For anyone who already owns a motorhome, is thinking of buying one, or is just itching to find out what makes them so popular, a motorhome show offers a showcase of everything you could hope to find out about these leisure vehicles.

Fortunately, the UK boasts a fairly full calendar of motorhome shows across the country and throughout the entire year. The biggest and probably most popular of these is the Caravan, Camping, and Motorhome Show held at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre (NEC), towards the end of February each year.

But there are plenty of other shows, too, so that you’re never likely to be far from one coming soon to where you live. Because of the range and variety of everything on display at these shows, it makes good sense to spend a moment or two thinking about how you can make the most of your time there:

Why are you going?

  • it might seem like too obvious a question, but if you have sorted out in your mind just why you are heading off to the show, it may help you to make the most of the day;
  • if you have a definite plan to buy a new motorhome soon, for example, you might find discounts and other deals being offered by suppliers at the exhibition – so you might want to line up any finance for your new motorhome before you go;
  • if you are going just to browse, you might want to give yourself that extra time and space by organising a weekday visit, when there are fewer crowds, and you can wander to your heart’s content;

What’s there?

  • of all the many motorhome shows around the country at various times of the year, just remember that every one of them is different;
  • most have a website where you can find details of what is going to be on display and perhaps even a site plan of exhibitors;
  • before show day, make a note of those manufacturers of motorhomes, suppliers of accessories, and any other exhibits in which you are likely to be interested;
  • this is to help make sure that you cover everything you want to cover, in a place where you are almost certain to be side-tracked and distracted by the new or unusual – your list of “must sees” may help to provide some focus;
  • the reason for going and knowing what’s there may help you to devise a plan for the best use of your day;
  • you might want to regard it as a list of intentions, though, rather than any hard and fast schedule that you must stick to at all costs – allow for sufficient flexibility in your planning;

Motorhome show or permanent exhibition?

  • although it is easy enough to find a schedule of different motorhome shows that are going to be staged at various times of the year in different parts of the country, remember, too that there are also more permanent displays and exhibitions;
  • our own exhibition centre here at Derby Motorhomes in Derby, for example, offers year-round displays of a huge selection of new and used vehicles, supplemented by a comprehensive, user-friendly and personalised website and social media experience for anyone interested in buying their next motorhome;

What type of motorhome?

  • it’s a motorhome show, so you might want to give some thought beforehand to the type of motorhome you want;
  • where are you likely to be driving one, for example – how long do you plan to be behind the wheel and how long inside your motorhome once you’ve set up your base;
  • what standard of accommodation are you looking for and how many people does it need to sleep – something as simple as adequate headroom for the tallest member of the family could make all the difference;
  • where are you going to park or store your motorhome when it’s not in use and where can you take it for repairs, servicing, and maintenance;

A family day out?

  • a motorhome show can make for a great family day out – and the kids are likely to be just as excited as you about the next holiday adventure;
  • remember, though, that their attention span may be less single-minded than your own and you might want to be prepared to offer them other distractions, too – soft drinks and munchies for starters.

Your visit to a motorhome show is likely to prove a fun-packed and absorbing experience – but a little forethought and planning might help you make the most of it.