The mere mention of Mercedes-Benz is likely to conjure up images of precision engineering and auto-manufacturing of the very highest standards and quality.

The mere mention of Auto-Sleepers is likely to conjure up images of luxury, comfort, and imaginative design from Britain’s leading manufacturer of quality motorhomes.

Put Mercedes-Benz and Auto-Sleepers together, therefore, and you are certain to have a winning, world-class combination. And that is exactly what we can offer to demonstrate for you here at our indoor exhibition centre at Derby Motorhomes – Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers.


The company has its origins back in the earliest days of motor vehicles.

Not only does Mercedes boast a whole stable of iconic luxury motor cars it also continues to dominate Formula 1 racing – with the hybrid technology of its engineering making Mercedes one of the finest cars on the circuit, according to Essentially Sports on the 22nd of December 2020.

Getting to know Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers motorhomes

However, reassuring as it may be to know you have a fantastic chassis and power plant built upon such a lineage, most owners of campervans and motorhomes also like to have the same feeling for the internal fixtures and fittings. That’s why here at Derby Motorhomes, we’d like to take you on a brief descriptive tour of the Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-sleepers.

For 2021, there are six models in this range, offering a choice of four different wheelbases, from the shortest to the longest. You can find full details in our brochure of course:

  • Stanton – a compact two-berther offering everything you could possibly want or need. Full of innovative features, even the longest journey will be a breeze with its unprecedented driving comfort;
  • Bourton – this is a spacious no compromise front lounge end kitchen model, which delivers on every front. The lounge quickly converts at night to provide a choice between full-length singles or a double bed;
  • Malvern – with space enough to feature a full double traditional French bed at the rear and two further berths in the centre of the vehicle;
  • Winchcombe – just two berths on a mid-range wheelbase means that you have spacious comfort for you and your partner in this classic layout;
  • Burford – the Burford’s long wheelbase accommodates a spacious fixed bed area at the rear, where there is also an ensuite shower room and two further berths amid-ships; and
  • Burford Duo – finally, the Burford Duo offers what Auto-Sleepers boasts as “aspirational decadence for the discerning motorhome owner”. We need say no more.

Probably more so than any of the other motorhomes in the Auto-Sleepers range, the Mercedes coachbuilts exude sheer quality. From touches as apparently fleeting as the upholstery, the overall impact is stunning – in most cases based on a grey colour scheme with tasteful highlighting stripes.

Much of the trim is in wood and again, everything looks fresh, clean, and ultra-modern. Your first impression will be that everything looks spacious and comfortable and if you’re familiar with the phrase “first impressions can be deceiving” don’t worry because that’s certainly not the case here. These are extremely spacious and comfortable motorhomes.


Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers occupy a leading position in an impressive stable of motorhomes – so expect no ordinary product from this foremost of British manufacturers.

You are unlikely to be disappointed and almost certainly impressed by a range of key features that include:

  • confident driving performance from the precision engineering of a 163bhp Mercedes Euro engine as standard;
  • an upgrade pack that gives you Mercedes latest 7-speed automatic transmission;
  • all Mercedes coachbuilts feature Grade III Classification insulation standards for heating and thermal integrity;
  • they all also come equipped with an eco-friendly, energy-saving 80W Solar Panel;
  • each model has a 25-litre underfloor mounted LPG gas tank installed – offering hassle-free practicality;
  • Auto-Sleeper motorhomes are protected 24/7 with the Sargent CAT 6 Tracker – for which annual subscription fees are payable;
  • every Auto-Sleeper has gained product approval from the National Caravan Council (NCC) and complies with the latter’s rigorous UK specification standards;
  • Mercedes coachbuilts have the MBUX 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system installed, and this state of the art technology delivers intuitive touch control and access to Mercedes PRO connect services;
  • additionally, all onboard facilities can be monitored and controlled from a state of the art LCD touch screen panel combined with the Truma iNet mobile system – which also features an “Auto-Sleepers Locate” online portal that remotely manages and locates your vehicle; and
  • an optional roof-mounted air-conditioning system will control the climate inside your Mercedes coachbuilt thanks to a Trauma Aventa Comfort unit.


The Mercedes-based motorhomes are perennially popular. As stated at the outset, the reputation of the marque virtually guarantees that.

The Auto-Sleepers coachbuilding capitalises on that quality with its own brand of exclusive accommodation and accessories. There is no doubt that if you own one of these, it’ll not only offer a fabulous platform for your leisure activities but also prove to be the envy of many other owners.

Of course, our full range of pre-sales consultancy and post-sales support is available on these models. We also offer attractive finance options, including help over any credit history issues that you feel might prejudice your search for competitively priced finance.

Why not contact us as soon as possible to learn more about Mercedes coachbuilt Auto-Sleepers?

Please note that technical specifications may be liable to change and may not be reflected in this article.