Do you like apps and gadgets? There seems to be a fairly strong correlation between owners of motorhomes and all manner of apps and gadgets, so you’re probably not alone.

With the new season about to open up in all its glory – and to satisfy your taste for the latest in clever technology – here are our suggested top 10 apps for motorhome owners.

  1. Google maps
  • Google maps is everywhere – any android smartphone comes with it pre-installed – and effectively replaces any mountain of paper maps and atlases;
  • not only can you see at a glance exactly where you’re going, but the in-built GPS system can tell you the best routes to take between A and B;
  1. Campsites and caravan parks UK

This handy app takes over where Google maps leaves off by showing the locations of its listing of more than 6,100 campsites in the UK – 2,005 of them are non-membership sites, 2,207 are Caravan and Motorhome Club Certified Locations, 172 are for Caravan and Motorhome Club members, and 1,810 for Camping and Caravanning Club members.

Unfortunately, the app works only on IOS systems such as the iPhone.

  1. park4night

This is one for android users who want to share with other motorhome owners places they’ve especially liked – or disliked – to spend the night, make a picnic, clear your head from the strain of driving, or simply relax.

  1. Siteseeker

Developed by the Camping and Caravanning Club, for use on both android and IOS phones, the app lists all of the Club’s UK sites – though you must be a member to view all the certified sites.

Available for IOS and Android, this app is created by the Camping and Caravanning Club and lists the club’s 1,600 UK sites. You need to be a member to see all of the certified sites.

Sites can be filtered by location, onsite facilities and price.

  1. AA Caravanning and Camping Guide

The AA’s guide only lists 850 sites in England, Scotland and Wales but each one is given an AA rating and listings include the address of the site, its location, photos, prices, and telephone numbers;

One of its distinctive features is a filter called simply “inspire me”.

  1. Geocaching

Have motorhome, will explore – geocaching is another word for treasure-hunting, with caches hidden in various places around your chosen location.

You can create your own list of geocaches and save them for use offline, before finding and logging your “trackables”.

  1. AllTrails

However deep your love affair with your motorhome, it’s always good to strike away from base under your own steam by hiking, running, backpacking or mountain biking.

Available on both android and OIS, AllTrails suggests some of the best, most scenic or arduous routes, including those which are dog or children-friendly too – with a GPS tracker that lets you know exactly where you are.

  1. Strava

Another app for the fitness-minded is Strava – which tracks your route as you cycle, walk or run and even follows your progress during a yoga session – and includes a “beacon” feature to let friends and family know where you are too.

  1. SAS Survival Guide – Lite

If you’ve gone somewhat over the top in striking off into the wilds of moor and mountain, this free, lite version of the full SAS training manual might prove to be a lifesaver.

  1. iBBQ

What’s the best part of your motorhome holiday? Chances are it’s when you fire up the BBQ.

The iBBQ app not only tells you the location of the nearest butcher, but also has that all-important weather forecast and a lip-smacking selection of BBQ recipes.