Do you remember the day you first took delivery of your motorhome? Remember your delight in finding everything inside so new, shiny, spick, and span? Do you recall how the engine purred into life as you set off on your first outing – without a care in the world about the vehicle or the comfort it would provide?

After several outings and some memorable holidays, your motorhome might also have taken a few knocks that are in need of repair.

Keeping your motorhome in its nearly new condition and carrying out the occasional repair, therefore, means scheduling a regular service and maintenance regime. More than that, recent years have seen a significant upsurge in the popularity of motorhomes – a story in Van Life Matters on the 18th of October 2022 estimated that the number of owners was likely to grow by more than 40% by the end of this decade. That means there’s almost certain to be a lively market for your pre-loved and regularly maintained vehicle when you decide to trade it in.

All in all, therefore, you’ll find it well worth your while arranging for your motorhome to be serviced regularly – and, if you’re looking for a service that is second to none, you’ll need look no further than ourselves here at Derby Motorhomes.

Why choose us to service your Auto-Sleeper?

Because we are so familiar with Auto-Sleepers and have grown our business on the strength of that agency, you can be sure that we’re already on closer than nodding terms with your own motorhome.

Booking it in is easy – just let us know when and we’ll reserve a slot (often as not, by letting you know the very next day).

We’ll supply genuine Auto-Sleepers parts, of course, for any items that need replacing during the servicing and maintenance. We also supply most makes of battery – so the choice is yours when it comes to the power source you need.

We are skilled in the full range of servicing and maintenance work – both mechanical and habitation services. Here at Derby Motorhomes, we share the pride you take in looking after your motorhome – whether or not you actually bought it from us – and keeping it in next to perfect running condition, appearance, and comfort. So, we are pleased to offer all the servicing, maintenance and repairs you may need.

Servicing your auto-sleeper

There is rather more involved in auto-sleeper servicing, of course than the periodic services you may give the car you keep at home.

Typically, it is going to focus on two separate and distinct areas:

The vehicle

  • failure to have a valid, up to date MOT certificate may mean a fine of up to £1,000;
  • but an MOT is the most basic of checks – and certifies the vehicle’s roadworthiness on the day of the test only;
  • yet roadworthiness and the mechanical safety of the vehicle are paramount at all times – and your failure to ensure that this is so, may not only invalidate your motorhome insurance but also land you in trouble with the police;
  • so, leave your auto-sleeper servicing to us, confident in the knowledge that we will service, maintain, or repair your vehicle in accordance with the engine manufacturer’s strict requirements;

The auto-sleeper

  • the second vital part of any servicing regime for your motorhome is what is called a “habitation service” – a term that might strike some newer owners as somewhat unfamiliar and mysterious;
  • so, let’s take a closer look.

What does a motorhome habitation service include?

The Camping and Caravanning Club suggests that you have an annual “habitation” service of the interior of your auto-sleeper and its facilities – some experts insist that it is essential.

A habitation service provides a thorough and comprehensive servicing of the complete living area of your motorhome and also checks and maintains the gas, electrical, water and heating systems of your Auto-Sleeper.

The electrical system

The service of your electrical systems, for example, will include a close examination of all the wiring, the appliances you are running, and a residual current device (RCD) check to ensure that this safety device trips when it is supposed to.


Any leaks in your motorhome’s gas system will also be checked and traced using a manometer and appliances such as your cooker, heating system, water heater, and fridge are all in good working order.

Safety features such as flame-failure devices, carbon dioxide detectors, and adequate ventilation are all designed to make sure your motorhome meets stringent health and safety standards.


A potential health hazard which can otherwise go overlooked is the cleanliness of your motorhome’s (drinking) water systems – which may be harbouring more harmful bacteria than you can have imagined, especially if yours is an older auto-sleeper or you have not used it for a while.

While draining down your system and ensuring that you use it regularly – at least to run off some of the stored water – may help to some degree, this alone does not kill off the potentially harmful bacteria that might be present. To achieve that, you need to regularly flush the entire system with an antibacterial solution.

Bodywork and ventilation

Keeping your motorhome safe and health hazard free also involves longer-term care – such as fending off problems such as creeping damp, which may otherwise prove very expensive to remedy once it has taken hold.

Book your Auto-Sleeper service today

Whether it is just your annual MOT and mechanical service, or a full habitation service, too, at Derby Motorhomes, we are able to provide everything you may need – just let us know exactly what you require.