There are some good reasons why smarter van conversions are in demand. First of all, they are ideal to use as a second vehicle. In fact, they are very appealing to anyone wanting to downsize from a larger coach built motorhome.

In addition, they have become smarter because the motorhome manufacturers see them as being the driving force of the future. Yes, and that is what is happening right now, growing demand is causing growing van conversions. With more independent van converters getting in on the act, the whole area of smarter van conversions is growing.

So, let’s take a closer look at the principles behind a smart van conversion and see how those ideas and concepts have been incorporated into the latest (2020) van conversions from Auto-Sleepers.

Leisure conversions – changing ideas

The market for all types of motorhome is growing and, in many ways, that growth has been born out of campervan conversions. And that boom has been driven by the ability to pack more into a larger van size. So, from a short-wheelbase to a long-wheelbase and even to an extra-long wheel-base. 

Smarter buyers

Not only have they got longer, but they have also got smarter, too. It’s been great to see.

With leisure and back to the outdoors being the driving force, the average van conversion is now even more flexible in what is being fitted as standard stuff. They have now adopted many great extras and cab features – from cruise control to air conditioning and those Bluetooth devices you are itching to plugin. Van conversions are built to include all the latest technology working for the better.

The driving force

More innovative looks different styles and looks – with plenty of scope to “pimp my van conversion”. The layouts and flexible berth spaces are taking the smarter van conversions to even greater heights.

Whenever a good thing comes along, everyone just seems to want one – and we’ve got to admit that van conversions are a great thing for the leisure industry. Not too big, but not too small, they’re ideal for long and short holiday breaks – which sounds like a smart idea to us.

A quick look at the 2020 Auto-Sleepers’ van conversions

So, let’s take a brief look at some of the van conversions from leading British manufacturer Auto-Sleepers and their latest range of models launched for 2020:


  • aptly described as the “King of the Road”, the Kingham sets the standards for others in the same class and from the rest of the Auto-Sleepers stable to strive for;
  • it’s been upgraded to feature a fixed French double bed which slides back in order to offer backrest support. It also lifts to reveal a large storage facility underneath;
  • the featured kitchen with bespoke sofa seating helps to make this a fantastic and quite unique luxury 2-berth accommodation motorhome;

Symbol and Symbol Plus

  • the Symbol is the iconic van conversion from Auto-Sleepers with its sleek design, compact yet roomy and highly versatile interior;
  • a host of new features were added for the 2020 model;
  • it has also seen the addition of a new stable-mate the Symbol Plus – an extended version of its ever-popular cousin;
  • that extra space allows considerably greater comfort, including a well-equipped rear kitchen, a washroom – also located in the rear of the van – and a generous lounge providing luxury relaxation on the move or at rest;

Warwick Duo

  • similarly well-established and loved by past and present owners is the Warwick Duo – a firm Auto-Sleepers favourite;
  • it offers spacious comfort during the daytime and then full-size single beds (or a very spacious double bed) for the nights. Many couples love this motorhome;

Warwick XL

  • just as the name suggests, the Warwick XL takes the Duo as its starting point – and just makes it a whole lot better in terms of space and luxury;
  • it offers a sumptuously comfortable lounge, within which you can quickly and easily draw down the pair of single beds or a good-sized double bed;
  • it also comes with a good-sized bathroom which includes a separate shower- and that still leaves adequate space for a large and well-equipped kitchen;

Fairford and Fairford Plus

  • launched in 2016, the Fairford rapidly became one of the most popular Auto-Sleepers’ models – so popular, in fact, that it was soon joined by an extended, long wheel-base model, the Fairford Plus;
  • space and luxury are the watchwords for both these van conversions, which are especially flexible in their use and one of the few layouts in vehicles of this size to offer four berths;

Kemerton XL

  • this van conversion is designed with one purpose in mind – to offer you the ultimate in luxurious living – and the Kemerton XL is granted a “Classic Ensuite” tagline by Auto-Sleepers;
  • it now comes with a full-width washroom which includes a separate shower;
  • added to that are a fully-featured kitchen, spacious lounge and an important additional rear travelling seat – and you have a specification that’s hard to match;
  • it’s the ideal van for wonderfully comfortable long and short breaks.

Come and look

In a simple blog of this nature, we clearly can’t do justice to the full range of these vehicles or their luxurious configurations. You can read the detailed specifications of each model on Auto-Sleepers’ website.

Better yet, we are especially keen to try and encourage you to come along for a look around and to inspect some of our vehicles at your leisure. It’s really only by getting up close and personal, checking out the interiors for yourself and weighing up the many options and specifications that you’ll get a feeling for just how much flexibility and comfort they offer.

We’re also regularly asked about the pros and cons of Auto-Sleepers van conversions versus coach-built motorhomes. Well, that is a big subject! It’s also one which we’d much prefer to discuss with you whilst showing you examples of both types of vehicle.

So, don’t hesitate – please come along and see us at your earliest convenience.