It’s a question we’re often asked – just why do we like Auto-Sleepers?

It’s a straightforward enough question, after all, and at least part of the simple answer is because we recognise the skill and experience that has gone into manufacturing motorhomes these past sixty years or so. That fact alone speaks volumes about them and just one reason why we like Auto-Sleepers.

The long road to producing what has become probably Britain’s leading caravan marque began with the application and dedication of a young family business back in the early 1960s. Through a commitment to superior craftsmanship and design expertise, the business eventually evolved into the manufacturer you see today – producing the very best of British in motorhomes from its factory based at Willersey in the Cotswolds.

We like and respect the enormous amount of time, talent, and effort that continue to be applied to the manufacture of every single Auto-Sleepers motorhome. They are the qualities that shine through every motorhome produced.

Just take a look into the interior of any Auto-Sleepers motorhome and you’ll see once again why we like them so much. Not only is all the furniture, the fixtures, and fittings top-rate quality but it is also stylish and modern, handcrafted to ensure it gives you many years of pleasure and pride.

It’s clear that the people at Auto-Sleepers not only know every inch of the vehicles inside-out they must actually live with the motorhomes they produce. Only such first-hand familiarity can inform the evident knowledge of what’s going to work and what makes the fullest possible use of every corner of space within a motorhome.

There are many other reasons – many of them stemming from the fact that the range of models offers something for everyone. From the top of the range Mercedes Benz luxury motorhome to the very flexible Peugeot van conversions. Alongside those, you have the Peugeot coach-built range and the all-new Peugeot built on the AL-KO chassis.

We love Auto-Sleepers – coming up for sixty years in business

Another reason for our having taken so fondly to Auto-Sleepers is the fact that the manufacturer is a UK-based business – and that makes life just so much easier. Parts and servicing issues just disappear most of the time. Yes, there is always an exception but with Auto-Sleepers, there are not many to be concerned about.

Factory collections and a destination that is easy to get to, situated in a beautiful part of England. The English Cotswold’s take some beating for a taste of real England. Also, there is a matter of residual values and whilst every motorhome devalues over time, Auto-Sleepers remain extremely popular and sought-after.

Wanted second hand – good Auto Sleeper motorhomes

In fact, they hold that desirable appeal second hand and the trade likes them as well! We tend to find that they really do sell well. This is also an important factor for all our customers who have an Auto-Sleeper. It’s probably why so many of our customers keep coming back to us.

Selling well – great residual values

Having the ability to sell any model in the Auto-Sleepers range quickly is another good reason for choosing this marque. If a customer’s circumstances should change, for example, and cash is needed in the bank, then we would always be a potential buyer.

Need our help? Just ask, happy to help anyone

A final reason – a financial one at that – for our continuing love affair with Auto-Sleepers is that they are now part of Trigano one of Europe’s largest Leisure groups and leading European manufacturer of motorhomes.

So, there you have some of the reasons why we like Auto-Sleepers.