Picking the right motorhome for you is just that – it’s a question of choosing the vehicle that suits you and your family’s needs down to the ground. It’s not the motorhome that will suit just anyone and it is may not be your neighbour’s choice. The right motorhome for you is the one that suits you, your needs, and your individual circumstances.

Having said that, you’ll still find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the right motorhome for you. When you look around our showrooms, for instance, you are likely to be stunned by the sheer choice available to you.

That’s why at Derby Motorhomes, we are very familiar with potential new buyers asking for our advice and guidance in terms of how to select the motorhome that suits them!

Let’s start with some of the basics.


As with just about everything else in life, the amount you have available to spend will play a role in your final decision on a motorhome.

Picking the right motorhome for you will depend upon how much you wish to put into the purchase and just what you will be able to secure for your available finances.

We can offer some excellent advice and guidance on that one and possibly assist with the financing options too.

How you’ll use it

Just how you plan to use your vehicle will be instrumental in you picking the right motorhome for you.

Ideally, you should be clear in advance about variables such as:

  • how many people, on average, will be using the motorhome when you go away;
  • how big are they – and if that sounds odd, keep in mind that the space and facilities requirements for say a couple of occasional younger grandchildren passengers might be quite different to having two other full-sized adults with you;
  • what sort of distances will you be using your motorhome over – some owners tend to use their vehicles only within a relatively modest distance of their own home, while others may go from one end of the country to the other or indeed on major expeditions across Europe.

All these factors – and many others like them – will influence your views as to the type of vehicle and configurations that you will need in order to meet your requirements.

Your accommodation preferences

This is a surprisingly large field to think about.

We’d welcome the opportunity for what’s likely to be a longer conversation but by way of a quick illustration, we recognise that some people prefer permanent, fixed beds whereas others like the additional space-saving that might come with fold-up beds.

Another example might be thinking about whether you want a smaller shower area and use the space saved for other purposes or would prefer a larger and more luxurious shower room configuration.

There are pros and cons in respect of every option, and you’ll face similar decisions that need to be made about other areas of the internal layout and accommodation offered by any particular motorhome.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to have formed at least some idea of subjects such as these when you start thinking about various motorhome options and picking the right motorhome for you.

Your driving comfort

This is less a question about the seating and cab layout. What we have in mind, instead, is how happy you are likely to be driving larger versus smaller vehicles.

In our experience, some people prefer driving smaller motorhomes and don’t feel relaxed when driving larger ones. Other drivers don’t really mind either way.


You can learn a great deal, of course, by browsing online and leafing through the many brochures and catalogues that feature every make and model of motorhome.

Ultimately, though, picking the right motorhome for you requires the first-hand experience, consultation, and discussion with experts that you might struggle to find exclusively online. And that’s precisely the experience we can offer when you meet our dedicated sales team here in the covered, permanent exhibition space at Deby Motorhomes.

So, why not contact us at your earliest opportunity for a discussion about what is the most appropriate motorhome vehicle for you? We are standing by waiting to help!