Auto-Sleepers’ campervans and van conversions have retained an enviable status ahead of what is a large field of motorhomes available in the UK. They have gained a sterling reputation for quality design, practical luxury, and affordability. At Derby Motorhomes, we are proud to boast our well-established association with Peugeot van conversions and the high standards set by Auto-Sleepers.

There are 8 models in the current stable of van conversions and campervans so let’s take a brief look at the essential characteristics of each one:


  • good things come in small packages and the proof of that is in the compact Symbol;
  • its compact size makes it especially agile and manoeuvrable without sacrificing the interior’s well-built and carefully designed comfort – the 2-berth Symbol is a truly versatile motorhome;

Symbol Plus

  • just as the name suggests, the Symbol Plus is built on a somewhat longer wheelbase – allowing a greater sense of spaciousness that would make you feel at home in a much larger motorhome;
  • the innovative design of the Symbol Plus makes for adaptable use of the main living space and its twin berths while the rear of the vehicle accommodates a kitchen in one corner and a washroom in the other;

Warwick Duo

  • well-established in Auto-Sleepers’ line-up, the Warwick Duo is probably the manufacturer’s best-selling 2-berth panel van;
  • versatility and comfort make this a favourite with couples intending to tour and explore the great outdoors in all the luxury a well-made motorhome can afford;

Kemerton XL

  • the innovative design of the Kemerton XL cleverly incorporates a full-width washroom and enclosed shower cubicle – a rare feature of comfort in a motorhome of this size;
  • there is a fully-equipped galley kitchen alongside and space in the mid-section living area for either one luxurious double bed or two generously-sized singles;


  • the longest of Auto-Sleepers’ van conversions is based on the Peugeot Boxer panel van and makes full use of the extra length of this long wheelbase – giving the Fairford the very generous overall dimensions of 20ft 11in. (6,363mm), a width of 8ft 3in (2,508mm), and a height of 8ft 8in (2,640mm);
  • the size – and skilful use of innovative design – means that the Fairford offers 4 full-size berths (singles or two-doubles) in a dedicated rear compartment and convertible mid-section dining area, with a washroom and full-equipped kitchen betwixt the two;

Fairford Plus

  • while built on the same long wheelbase as the Fairford, the Fairford Plus offers still more versatility in its use of the twin living areas in the front and rear of the vehicle;
  • once again, there is space for two full-sized double beds – or the equivalent 4 singles – and in the mid-section a self-contained washroom and shower, with a kitchen opposite;


  • the royal allusion is no accident since the Kingham takes the otherwise humble van conversion to new heights of luxury;
  • that luxury is maintained by incorporating a fixed French double bed in the rear of the vehicle – with a clever innovation that allows the bed to be lifted on gas struts to access a large storage space below;
  • the forward living area and the fully-fitted kitchen lend a further degree of comfort and luxury;

Warwick XL

  • where the Warwick Duo has already established its credentials as the best-selling Peugeot van conversion by Auto-Sleepers, the Warwick XL;
  • the Warwick XL makes full use of the long, extended wheelbase of the Peugeot Boxer and allows an interior layout that is probably the most luxurious of the whole of this range of motorhomes;
  • whether you are aiming to take short breaks away from home or indulge in serious, extended touring, the Warwick XL can offer all the comfort you could want.

Common features

All Auto-Sleepers are built to an exacting standard and Peugeot van conversions share a number of important key features including either the standard 165bhp Peugeot Euro Engine or the optional Fiat Ducato 140 or 180bhp automatic gearbox (the compact Symbol offers only the 140bhp power unit).

All van conversions also incorporate an upgraded Top Drive semi-air suspension system, interior insulation and heating systems that allow all-year use in comfort, a 90W solar panel for auxiliary power, and a 25-litre LPG tank unobtrusively and safely fitted under the main floor of your motorhome.

Finding out more

Useful as we hope our descriptions have been, there’s nothing better than seeing one of these vehicles for yourself.

We’re always eager to hear from potential customers and to help them improve their motorhome knowledge. So, if you’d like to know more about Peugeot camper van conversion Auto-sleepers or get the chance to inspect one, why not contact us without delay?

Disclaimer: Please note that product features, layouts and dimensions may vary from the descriptions above.