The pandemic has come and – largely – gone. But the UK staycation seems here to stay. With lockdowns, face masks, and travel restrictions now out of the way, the swing towards holidays in the UK has remained.

One of the results of that unprecedented boom in staycations has been the soaring demand for motorhomes. Indeed, a story in the Caravan Times on the 18th of January 2023 suggested that demand has grown so acute that many manufacturers face the challenge of keeping up with orders for new vehicles.

Motorhome part-exchange

The simple laws of supply and demand suggest that a new motorhome is likely to set you back a significant sum.

A new motorhome won’t come cheap – but, in that case, you might want to consider the economically attractive option of a motorhome part exchange. This can be an excellent solution even when buying a model as luxurious as Auto-Sleepers – and without the hassle, of course, of having to arrange your own private sale.

The benefits of part-exchanging an Auto-Sleeper

The principles of part exchange are especially well-established in the markets for motor vehicles. Part-exchange (P/X) is simply a question of trading one vehicle for another where the value of the one you currently own is used as part payment against the new one.

That ability to stretch your budget to a quality motorhome you might otherwise not be able to afford is one of the principal attractions of part-exchanging an Auto-Sleeper. Whatever vehicle you are trading in, the part-exchange value offers you an immediate discount on the new motorhome you are buying.

Part-exchanging one Auto-Sleeper for another offers the enticing prospect of a double bonus. Auto-Sleepers hold their price especially well. As a result, you are likely to enjoy an attractive trade-in price for your old vehicle – and, at a stroke, you’ll typically achieve a sizeable discount on your new Auto-Sleeper.

More general benefits of part exchange

There are other, more general, benefits of part-exchanging one motorhome for another:

  • the motorhome you already own is likely to have depreciated in value much less than the car you use – so, it probably represents a valuable asset with which to bargain and begin your trade;
  • added to that great starting point is the fact that there is a current shortage in the market of good-quality motorhomes – that relative scarcity value may further strengthen your bargaining position;
  • in any part exchange, you will be trading with an established dealer – someone who knows what they are talking about and appreciates the value of the vehicle you have to offer as your part of the bargain;
  • if you pursue the alternative route of arranging a private sale yourself, of course, you cannot be assured that prospective buyers have any informed idea about the true value of the motorhome you are trying to sell – you may be up against the difficulty of justifying the price you reasonably asked;
  • in short, part exchange avoids the whole fraught and time-consuming business of first arranging a private sale and then negotiating the purchase of the replacement motorhome you want to buy.

Preparing for part-exchange

Although you will be negotiating a price for the motorhome you currently own with an experienced dealer who will have already calculated a trade-in value for the make, model, and age of your vehicle, it is still worth making sure to present it in its finest colours.

That means attending to any outstanding maintenance and repairs that might be required and giving your motorhome a thorough and final clean.

If there is still outstanding finance on the vehicle you want to offer in part exchange, or you are currently buying your present motorhome on a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement, it is important you let us know.

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Here at Derby Motorhomes, we are specialists in Auto-Sleeper part-exchange options. You can read more about our Auto-Sleepers P/X service here.

Whether or not your current motorhome is an Auto-Sleeper, we are still interested in considering the vehicle for part exchange and take pride in our ability to offer what we believe is an attractive trade-in price against the cost of the motorhome you want to buy.

So, why not start the ball rolling by talking to us about motorhome part-exchange today?