At Derby Motorhomes we don’t try and hide the fact that we enjoy sharing information about our motorhomes with customers – both existing and potential.

Here we’ll be taking a quick and yes, inevitably slightly superficial look at some of the jaw-dropping Auto-Sleeper coach built motorhomes based around a Mercedes engine.

The models

These Mercedes Auto-Sleeper coach built motorhomes are amongst some of the most prestigious and luxurious models you’ll see anywhere. However, they also cope with requirements for smaller and more everyday uses.

The model types include:

  • Stanton

This is the most compact camper built on the Mercedes rear wheel drive chassis – but that use of “compact” might be misleading. This vehicle quite simply reigns supreme in the luxury compact motorhomes class and offers virtually everything the discerning motorhome owner could require.

Of course, Mercedes offers excellent driving and handling comfort. It can make even the longest journeys routine and relaxing;

  • Bourton

This model takes the popularity and solidity of the Stanton and then produces an enhanced front lounge and end kitchen model.

Its voluminous lounge easily converts at night to offer the choice between full-length single beds or a very luxurious double.

  • Malvern

In the Malvern, you find a vehicle that offers the unrivalled comfort of a fixed French bed combined with the legendary style that Auto-Sleepers are justifiably famous for.

This vehicle has a flat level floor and a very spacious front lounge. That’s complemented by a fully equipped kitchen which is great for evening entertainment and which can be converted into a large double bed.

It also comes with a spacious side washroom and an entirely separate shower.

  • Winchcombe

A motorhome clearly designed with ultimate luxury in mind.

This model is a 2-berth motorhome with a very spacious front lounge. It also boasts a top of the range kitchen and very luxurious end washroom with a double shower for full home-from-home comforts wherever your voyages are taking you.

It has a magnificent overall specification as befits its flagship status and has to be seen to be fully appreciated;

  • Burford

The Burford is an “experience” aimed at delivering decadence for the highly discerning and demanding motorhome owner.

The front provides a massively spacious lounge and a fully equipped kitchen. The rear bedroom is very large and “statement” in its intent. It also offers a full-width en-suite washroom and the Mercedes driving experience is enhanced by the use of high-tech electronics

  • Burford Duo

The Burford Duo offers all the unapologetic decadence of the Burford but this time that roomy rear bedroom has spacious single beds. Of course, the super-luxury en-suite washroom is retained.


As we said at the outset, even the most eloquent language can’t adequately describe these Auto-Sleeper coach built motorhomes.

To really appreciate them, you need to come and look around inside them – if that’s at all possible. If you can’t, our website offers a great virtual reality online inspection facility that will allow you to get at least some sense of these wonderful motorhomes from the comfort of your chair or desk.

However, we admit we’d far rather see you face to face because we know how impressed you’ll be with these vehicles.

So, if it’s at all possible, do come along and see us sooner rather than later. You’ll be most welcome!