All good things come to an end – and then it’s time for fresh beginnings. Take your much-loved motorhome, for example. Sooner or later, its day will come, and it will be time to replace it with a newer, more suitable model in which to enjoy still further adventures.

If you’ve already considered selling your old one – whether privately or through a dealer – why not think about trading it in?

Why trade-in?

When you were thinking about selling your current motorhome you no doubt remembered all the hassles, the inconvenience, and the pitfalls of previous times when you had a vehicle for sale.

Those were times that almost certainly tested your patience – from the moment you sat down to draft what you thought was an appealing advert to the time you eventually waved goodbye to the vehicle.

Drafting any advert for sale is a challenge. You know that you need to be honest and accurate in your description, but you want to sell the vehicle, after all, and you want as good a price as it can command. Pitching it right is difficult.

If only it was then just a question of sitting back and waiting for the offers to come flooding in. Far from it. You’ll be fielding telephone enquiries for quite a while. Some will translate into expressions of interest – at least as far as a viewing is concerned.

You wait in. Some of those who expressed an interest in viewing may turn up; others won’t. Some will have been no more than time wasters. It can all become thoroughly trying.

If and when you do finally clinch a sale, of course, you’re like as not left wondering whether you really did get the best price possible for your beloved motorhome.

Getting prepared to trade in your motorhome

Rather than put yourself through all that grief and heartache, therefore, why not come to us here at Derby Motorhomes and we’ll arrange a trade-in deal where you can be assured of a fair, honest, and realistic price – with none of the hassle.

We have a wide range of new and pre-loved motorhomes for you to choose and because we are proud franchise holders for Auto-Sleepers, now might be the perfect time to part-exchange to one of these market-leading models.

To help us to help you secure the most attractive possible trade-in deal, there are just a few simple steps you might want to take in preparation:

  • gather together all the relevant documentation – and that’s not just the V5 logbook but the original receipt when you bought the vehicle, the maintenance log and history of any major repairs;
  • although we will also be giving the vehicle a thorough mechanical and habitation check, of course, you can get us all off to a good start if you first make sure that everything you’re aware of is working properly; and
  • finally, give your motorhome a good clean inside and out – appearances count for us along with everyone else who’ll be looking over your former pride and joy.


When it’s time to replace the motorhome that has already given you many years of faithful service, of course, you’ll want to get the best possible price for it – and you can steel yourself for the business of arranging a private sale where you can ask whatever price you see fit.

It’s likely to prove a thoroughly tiresome and frustrating experience, however, and at the end of the day, you may still be left wondering whether you got the best possible price.

How much better, then, to let us arrange a trade-in where we can assure you of a fair and reasonable price – for a fraction of the time and effort it would otherwise take.