Go on, you have to admit it to yourself. However much you cherish your faithful – somewhat ageing – old motorhome, you’ve probably been casting envious eyes at those campsite neighbours who’ve turned up in the shiny new Auto-Sleeper they’ve just driven from the franchise dealer.

Who knows what good fortune awaits you – maybe this is the year you’ll earn your share of jealous looks by upgrading your motorhome to an Auto-Sleeper of your own.

Why upgrade to an Auto-Sleeper?

For anyone with even a passing interest in motorhomes, the models built by Auto-Sleeper are in a class of their own when it comes to quality and reliability – a solid reputation that has been more than 60 years in the making since it was founded in Worcestershire in 1961

It’s not just the Mercedes power unit and chassis, but the overriding sense of space and a clever interior design that won praise and admiration from the reviewers at Caravan Gossip who concluded that the Bourton range delivers on every conceivable front.

If you are upgrading your motorhome to an Auto-Sleeper you are likely to be spoilt for choice by the range of Mercedes models alone – there are five of these to choose from, many of them award-winning and each one a customisable coachbuilt motorhome, from the quintessential luxury of the Bourton through to the ever-popular Burford Duo.

But it is not only the Mercedes fleet of top-quality motorhomes that emerge from Auto-Sleeper’s Orchard Works in Willersey. There is an equally fine range of Peugeot coachbuilts and Peugeot van conversions, with models to suit all users and pockets.

Where can I view an Auto-Sleeper?

For all the magazines and brochures you might read – or even the model you recently spotted first-hand at the campsite – there is unlikely to be anything to beat an inspection that gets you properly up close and personal.

And nowhere are you likely to find such an extensive range of all Auto-Sleeper models on permanent exhibition under one roof than at our centre here at Derby Motorhomes – a heated indoor showroom, no less.

It’s here that you can step up into whichever motorhome takes your fancy, take a seat behind the wheel or in the luxurious interior, open and close the drawers and cupboards and truly imagine yourself on holiday in your dream home away from home.

How can I upgrade to an Auto-Sleeper?

You’d like to upgrade your motorhome to an Auto-Sleeper, but how are you going to afford it, you’re probably asking yourself.

At Derby Motorhomes once again the choice is all yours.

One way we are committed to helping is by guaranteeing a fair, top-notch part-exchange price if you are looking to upgrade. Our website may help to start the ball rolling by inviting you to submit details of any motorhome or campervan you want to offer in part exchange. On the strength of that description, we can provide you with a valuation as speedily as possible.

We are also able to arrange motorhome finance at what we believe are competitive rates – even if your credit history is less than perfect. If you choose to fund your purchase that way, you may do so in the confidence that we are duly authorised and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – which regulates the providers of such credit.

You have probably heard that all the rage in car finance these days is something called Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – you might even be buying your car through just such a scheme. And that is yet a further method of financing the purchase of an Auto-Sleeper if you are upgrading your motorhome.

For those more comfortable and at home with established, traditional forms of finance, we can also offer hire purchase agreements.