You’ve probably heard a lot about “Auto-Sleepers”. Although Auto-Sleeper is a term that might be applied to motorhomes in general, here we’re referring to the leading UK manufacturer of that name.

So, if you’ve ever considered buying an Auto-Sleepers motorhome, let’s take a closer look at what the company does and how you might go about finding finance to purchase one of their vehicles.

Coachwork and chassis

Auto-Sleepers is a company that has been building great motorhomes on top of prestigious chassis marques for well over half a century.

In that time, their motorhomes have become a byword for quality and innovation. As highly sought-after motorhomes, they’re often at the forefront of demand from both new and seasoned motorhome purchasers.


You can choose to buy your Auto-Sleepers motorhome or campervan new or used. Some dealerships specialise in this particular marque – and, as a result, have become experts in every last aspect of each single model.

As demand is high, you’ll typically find that Auto-Sleepers hold their value well when compared to some other motorhomes. When you’ve found an attractive and competitively-priced deal, though, you’ll still need to find a way of paying for it.

Even if you can lay your hands on the necessary cash, using your savings in that way might not always prove the most efficient or effective solution. As some accountants will tell you, keeping liquid capital reserves in your bank account can have its advantages.

So, if you’re looking for motorhome finance, what will you need and what are the options?

Types of finance

Motorhomes and campervans built by Auto-Sleepers are decidedly quality products. That fact alone gets you off to a positive first step with a variety of lenders. With that wide range of lenders from which to choose, you may find that their finance options fall into these broad categories:

Secured loan

  • a conventional, secured loan with an agreed repayment schedule. In this case, the motorhome will become yours legally from the moment of purchase, but the lender will typically have a legal charge over it. What that means is that they could take – relatively straightforward legal action to seize the vehicle in the hopefully unlikely event of your default and failing to maintain your loan repayments in line with the agreed schedule;
  • in some cases, a secured loan might also be provided with security being offered by other property you own such as your house – and, in that case, of course, you should remember that your home might be at risk if you fail to repay a loan secured against it;

Unsecured loan

  • as with all types of credit, obtaining an unsecured personal loan depends on the assessment made by the lender with respect to your creditworthiness – as explained in guidance published by Citizens Advice;
  • whether you are buying new or second-hand, Auto-Sleepers are not cheap, and you will have a much better chance of securing the finance you need if you have a healthy credit history;
  • but do not be deterred if you do not have a perfect credit rating – an unsecured personal loan may still be available, even if you face a slightly higher lending cost because of the greater risk taken by the finance provider;

Hire Purchase

  • this is a very well-known and long-established method of funding purchases;
  • typically, your motorhome will legally become the property of the lender and you will be entitled to use it as the “registered keeper”. Once your final repayment is made, the motorhome becomes legally yours;
  • note that the vehicle may be liable to seizure if you fail to maintain payments. You also cannot sell it without the lender’s permission, as that would be a criminal offence.

Whichever of these finance options most suits your particular circumstances and preferences, you are almost certain to find an affordable choice – and one that allows you to join the ranks of proud owners of one of Britain’s leading marques of motorhome.