Have motorhome, will travel. And once your motorhome drives into continental Europe the open road really does have no end in sight.

Whether you are planning a late-season trip to Europe or thinking ahead to next year, however, a little advance planning and attention to what you need to take with you may save heartache – not to mention disaster – further down the road.

So, here are some motorhome ideas to prepare for your European adventure.


It’s important to have all the paperwork you need to take with you. Since some of the documents might take a while to arrange, it is worth getting them together in good time:

Driving licence

  • whatever happens regarding Brexit – and, at the time of writing, the possibility of a no-deal exit – you need to have your up to date UK driving licence with you at all times (one that qualifies you to drive the motorhome you are driving, of course);

International Driving Permit

  • currently, you do not need an International Driving Permit within the EU – but it is an open question whether it might be needed post-Brexit;
  • probably the easiest place to get one is the Post Office, where you will need to show your driving licence (and a passport, if your licence is the older, paper type), a current passport-standard photograph, and the pay the £5.50 fee;


  • as an article in Caravan Talk points out, a minimum of third party insurance is obligatory throughout Europe, so you need to keep your insurance certificate with you at all times – having checked with your insurer that your policy covers you while driving in Europe;
  • also, ask your insurer for a “green card” showing proof that you meet the insurance standards required in the countries through which you will be driving;


  • although you currently enjoy freedom of movement within Europe, the best means of identification for you and each of your passengers is a passport – post-Brexit, of course, passports are going to be essential and you may even need a visa to visit countries within Europe;
  • follow the news about any changes to the requirements – and remember that passports and visas invariably take quite a time to arrange.

Preparing your motorhome

Different European countries have different rules about the equipment that must be carried within your motorhome – so check carefully what is required in the countries through which you will be driving.

Throughout Europe, for example, you must carry a warning triangle for use in roadside emergencies – and in Spain and Croatia, you need two.

For similar purposes, you must also have on board a reflective jacket while driving in Spain, Austria, France, Belgium, Portugal and Croatia.

A first aid kit must also be carried when you are in France, Germany, Austria, Greece and Croatia – although it is clearly a sensible precaution to have one onboard anyway.

A similarly wise precaution is to carry a fire extinguisher within your motorhome – and it is specifically recommended (although not obligatory) in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

In France, you must also carry a breathalyser kit – although it remains a moot point whether the law is rigorously applied.

Visit The RAC for more information.