Auto-Sleepers – probably the epitome of luxury in British manufactured motorhomes. Combine those standards of luxury and design with customer service here at Derby Motorhomes that is second to none – and you have a match made in heaven.

In the impressive stable of different motorhomes bearing the Auto-Sleepers marque, none stand out better or are more highly prized than the manufacturer’s Peugeot coachbuilt models.

The reputation gained by this particular string of motorhomes gets burnished year after year, thanks to the release of new models and variations on well-loved themes. So, let’s take a look at what 2021 brought in terms of Peugeot coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers.

The 2021 Peugeot coachbuilt range

Renowned for their styling, comfort, and luxury finish, the Peugeot coachbuilt range for 2021 simply confirms this fine tradition with motorhome driveability that is as close as you are likely to get to driving your own car.

What’s more, there is almost certain to be a model that suits you and your family’s particular needs – with a choice of highline and low-profile versions, and vehicles with short, medium, or long wheelbases.

There are currently seven basic models – offering either two or four berths – from which to choose:

  • Nuevo ES;
  • Nuevo EK;
  • Broadway EK TB LP;
  • Broadway EB;
  • Broadway EK;
  • Broadway FB; and
  • Broadway EL.

In addition, there are special editions available of both the Nuevo ES and Nuevo EK.

Initial impressions

Cool, crisp, and modern – with an evident flair for innovative yet proven design – that may be the best way of summing up first impressions of the Peugeot coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers.

With seven different models available, built on short, medium, and long wheelbases, there is no single overall design or layout. Both the short wheelbase Nuevos, for example, and mid-range Broadways, and the long-wheelbase Broadway FB all have their wash and shower rooms at the rear of the vehicle.

The Broadway EB, FB, and EL are the three models with a mid-vehicle galley while the remainder have the galley at the very rear.

The mid-range Broadway EL is the sole motorhome with a layout featuring its two single berths or double bed at the rear of the vehicle – the layout of the remaining models all feature either two or four berths in the middle of the motorhome.

Whatever the layout that best suits your particular needs, you are unlikely to find the available space inside the motorhome at all limited – instead, each model boasts an impression of spaciousness achieved through clever design.


Auto-Sleepers make no ordinary motorhomes – their mission is focused on delivering the best and this extends to the impressive range of features that make life on the road in one of these motorhomes such a joy.

For 2021, those onboard features include:

  • an integrated touch-screen media console with DAB radio, satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity
  • all onboard facilities can be monitored and controlled from a state of the art LCD touch screen panel combined with the Truma iNet mobile system – which also features an “Auto-Sleepers Locate” online portal which remotely manages and locates your vehicle;
  • all Peugeot coachbuilts feature Grade III Classification insulation standards for heating and thermal integrity;
  • each model has a 25-litre underfloor mounted LPG gas tank installed – offering hassle-free practicality;
  • all Peugeot coachbuilts also come equipped with an eco-friendly, energy-saving 80W Solar Panel;
  • Auto-Sleeper motorhomes are protected 24/7 with the Sargent CAT 6 Tracker – for which annual subscription fees are payable;
  • Top Drive Suspension – a Top Drive semi-air suspension unit on the rear axle is designed to enhance performance and increase driving comfort;
  • the Peugeot coachbuilt models come with the 165bhp Peugeot Euro Engine as standard;
  • the optional 140/160bhp Fiat Ducato with an automatic gearbox (is also available on any model in this range);
  • an optional roof-mounted air-conditioning system will control the climate inside your Peugeot coachbuilt thanks to a Trauma Aventa Comfort unit.

If that sounds impressive – you’ll want to see it to believe it!

The Peugeot coachbuilt model for you

If seeing is believing, of course, then you’ll want to make an early date to visit us here near the centre of Derby to get up close and personal with any one of these Peugeot coachbuilts in the comfort of our indoor exhibition centre.

We can’t guarantee to tell you which model is going to be best suited to your particular needs, of course, but we’ll do everything to demonstrate every last detail, feature, and benefit of owning one of these first-class motorhomes.

It’s then down to some of the decisions you’ll make as a single traveller, couple, or family – do you want as much room as possible for you and your partner in a spacious long-wheelbase version, for instance? If you have children, your requirements for bed configurations and lounge accommodation might be different again.

Where we can offer some reassurance is the knowledge that, with so many different versions from which to choose, it’s hard to believe there won’t be one for you.

Contact us now – or plan a visit – and we’ll be happy to take this discussion further.