Now in the sixth year the Auto Sleeper Exhibition Centre continues to go from strength to strength. Following on from record sales of new Auto Sleeper motorhomes in 2016. The company continues to develop the new technology and promote their social media platforms. Now get that seat belt on and relax while we demonstrate our services.

The start of 2017 has seen the company develop a very new website and trade as Derby Motorhomes. This will become the motorhome marketing strategy. Brought in to enhance the growing number of enquiries from the website.

Exhibition centre.

In Derby in the UK.

The company has been very innovative from introducing the idea of a dedicated centre for one manufacturer. They have developed new sales of Auto Sleepers using their indoor showroom in Derby to display all the models.

This has created a friendly but professional environment for customers to see different layouts in their own time. On site is full after sales services and no bad weather to brave.

Internet and social media.

Spreading the news fast.

The work has been carried out by Speedie consultants a PR company renowned for its social media expertise. They have designed a new website that will act as the platform of Auto Sleeper information.

With interaction of stock information and a log in for customers and lead introductions and tracking. This has been the turning point to drive the business forward.

Comments from Speedie PR.

PR specialists in the UK.

Jason Hulott the Speedie MD explained ” its refreshing to see a company make use of our social media skills to obtain new customers. As well as understanding the importance of a secure Internet presence”

“We have vast experience in finance and insurance lead generation, something that we will adapt to help the Derby Motorhomes brand to tap into. Also, we see the leisure market expanding at a rapid rate so the timing is right”.

Return on investment.

Counting the costs.

In fact, there will be other plans to develop further customer friendly leads and integration with customers old and new. Something that the Derby Motorhomes branding can add value to. So, exciting times ahead in Derby.