We are proud of our long association with Auto-Sleepers and make no secret of our admiration for their vehicles.

In what follows, we’ll outline some of the reasons for that and why Derby Motorhomes is proud to offer them to our customers for their consideration.


The first thing we have to mention is, of course, the very highly regarded reputation of Auto-Sleepers for build quality.  This covers every element of their coachbuilding and van transformation services, as well as their commitment to no compromise on getting it right.

Unsurprisingly, that has a direct relationship to how often you, as a potential buyer, will need to get things looked at and attended to after purchase.  From our lengthy experience, we know that these vehicles typically don’t cause post-sales issues for our customers and that means we are protecting the interests of those same customers when we recommend Auto-Sleepers to them.

Excellence in design

Of course, important as build quality is, nobody wants it to result in a rather Spartan motorhome that looks fit for purpose in a utilitarian sense but which also manages not to catch the eye!

The Auto-Sleepers range sets the bar high in terms of innovative design and attractiveness.  Their interiors are stunningly modern and also offer a range of options that will allow you to select the décor you feel suits your personality.  There is no question here of you having to put up with a single option by way of what their designer thought you should appreciate.

Looks are not the only consideration though and the functional quality of these designs is fantastic.  When you are inside an Auto-Sleepers motorhome, it’s almost like being in a small boutique hotel where everything not only looks good but performs excellently too.

For example, some of the kitchen and cooking equipment is simply stunning and of a type and quality you might normally associate with a luxury apartment rather than a motorhome.

Financial sense

A combination of the things mentioned above leads to a situation whereby Auto-Sleepers vehicles are highly sought after and that includes within the pre-used motorhome marketplace.

The result of that is that they tend to have an excellent residual value model, depreciating less than numbers of other models.

This Cotswold based company doesn’t target the bottom end of the marketplace in terms of its pricing model and nobody is pretending that they are the cheapest motorhomes around.  However, if you’re looking at the financial position from a balanced perspective, taking into account depreciation, Auto-Sleepers might make sound common sense.

Customer feedback

As you might expect and even demand, we take the feedback that we receive from our customers very seriously.

We know from many years of after-sales discussions with our customers, just how happy they are with Auto-Sleepers.  That gives us on-going confidence in terms of our recommendations.

Power plant

Having a superb piece of coachbuilding isn’t necessarily going to be massively impressive if it sits on a middle-of-the-road and decidedly average power plant and chassis.

Auto-Sleepers only use prestige plants from Peugeot and Mercedes-Benz.  Yet again, there is no compromise on quality there either.


We recognise that there are many factors to take into consideration when you are purchasing a motorhome.  We will be only too happy to look at those objectively with you and to see whether or not there is an Auto-Sleepers model that will be ideal for your requirements.