In these dark days of coronavirus lockdown, you might be wondering when you’ll get the chance to have your motorhome back on the road once again. Make no doubt about it, though, there will be light at the end of even the longest tunnel. When that time comes, you’ll want to be sure that your motorhome is ready and waiting to go.

Here, then, are our tips and suggestions for getting ready for summer:

Check it over

  • given the current restrictions on travel, your motorhome is likely to have been laid up unused for rather longer than usual this year;
  • by giving it a thorough checking over now, you may be better prepared to take to the road once circumstances allow;

Give it an airing

  • since it has been shut up for a number of weeks or months, the inside is bound to smell a little musty or damp – and now is the time to make sure that a good airing is required rather than anything more serious;
  • check the carpets and upholstery for any signs of damp or staining – giveaway clues to a leak or condensation that is likely to bring mould in its train;

Water system

  • hopefully, you remembered to flush out and drain down the fresh and wastewater systems at the end of last season – but they are still likely to need a further rinsing through before you put them to use once again;
  • so, fill up the tanks and add a little sterilising solution before opening all the taps – hot and cold – to wash the system through into the waste storage tank;
  • repeat as often as necessary until the water runs bright and clear;

Gas system

  • before putting a match to any gas appliance, thoroughly check all the pipes and hoses to ensure that none is split or perished;
  • when you are happy with the integrity of the supply system, light the gas and check that it burns with the familiar blue flame – if it’s orange, the chances are that air is getting into the supply somewhere along the line;
  • with any gas system, safety is paramount, so if you are in any doubt or want the added reassurance of professional help ask a registered Gas Safe engineer to check it over or book in your motorhome for a full habitation service;
  • check that the gas cylinders are as full as they need be for your next trip before you set off;


  • as important as any habitation service, of course, is a mechanical service too;
  • this needs to follow the engine manufacturer’s specifications – and it is worth keeping a careful record of that service history;
  • included in any mechanical service, there also needs to be a thorough check of the tyres – they must be free from bulges and cuts but also have a tread of at least 2mm across their entire width;
  • remember that the tyres are likely to have suffered more than their usual share of wear and tear simply by standing and taking the whole weight of the vehicle throughout the winter months.

Keep an eye on the current situation, therefore, and look out for that light at the end of the tunnel. Now is the time to start getting your motorhome ready for summer.