The foremost British manufacturer of quality motorhomes Auto-Sleeper has never stood still. Every year sees the launch of completely new models in its range or the revamping and updating of existing favourites in its stable.

To own a new motorhome of this build and quality, of course, you might expect to pay a tidy sum. If you are already the proud owner of an Auto-Sleeper, though, you not only appreciate the reliability and craftsmanship that goes into every model but also have a valuable vehicle you can trade-in for a new motorhome.

Why trade-in your Auto-Sleeper?

As a current owner, you’ll already know that your Auto-Sleeper is not just a reliable and well-built motorhome, it is also made to last – you’ve probably enjoyed countless holidays and thousands of touring miles in the vehicle.

The enduring quality of your motorhome means that, in all probability, it has maintained its value well – depreciating much less, for example, than the car you are used to driving around in every day. The ability to trade in your Auto-Sleeper, therefore, puts you at least one step ahead of the game if you are looking to upgrade to a newer model.

New models of Auto-Sleeper

Trading in one model and upgrading to the next lets you enjoy the progress and development to which Auto-Sleeper are clearly committed.

Each year sees the launch of new models and refinements made to existing favourites. 2021, for example, has marked a particular milestone in the company’s illustrious history – its 60th or Diamond anniversary explains the Caravan and Motorhome Club. To celebrate that event, Auto-Sleeper launched a special, limited edition of the ever-popular Nuevo (which itself celebrates 20 years in production) and a brand new 6.6m Broadway EL model too.

Derby Motorhomes and trading in your Auto-Sleeper

We’ve suggested why you might want to upgrade to one of the newer Auto-Sleepers by trading in your current model – and a further big advantage in doing just that is the chance to avoid arranging a private sale, collecting the cash, and negotiating the purchase of a new motorhome.

Instead, you can safely entrust the entire transaction to us here at Derby Motorhomes.

As a leading, franchised dealer for Auto-Sleeper, your current motorhome, less than 10 years old, is always going to spark our interest in buying. Expertly valued to achieve the most favourable and fairest price possible, we’ll give you the cash, agree to display it on a sale or return (SOR) basis, or accept it in part exchange against a new or second-hand Auto-Sleeper.

With the last of these options, of course, a single, simple transaction could see you upgrading to a new Auto-Sleeper of your choice, at a price you can afford, and the sale of your current motorhome already done and dusted.

You can prepare for the transaction confident in the knowledge that you are dealing with an experienced dealer who knows exactly what they are talking about when arriving at the fair trade-in value for the make, model, and age of your vehicle.

You’ll no doubt want to ensure you get most competitive price by presenting it to us in all its full glory – and that means looking after any outstanding maintenance or repairs that might be required and giving your motorhome a thorough and final clean.


Are you already bitten by the bug of trading in your Auto-Sleeper to upgrade to a new or more recent model? If so, you might want to explore your options by giving us a call today on 01332 360222.