Whether you are looking or a campervan or the luxury of a fully fitted and furnished motorhome, Auto-Sleeper has long been a peerless marque. Its factory in the Cotswolds has been turning out motorhomes that are the envy of existing and prospective owners alike.

The company’s reputation has gone from strength to strength through successive releases of improvements to its existing range and the launch of new models. So, what’s to look out for in the 2020 Auto-Sleepers range?


Fairford Plus

One of the hottest additions to the 2020 Auto-Sleeper range comes in the shape of the Fairford Plus.

The Fairford itself was launched a few years back in 2016 and the “Plus” in the New Year’s model is thanks to the development of a new Fairford that is now based on the extra-long wheel-base Peugeot Boxer van.

That additional length makes it one of the few campervans that manage to squeeze in comfortable sleeping for four people, including two in the double transverse bed at the rear of the motorhome. In the lounge area to the front of the van, a dining table drops down to convert the benches either side into another double bed.

Peugeot coachbuilts

Also built on the extra-length Boxer van is an ever-popular Broadway FB.

The clever, coachbuilt design allows not only for a fixed double bed at the rear but also a separate shower and washroom to the side, a fully equipped kitchen in the middle of the motorhome and a spacious lounge area at the front.

All in all, it remains amazing just how much has been fitted into this handsomely proportioned coachbuilt Peugeot.

AL-KO Peugeot coachbuilts

The lighter weight of the AL-KO coachbuilt motorhome allows a still higher degree of finish for the same level of performance and manoeuvrability.

With the choice of two Corinium models, the FB version delivers an extremely spacious lounge area and well-equipped kitchen. The real delight – and impressive for a motorhome of these overall dimensions – is the enclosed bedroom to the rear with its own ensuite shower and bathroom.

Mercedes coachbuilt

Maintaining its position in the height of luxury and comfort is Auto-Sleeper’s range of Mercedes-powered coachbuilt motorhomes.

And top of that range, the superlative Burford Duo offers two fixed single beds in a spacious room at the back, where there is also a fully equipped shower and bathroom.

2020’s new look

Exterior detailing across the whole range of Auto-Sleepers makes it crystal clear that these are the latest models for 2020.

Inside, you have limewash furniture as standard, the choice of five different fabric options, chrome fixtures and fittings and LED lighting.

In their latest incarnation, all Auto-Sleepers now also come with Whale heating and hot water systems, Sargent EC700 electrical systems, Dometic microwave ovens, in-built Wi-Fi routers, Cat 6 Trackers – which are said to provide the highest levels of security for any vehicles – and further security chipping and window etching with your CRiS registration and membership (the Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme established by the National Caravan Council in 1992).