2019 is now on the horizon and it’s time to start thinking about those New Year expeditions!

As you may know, here at Derby Motorhomes we are devotees of Auto-Sleepers’ vehicles and for that reason, we thought we’d give you a preview of what is coming up in terms of the 2019 Auto-Sleepers – specifically the incredible Symbol Plus.

The Symbol Plus

The Symbol is one of the most familiar and longest-running of Auto-Sleepers van conversions.

It has always been immensely popular and its design goes back to an earlier generation of the Peugeot Boxer. It’s a fact that it’s the only van conversion of this range based upon the medium wheelbase window-van.

Now, the ever-popular Stanway is undoubtedly longer at 5.99 metres and has a pretty luxurious ‘L’ shaped kitchen. However, its diner-lounge can’t convert into single beds and it’s not perhaps quite as flexible for lazy lounging as is the case with the Symbol.

Having two immensely popular vehicles is great but wouldn’t it be a good idea if you could combine the best of both together into one model?

Well, no prizes for guessing that is what Auto-Sleepers has done with the new Symbol Plus. Essentially, you can consider this to be a Symbol at the front end and a Stanway at the rear – but all combined onto a long wheelbase Boxer.

It’s a triumph, as you will see if you contact us for further information!

Auto-Sleepers commitment

There are also the now almost taken-for-granted quality configurations available on Auto-Sleepers’ vehicles including things such as (variations by model):

  • Grade III insulated;
  • 25-litre underfloor-mounted LPG gas tank;
  • 160bhp Peugeot Euro VI engines;
  • flush-fitting, stylish and insulating athermically-treated privacy glass;
  • Al-Ko Air Top & twin leaf rear suspension;
  • Optional Fiat Ducato 150bhp engine;
  • Comfort-Matic engine available.

Why we love Auto-Sleepers’ vehicles

When speaking about the Symbol Plus above, we are obviously talking about design innovation and revolutionary thinking. Those characteristics have always existed in the Auto-Sleepers range but there are many other factors that explain why we think so highly of them.

It wouldn’t be appropriate to talk about this subject without mentioning build quality.

Auto-Sleepers vehicles simply do not skimp on quality fixtures, finishing and materials. It’s difficult to illustrate this other than by inviting you to try some of their fixtures and fittings within the accommodation unit. Your sense of touch will tell you in an instant that the builders here wanted to get everything absolutely right.

That almost inevitably leads into the subject of robustness.

If you read motorhome reviews, you’ll occasionally see that some motorhomes don’t always get rated very highly in terms of things going wrong with internal equipment or bits falling off etc. Those sorts of things simply don’t happen on Auto-Sleepers vehicles and that’s another reason why we are confident when putting them forward to our customers for consideration.

Finally, it’s important to conclude with the recognition of the stylish design that has gone into their interiors. An individual customer can obviously configure this to some extent to their own requirements but the choices available are all almost boutique-like in their quality.

Why not contact us and come and see these incredible vehicles for yourself?