There are so many motorhome shows around the country – and the Camping and Caravanning Club has picked out the best of them for 2023 – that you’re almost certain to find one near where you live.

Getting to a motorhome show, therefore, is unlikely to be a problem – the burning question is how to make the most of it once you are there. Here are some of Derby Motorhomes’ top tips to help you to do so.

Research your interests in advance – and plan

Many of the bigger motorhome shows can be quite intimidating in terms of size and scale. It’s perfectly possible to wander around aimlessly trying to look at everything, only to end up exhausted and without any abiding lessons or firm conclusions at the end of the day!

So, have some key things you want to see and check out their locations in advance. Go to those stands or exhibitors as a priority and ignore everything else until you have put a tick against each of your priority interests.

Family planning

If you have younger children with you, it’s great to involve the whole family, but you probably don’t need us to tell you that those youngsters might have extremely limited attention spans.

Certainly, they’ll enjoy getting close up to the motorhomes, but they are likely to be a lot less interested if you’re discussing engine option specifications, let’s say, with an expert on a stand.

If you can, it might be best to leave your kids with a family member so that you can concentrate on the event itself. If that’s not possible or you don’t like the idea in principle, then taking along some distractions in the form of games or toys might be a smart idea.

Consider taking some food

There is almost always plenty of catering at these events and it can be a perfectly reasonable quality. But the food concessions can also sometimes become extremely crowded.

If you don’t mind queuing up for food and losing time while you are doing so, that’s great. However, if you’d prefer to spend your time looking at motorhomes, rather than the stranger in front of you in the food queue, consider taking a picnic.

Set realistic targets

Many people admit to reaching the end of a motorhome show in a state of almost total exhaustion. It’s great fun but walking endlessly around trying to do everything can drain even the fittest of us.

So, building on that prioritised list of objectives mentioned above, make sure that the things you note as “must do” are realistically achievable within the time you are allocating.

Wear sensible footwear

If the venue is inside, make sure you wear comfortable shoes rather than those designer specials that look great, but are going to cause you grief after you’ve been walking around in them for a few hours.

If things are outside, make sure your shoes are equally sensible but also waterproof and with decent soles. It doesn’t matter what the weather forecast said, if a field turns into a quagmire and you have beach shoes on, you’re likely to regret it.

Try to avoid arriving or leaving at peak times

Broadly speaking, peak arrival and departure times are normally somewhere between 8-10 a.m. and 5-7.00 p.m. That may vary, of course, depending upon the hours of the specific show.

At many venues, these peak times can put incredible pressure on the local road systems that result in long queues of traffic to get in or out of the place. Sitting in a queue is unlikely to be an ideal start or end to your day, so try and avoid the peaks and travel at other times if at all possible.