You’ve almost certainly heard the name – since their reputation goes before them. And if you’ve ever parked your own motorhome alongside one on a campsite, you’ve probably seen for yourself that Auto-Sleepers are a cut above most others.

So, if you are thinking about upgrading your motorhome this season, what makes it an attractive choice and how might you go about trading up for an Auto-Sleepers motorhome?

Why choose Auto-Sleeper?

What better way of finding out how well any particular motorhome is regarded than to ask those who already own one? And in terms of owner satisfaction, Auto-Sleepers have an enviable track record.

Your choice of models

There are lots of Auto-Sleepers models from which to choose – from the compact 2-berth Symbol campervan to the luxurious and spacious coachbuilt Mercedes-powered 4-berth Burford Duo.

The characteristics of each model – frequently updated to greet each new season – make Auto-Sleepers some of the most reviewed motorhomes on the market. 2022 even saw a brand-new make and model to the Auto-Sleepers stable – the all-new 4-berth Ford Air Camper.

In its review on the 11th of November 2021, Out and About Live described the class-leading Ford Air’s proven layout and featured its “top-notch pop-top”.

Trading up

Whether the fulsome reviews give you that incentive to buy or whether you prefer to take the word of those who already own a motorhome from the Auto-Sleepers stable, this is the manufacturer you might want to have in your sights when looking to upgrade.

If you already own an older Auto-Sleepers model and want to upgrade to a newer motorhome with a currently higher specification, you might naturally turn to a main dealer and franchise-holder such as us here at Derby Motorhomes. Our familiarity with every model of the whole Auto-Sleepers range – whatever its age or mileage – ensures that we can offer a highly competitive price in part exchange when you want to trade up.

Simply put, we are also interested in taking a second-hand Auto-Sleeper in part exchange.

In fact, we are interested in the whole chain of transactions typically involved when trading up to a new motorhome. If you are a private buyer interested in the motorhome you are trying to sell, for example, simply direct them to our Motorhomes Wanted page. If it is a campervan, van conversion or any motorhome less than seven years old, we may be able to offer a further part-exchange deal or offer to advertise it in our own listings on a sale or return basis.

As you will have gathered, therefore, you don’t have to own an Auto-Sleepers motorhome to offer any make of motorhome in part-exchange. The way is clear for you to upgrade to the luxury and reliability of an Auto-Sleepers motorhome simply by visiting our showrooms today and choosing the latest model that suits you and your family.