Whether you are looking to buy your first motorhome or wanting to trade-in, renew and upgrade your existing leisure vehicle, one name is likely to crop up time and again. And that name is Auto-Sleeper.

Whether you see it in the magazines for motorhomes or hear it from the lips of motorhome owners, the name crops up because of the status and reputation established by Auto-Sleeper. It is a reputation for building high-quality, luxurious and artfully designed motorhomes that are built to last.

You may be in a position to buy your motorhome new or you might be looking to buy a pre-loved leisure vehicle.

Like any other vehicle – and even though an Auto-Sleeper holds its price better than any other motorhome – its depreciation over the years means that buying second-hand is a cheaper option than buying brand new.

But how do you go about finding an Auto-Sleeper for sale?

Use the internet

This is the age of the internet. Most of us are more than accustomed to browsing for the things we need, doing the appropriate background research, and making a final purchase online. It’s a way of viewing probably the widest possible market for whatever it is we want to buy.

And that goes for motorhomes, too. Tap into your web-browser “motorhomes for sale” or even refine your search by specifying “Auto-Sleepers for sale” and you are likely to come up with countless online listings from both dealers and private individuals.

Join online forums and groups

 Join online forums, social media groups, and communities dedicated to motorhome enthusiasts. Members often share information about motorhomes for sale, including Auto-Sleepers, and may offer recommendations or insights based on their own experiences.

Check classified ads

Keep an eye on classified ads in local newspapers, magazines, and motorhome publications. Sellers sometimes advertise their Auto-Sleepers for sale in print media, so it’s worth checking these sources regularly for listings in your area.

Contact Auto-Sleeper owners’ clubs

Auto-Sleeper owners’ clubs and associations may have members looking to sell their motorhomes or know of other owners who are selling. Reach out to these clubs, attend meetings or events, and network with fellow enthusiasts to inquire about any Auto-Sleepers available for sale.

What to consider when buying an Auto-Sleeper privately

If you press ahead through an advertised private sale, of course, there is a whole list of checks you need to make before buying any motorhome this way, such as:

  • making sure it’s not stolen;
  • ensuring no one has tampered with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or weight-plate;
  • checking the registration details and the existence of any outstanding finance;
  • checking carefully for damp or the ingress of water into the interior; and
  • asking for proof of the motorhome’s service history – both mechanical and habitation servicing.

Even though you have taken every reasonable care and conducted the most rigorous checks on the motorhome, you have little come-back on any private sale if you subsequently discover something wrong with it.

Visit a specialist Auto-Sleeper dealer

For an investment likely to be quite as important as the purchase of an Auto-Sleeper motorhome, you might prefer to sidestep the convenience of the internet and instead rely on the more immediate and convincing satisfaction of seeing for yourself.

That means visiting a specialist Auto-Sleeper dealer – such as DerbyMotorhomes – getting up close and personal with the model or models of your choice, and seeing for yourself why this is the marque that tends to be on everyone’s lips when finding an Auto-Sleeper for sale.

When it comes to checking the motorhome – whether you are buying new or second-hand – a specialist dealer will have done all the work for you.

You can be certain that ownership is not in dispute, that there is no outstanding finance, and that your motorhome has been thoroughly checked, serviced, and delivered to you in tiptop condition. And in the unlikely event of your finding fault with the motorhome you’ve just bought, you know just where to go to get it put right.