McLouis Fusion Motorhomes

Derby Motorhomes are proud to be retailing the McLouis Fusion range of motorhomes by Auto-Sleepers.

The existing 5 model Fusion range, a stylish combination of practical, multi-berth layouts, each featuring a garage, travel seating and electric drop-down over cab beds.

Fusion 330

The Fusion 330 offers a functional and roomy design with a generous rear lounge. It comes equipped with a sizable storage compartment illuminated by LED lighting and two fold-down beds, ensuring a comfortable night’s rest. Like the other models in the Fusion series, the 330 is powered by the robust Fiat 140bhp Euro 6D diesel engine, providing both power and comfort for an enjoyable driving experience.

Fusion 360 and Fusion 367

The Fusion 360 and the Fusion 367 both measures just shy of 7 metres in length and are equipped with the spirited Fiat 140bhp Euro 6D diesel engine. They offer seating for five passengers and can provide sleeping arrangements for up to four individuals. Weight upgrades are available if required but most users will be more than happy with their not inconsiderable payloads.

Fusion 373 and Fusion 379 

Finally, we have the two largest models in the Fusion range, the twin-fixed-bed Fusion 373 and the second island bed model, the Fusion 379.

Each of these stunning McLouis Fusion models are 7.5 metres long and yet again, each features a garage, electric drop-down bed and travel seating; they actually have travel seating for 5 persons in seat belted seats and each provides berths for 4.

McLouis are a long established motorhome manufacturer and are now part of the Trigano family and as such, a sister company to Auto-Sleepers; in fact, Auto-sleepers are the importers for the range so each Fusion is built specifically with the UK in mind which means that habitation doors and external services are each on the correct side for this country (the left) and there’s no wood in the construction frame, which means no damp issues in later life.

Each Fusion model features cab air conditioning, LED lighting, door fly screens and trauma heating too. Garages and electric drop-down beds are standard across the entire range as well as travel seating with seat belts for a minimum of at least each berth.

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