Auto-Sleepers can be the term used to describe any motorhome or campervan – regardless of its manufacturer. Since we are one of the country’s leading dealers for the Auto-Sleepers brand, however, let’s concentrate on buying a motorhome built by this iconic British manufacturer. After all, it is an established and reputable brand that has been around now for almost six decades.

Buying an Auto-Sleeper is an investment likely to pay off in so many ways. It offers comfort, convenience, flexibility, and freedom in ways that other forms of transport cannot match. With a range of models, features, and specifications to choose from, you’re practically certain to find an Auto-Sleepers motorhome that suits your travel needs and budget.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why buying an Auto-Sleeper could make such particularly good sense.

Buying an Auto-Sleeper

A few tips and suggestions might be in order to help you choose whether to aim for a top of the range luxury motorhome, a nimble and economic campervan, or something in between:


  • this is an area in which you probably strive to strike a balance between a vehicle that is manoeuvrable and compact yet also offers comfortable accommodation while touring
  • by choosing a motorhome or campervan, for example, you have already made the decision that towing a caravan maybe going a step too far;
  • Auto-Sleepers offer a huge range of different sizes and layouts from which to choose – depending on the space you need and the degree of comfort you expect from the fittings, appliances, and devices you want from your motorhome;


  • the size of your chosen motorhome is also closely related to your intended use of the Auto-Sleeper;
  • is it likely to be just you and your spouse or partner sleeping in the motorhome, for example, or do you need a family-sized vehicle to accommodate the children too;
  • will most days be spent touring in a motorhome that needs to be nimble enough to negotiate the occasional narrow, winding country lane, or will it be largely parked up for use as a well-equipped and fully-stocked base in the same place for most of your holiday;
  • as you arrive at the appropriate balance, you may be guided toward certain models in the Auto-Sleepers range;


  • a guide to buying a motorhome in the UK – published by Auto Express in May 2022 – also makes the important connection between your intended use of the motorhome, its size, and its weight;
  • it is not just a question of the larger motorhome weighing more, but the driving qualifications you may need to drive a heavier Auto-Sleeper;
  • if you didn’t take your driving test until the 1st of January 1997 or after, the category B licence you obtained qualifies you to drive vehicles with a maximum weight (Maximum Authorised Mass) of 3,500kg but to drive one of the largest, fully-laden Auto-Sleepers – weighing between 3,500kg and 7,500kg – you need to take an additional category C1 driving test;
  • remember, too, that the Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) or Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is the maximum legally permitted weight of your Auto-Sleeper when it is fully loaded – you’re breaking the law if you exceed this weight;
  • finally, also bear in mind that the unladen weight of your motorhome also determines the maximum speed limits with which you must comply;
  • Auto-Sleepers less than 3.05 tonnes – built-up areas 30mph, single carriageways 60mph, dual carriageways and motorways 70mph;
  • Auto-Sleepers more than 3.05 tonnes unladen weight – built-up areas 30mph, single carriageways 50mph, dual carriageways 60mph and motorways 70mph.

Whilst these might be the cardinal points of consideration before buying your Auto-Sleeper, there is probably nothing like seeing one close up and personal when trying to make your choice.

That is why, here at our showrooms in Derby, we maintain a permanent exhibition of branded Auto-Sleepers, together with a whole range of other new and preloved Auto-Sleepers or motorhomes.

If you are interested in buying a new or used Auto-Sleeper, why not get in touch with us today?

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