Well, it’s lockdown version number 3 and we’re all still living and working in very challenging times and circumstances.

Yet again, I’d really like to express my appreciation to quite a large number of people; to all of our customers who have and are continuing to support us during this third national lock down; to our wonderful staff, the majority of whom are either unable to work presently due to restrictions or working from home and to Auto-Sleepers who remain committed to supporting their dealers and customers, almost with their hands tied behind their backs.

Our service department has been forced to close this lockdown due to the national restrictions in place and preparation of sold vehicles and collections are also therefore suspended until a clearer picture emerges of exactly when we will be permitted to reopen and begin preparation, vehicle collections and service works again.

Service and After Sales – Happy to Help If We Can

Our dealership is currently closed due to the national restrictions in place and our sales and service customers have all been extremely understanding regarding the current situation and although unfortunately, everyone is in the same boat so to speak and some of you will have problems or outstanding issues with your motorhomes and possibly feel frustration at not being able to resolve these problems, I can assure you all that here at least, we would all rather be working hard, helping our customers and not being forced to sit around at home twiddling our thumbs!

Sales Department Online via email will get you a great deal

Although we all appreciate that our dealership has to remain closed during lockdown #3, for me the saddest sight that I see most days (and the one I simply can’t get used to) is the image of our great big showroom, full of new and used motorhomes, in darkness and gloom.

That said though, at least some of our sales team are still able to continue to work (to some extent anyway), behind closed doors and in the dealership and at home on-line so, to each of our customers so far, the ones who have left holding deposits against new and used motorhomes this lockdown, again, I’d like to say another very big thank you so much – your support is as overwhelming as much as it is appreciated, thank you all.

Auto-Sleepers and McLouis Fusion

I think that it is really important to spare a thought for Auto-Sleepers, the UK’s oldest motorhome manufacturer.

Last year was a challenge to say the least; as if two national lockdowns and the chaos that the last-minute Brexit negotiations caused at ports and to supply-chains wasn’t enough, this year has not started in a very positive way either with their dealer network forced to close again.

This year is certainly going to be another challenging year for all manufacturing.

The latest lockdown and restrictions have and will cause more chaos for manufacturing and yet again we can expect parts and component supply to be a particular challenge in this industry.

Scheduling and certainty had become an enormous issue last year and will continue to be so this year too; unfortunately, not everyone appreciates just how much these issues affect UK manufacturing and all I can say is that Auto-Sleepers have continued throughout to support us and you. Maybe, sometimes responses have been slower than usual – other times, models haven’t arrived on time but throughout, Auto-Sleepers have done everything within their power to deliver a service to us all.

Thank you, Auto-Sleepers, your hard work, dedication and support last year and this, so far, has been massive and appreciated.

The Derby Motorhomes Team

Finally, I’d like to say a massive thank you to the unbelievable team that work here in Derby.

We’ve all been together as a group for a very long time; no single individual is more important than another. Everyone plays a vital part in our success and the hard work and dedication usually shown by every single member of our team is an inspiration and although we all know how difficult last year was and this year is likely to be, each has always got on with their work and done their very best for us all.

On that final note I would simply like to assure everyone that Derby Motorhomes will continue to do everything we can to support our customers both old and new during these difficult times; thank you for supporting us, please continue to do so in the coming year and we will continue to support you.

Thank You, one and all.

February march 2018 newsletter

Tim Lemon

Managing Director