Now that the pandemic is retreating across most of Europe, it is time to dust off your old maps and fire up the GPS to take your motorhome further afield for any up and coming holidays.

Once you’re touring within Europe, of course, there are literally tens of thousands of destinations that would be well worth seeing – and the only downside is that you’re likely to be thoroughly spoiled for choice.

Our following top ten of places to visit is made in no particular order or ranking – since the last thing we’d want to engage in is the dangerous game of suggesting that one destination is any better than another!

So, let’s instead offer some very general ideas and suggestions.

  1. France – for an unrivalled all-round experience

France is far from ever becoming “old hat” and it’s often unbeatable in terms of broad-spectrum appeal. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • roads that are typically traffic-free;
  • a wide range of geography and climates;
  • thousands of great historical towns and cities to visit;
  • fantastic cuisine; and
  • it’s close to the UK.

It’s little wonder, says cross-Channel ferry company Condor, that France is the most visited country in the world.

  1. Northern Spain and the Basque country

If you like beautiful cities, Spanish food and some great historic sites, this area has it all – aplenty.

The advantage of this relatively undiscovered part of Spain is that the Basque country lacks the crowds and “internationalisation” commonly associated with large parts of the Mediterranean coast. However, be aware that even at the height of summer the weather here is not guaranteed to be sunny and hot.

  1. Belgium

This small country is sometimes overlooked. That’s a pity because Belgium has some truly beautiful cities and towns – many steeped in history – which are well worth visiting.

Noteworthy destinations in your motorhome are likely to include Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp and, of course, Brussels.

  1. The Republic of Ireland

Dublin is one of Europe’s most attractive towns in terms of its architecture and culture.

True, the Emerald Isle is not a destination guaranteed to be great for the suntan, but the countryside is stunning and well worth seeing.

  1. Northern Italy

The region around Milan, Turin and to the north and west of those great cities is beautiful. Northern Italy has the Alps and lakes then further south, there are beaches and coastline. Italian cuisine also needs no introduction!

Virtually all of the towns in the area are awash with history.

  1. Bavaria and Southern Germany

Of course, people tend to know this region for its mountainous scenery and some great historical cities such as Munich.

These are all worth visiting but this is also an area with beautiful fairytale castles, great cultural traditions including some very good food and – dare we say it – some of the best beer in the world.

  1. Denmark and Southern Sweden

Copenhagen is a marvellous city and should be seen. There are also many charming towns in the southern part of Sweden too.

Scandinavia isn’t necessarily the cheapest part of Europe to visit but it’s a unique culture and you’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome – a definite plus is that English is widely spoken.

  1. Poland – Warsaw

It’ll be a rather longer drive, of course, but the capital of Poland, Warsaw, will be well worth the visit. It’s one of Europe’s main cultural centres now, having been almost totally rebuilt after the destruction of WWII.

  1. Northern Portugal

Avoid the crowds that flock south to the Algarve and, instead, try the area around Oporto. You’ll find Northern Portugal altogether greener, quieter and with some brilliant beaches – not to mention that special combination that comes with lots of history.

Again, the weather isn’t absolutely 100% guaranteed due to the Atlantic but it’s worth the risk.

  1. Holland

Don’t expect Alpine scenery! Holland is largely flat, but it does have some great recreational countryside and coastline. It’s all ideal for bikes, of course.

The country’s big attractions are its great historic towns like Den Haag (The Hague), Amsterdam and Leiden.

Wherever you’re heading off to, we all wish you the very best for the coming holiday season.