None of us like to spend more than we have to, so if you are travelling in your motorhome, you’ll not want any unnecessary expense. Here are a few tips and suggestions for making your money go further – so you can spend it on those things that make a holiday so truly memorable …

Go off-peak

If you are able to travel outside of the holiday periods, you’ll typically find that the roads will be quieter, but pitches, ferries and the Eurotunnel may also be cheaper.

Motorhome breakdown cover

  • a nightmare for any driver on a touring holiday is having the vehicle breakdown;
  • if you are driving a motorhome, of course, it is not just the vehicle but your overnight accommodation, cooking and storage facilities that might also suffer;
  • breakdown cover insurance is likely to prove more important than ever when travelling in your motorhome, therefore, and something that any reputable supplier is more than likely to recommend;
  • without it, you could be facing considerable expense – in recovery and repairs – or taxing to the bitter utmost your roadside DIY mechanical skills;


  • being prepared for roadside mishaps, of course, is all about the forethought and planning to give to outings in your motorhome;
  • but that planning doesn’t have to stop with the vehicle itself – give some thought to where you intend to stay and choose those sites where you’re unlikely to be paying an arm and a leg;
  • the beauty of a motorhome, of course, is that you already have all the facilities you need on board – so you do not have to seek out the more expensive 5-star sites with luxury amenities;
  • a story in the Mirror newspaper on the 2nd of May 2019, for instance, listed some of the sites where you can still enjoy a perfectly comfortable night’s stay without a huge expense for your pitch;

Find cheap fuel

Using an app such as will help you find the cheapest petrol in your area. And when filling up, make sure you take advantage of any loyalty card schemes too.

Bikes aboard

  • your motorhome is perfectly equipped for each overnight stay and getting from A to B is as simple as sitting behind the wheel;
  • but why not get further enjoyment from the great outdoors by leaving the motorhome on its pitch for a day or two while you take to the roads, lanes and trails on your bikes – saving the wear and tear on your vehicle and, of course, the cost of fuel;
  • if there is room inside your motorhome to store the bikes, all well and good, but practically any motorhome these days will easily take a safer and more secure exterior cycle-rack;

Getting to know your galley

  • eating out for the duration of your holiday is likely to prove expensive, yet your motorhome comes equipped with a galley – and using it need not be a huge chore;
  • casseroles, grills, oatmeal and cereals take little time to prepare and are unlikely to tax the skills of anyone at the galley for a great length of time;
  • if you are feeling a little more ambitious, the Camping and Caravanning Club has even come up with a few recipes that are especially suited to cooking on the galley of your motorhome;
  • even just hitting the local supermarket for cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks etc. means you can save money you would have spent out at a café;
  • don’t splurge at Starbucks – make your own coffee in your RV and you’ll potentially save a small fortune.   

Saving money while travelling in your motorhome doesn’t mean scrimping and going without, just a little forethought, preparation and planning.