When you part exchange your motorhome, you get two important benefits for the price of one – you avoid the time, hassle and general inconvenience of having to sell your current motorhome and are also likely to gain more than enough of a deposit on your new one.

So, let’s take a closer look at part exchanging your motorhome.

Choose your dealer

Naturally, you want the best possible price for any motorhome you trade in, based on a fair and realistic valuation of its current market value.

Specialist, reputable dealers are likely to be in the best position to make just such an offer. They know about motorhomes, they know who is in the market to buy a used one, and they are at the cutting edge of the business.

Most dealers specialise in a particular make of motorhome and, if you are lucky enough to already own one of the top-rated brands such as an Auto-Sleeper, you may be likely to be offered an especially attractive deal in part exchange.

Indeed, some dealers are so interested in buying such desirable brands as Auto-Sleeper, that, if you have yet to make up your mind about buying a new motorhome, you may be offered an immediate cash price on the one you want to sell.

Some dealers may even agree to take your motorhome on a sale or return basis.

Showing off your part-exchanged motorhome

Whether the dealer has offered you an attractive part exchange or cash, you may want to know that your motorhome is being sold in its best possible light – the higher the price for the dealer that it commands, of course, the more you too are likely to be offered.

A further reason for choosing a main, specialist dealer, therefore, is that the motorhome you part-exchanged or sold for cash is likely to be well cared for and presented in the dealer’s showrooms – possibly in a weather-tight and heated environment, all the better to attract potential customers, well protected from the elements.

Preparing your motorhome for part exchange

You might be tempted into thinking that a vehicle you offer in part exchange does not need much in the way of special presentation – if it is dirty or needs minor exterior or interior blemishes ironing out, then the dealer is well able to provide the necessary service.

But dealers are people, too, and just like any other buyer, first impressions count.

In other words, if you are looking to part exchange, it is worth spending some of your own time cleaning the outside of the vehicle, attending to any scrapes and dings and giving the interior a thorough spring clean. It is all likely to put any dealer in the right frame of mind for offering you a better deal on a motorhome which has obviously been looked after by a responsible and careful owner.

For similar reasons, it is also important to gather together, ready to hand over to the dealer, the documents and owner’s manual you received when you bought your motorhome, together with its maintenance records and service history.