroom in Derby to display all the models.

This has created a friendly but professional environment for customers to see different layouts in their own time. On site is full after sales services and no bad weather to brave.

Internet and social media.

Spreading the news fast.

The work has been carried out by Speedie consultants a PR company renowned for its social media expertise. They have designed a new website that will act as the platform of Auto Sleeper information.

With interaction of stock information and a log in for customers and lead introductions and tracking. This has been the turning point to drive the business forward.

Comments from Speedie PR.

PR specialists in the UK.

Jason Hulott the Speedie MD explained ” its refreshing to see a company make use of our social media skills to obtain new customers. As well as understanding the importance of a secure Internet presence”

“We have vast experience in finance and insurance lead generation, something that we will adapt to help the Derby Motorhomes brand to tap into. Also, we see the leisure market expanding at a rapid rate so the timing is right”.

Return on investment.

Counting the costs.

In fact, there will be other plans to develop further customer friendly leads and integration with customers old and new. Something that the Derby Motorhomes branding can add value to. So, exciting times ahead in Derby.