When it comes to the Auto-Sleepers marque, here at Derby Motorhomes we are among the biggest fans in the UK.

Personal preference and individual requirements, of course, play their part in your decision to buy and particular motorhome, but we are more than happy to set out just a few of our overriding enthusiasm for Auto-Sleepers.

Quality and craftsmanship

It’s quite difficult to define exactly what “quality” means. When you have the experience that we have in the motorhome marketplace though, you know immediately at a glance whether a given model has it or doesn’t. Quite simply: quality – you know it when you encounter it.

And there are no two ways about it, we put quality at the very top of our list of Auto-Sleepers’ winning characteristics.

Quality in the case of Auto-Sleepers also calls to mind the sheer craftsmanship that goes into the manufacture of every model. The fact is that this company doesn’t compromise on quality in any aspect of its work. From design through to build, everything is done with a quality end product in mind. That applies as much to the fittings as it does to things such as panelling and upholstery.

Couple that accommodation quality with a superb chassis and the power plant that drives all Auto-Sleepers, and you can understand why they get a big tick from us in this regard.

Imagination and range

We make no excuse for waxing lyrical about motorhomes in general and specifically Auto-Sleepers. For all that praise, though, nobody can pretend that there are acres of spare space inside a vehicle of this type. Motorhomes are not designed for their spaciousness alone.

For the layout designers, therefore, every ounce of imagination, innovation, and skill is demanded to get the best practicable use possible of the available space. Though we prefer to play up the positives of Auto-Sleepers rather than play down the negatives of other makes of motorhome, we think you’ll agree that Auto-Sleepers have pulled off successes in every department.

Auto-Sleepers offer a diverse range of motorhome models to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a compact campervan or a spacious luxury motorhome, there are options to suit every lifestyle.

This is important because few people wish to feel that their motorhome is cramped or demands extreme compromise when it comes to the comfort of the accommodation – we’d say that Auto-Sleepers tick another big box as far as we are concerned.

Tailored options

Not only is there a diverse range of different models, but your Auto-Sleepers can be made your very own by choosing from various customisation options.  That lets you personalise your motorhome to better suit your particular requirements.

Customisation options include your choice of upholstery materials, selecting the precise interior layout, and adding optional extras.

Track record

Auto-Sleepers have been around for a long time now and their design and build expertise is second to none – the marque boasts an established reputation

Auto-Sleepers have been manufacturing motorhomes for over 60 years. Their experience and longevity suggest a level of expertise and reliability that is immediately appealing to potential buyers – an important feature in our view.

While new faces are always welcome and the ideas and competition they bring can be stimulating, there is reassurance in the knowledge that you are purchasing from a company that has been there and done it over a period of many years rather than one which is using the motorhome concerned as a test platform for their novel ideas.

In fact, Auto-Sleepers are well-known for their innovation and out-of-the-box thinking – coupled with a practical approach that is based upon extensive background knowledge.

Your after-sales network

Auto-Sleepers have a network of dealerships and service centres across the UK – including ourselves here at Derby Motorhomes, of course – providing customers with convenient access to support and maintenance services.

This network exists to help and support both new buyers and existing owners who require assistance or servicing.

Resale values

Auto-Sleepers tend to retain their resale value relatively well compared to some other brands. That can be an attractive consideration if you regard your purchase as an investment and might want to think about selling or upgrading your motorhome in the future.


We’ve given just a thumbnail sketch of what makes Auto-Sleepers such a good buy.

We’d welcome your contact so we can give you a more in-depth explanation – but, better still, why not come along to our extensive indoor showrooms to view some of these motorhomes for yourself?