Look Inside

Yes, here at Derby motorhomes you can “Look Inside” our motorhomes online. Being one of the UK’s largest Auto-Sleeper dealers here in Derby we have launched “Derby motorhomes mixed realities” a new way to view motorhomes.

Working alongside another local Derby company Mixed Realities we have produced laser videos of new Auto-Sleeper motorhomes for sale. We believe this to be a real step forward in the success story of the new branded Derby motorhomes online. (see Auto-Sleeper press release).

The new way to see an Auto-Sleeper motorhome

A great way to view inside our Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. Yes, view in 3D space as well!

Look Inside

We think customers deserve to take a look inside and have a better way to look at the different new Auto-Sleeper models online. In fact, we think the videos are a real revolution.

Certainly flexible, in how customers now are able to view motorhomes from their own pc, tablet or phone. We have our live chat online, to support customers who have any questions when having viewed our virtual realities.

Available in 3d

Also, not only do you see the detail, you can have view in 3d space as well. All you need to enhance the experience is a VR headset. We think you will find that this is the nearest thing to being there.

Customers are able to select areas of the inside of the habitation areas, then to zoom in and to see in real fine detail. This is a great way to remember your handover and see what the motorhome has.

Derby motorhomes mixed realities

Mixed Realities draws on a host of skills that are providing Derby motorhomes with the next generation tools to sell motorhomes.

Alongside promotions and reviews on the Auto-Sleeper portal this has led to more sales. In addition, lead generation from Speedie consultants are driving even more success.

The Mixed Realities team see that leisure products work very well. Thus, providing the ultimate customer online experience. Therefore, take a look at the luxury Auto-Sleeper Mercedes Benz Winchcombe motorhome below “from the inside”.

You feel to actually be in the motorhome

Selecting a motorhomes details you enter the virtual reality show by the green “Look Inside” button. The detail of the way the motorhome comes alive is very quick to see. You feel like you are in the motorhome with the links off the different key points.

So, this provides video and floor plans and even more details for a customer to see. Any customer online can now just select a new motorhome and view the real details.

Select the view details of a new Auto-Sleeper motorhome, click on the “look inside” green button. Then enter the world of virtual realities.

Select view in fullscreen to get you started

Go select the play arrow, then select the view in fullscreen square button on the bottom right. To really be inside the motorhome view with VR glasses. Use the mouse to navigate and zoom in and out of the areas you want to see. We hope you enjoy the experience and we are on hand to help anyone.