The great thing about owning a motorhome is that your pastime is always assured of giving you new ideas to think about. And there’s probably nothing quite like sitting down and reflecting on the latest new gadgets that will adorn the next outings in your holiday home on wheels.

You can think about expanding your collection of gadgets at any time of the year, of course. In the autumn and winter, they’ll be thoughts to keep you going until the beginning of the new season; in the spring and summer, you’ll be keen to get your hands on the latest gadgets right now.

Here at Derby Motorhomes, we are as ready as ever to show you some of this year’s new motorhome gadgets and accessories to help make your outings that little bit more comfortable and convenient – letting you add personal touches to the already high specification of equipment that comes with every one of our vehicles.

To get you thinking, the Camping and Caravanning Club has published a list of the top ten motorhome accessories – so let’s take a closer look at some of the current offerings of some of these:

Solar power

  • the shape of the future is sustainability – and solar power is one of the finest examples of what the sun alone can do;
  • new for 2021, Campfire Magazine on the 13th of February sang the praises of a range of solar panel chargers – helping to ensure that a whole range of whatever electronic devices you take with you in your motorhome have all the juice they need;

In-car entertainment (ICE)

  • in-car entertainment is clearly rather more important in your motorhome or campervan than it is going to be in your car – whole evenings of family fun can be enjoyed gathered around the television screen in the living area of your vehicle;
  • you’ll be hard-pressed to better an integrated touch-screen media console incorporating a DAB radio, for example, Bluetooth connectivity, and satellite navigation that come with some motorhomes – but there are additional TV and media packs you might also want to consider;
  • the website Towsure can suggest some of the current television and satellite systems in which you might be interested;

Reversing cameras

  • the optional Premium Pack you can choose for some Auto-Sleepers come with a colour reversing camera and rearview mounted LCD screen;
  • alternatively, you might want to go your own way and choose from a wide range of camera systems and kits supplied by third parties such as RevCam UK;
  • relatively sophisticated, twin-camera systems and those with wide-angle lenses are likely to give you the most detailed view of exactly what is behind your motorhome when making a reversing manoeuvre;


  • a motorhome lets you enjoy the great outdoors – and nothing is more enjoyable than cooking and eating in that great outdoors;
  • every year sees the launch of new ideas and refinements in the design of existing barbecues so feast your eyes on some of the latest products reviewed in The Scotsman newspaper on the 5th of July 2021;
  • here you’ll find a selection of smaller barbecues – all designed to be small enough for taking along in your motorhome – fuelled by wood, charcoal, or gas cylinder.

Portable, rechargeable vacuum cleaner

  • some items qualify immediately as motorhome gadgets – but are none the less useful for all that;
  • into this category might fit a portable rechargeable vacuum cleaner, that is small enough to stow unobtrusively, yet powerful enough to suck up the dirt, dust, crumbs and muck from the floor of your motorhome;
  • simply recharge the battery by making use of your electric hookup if you’re pitched at a campsite.

Whether you’ve already stored away your motorhome for the coming winter or looking forward to those first forays into a new spring and summer season, a review of all the current gadgets on offer is always likely to breathe further excitement into your pastime.