One of the commonest questions we’re asked at Derby Motorhomes relates to advice on interior layout.

Personal preferences

As you might imagine, there are some things we can’t really say a lot about.

Things relating to your personal preferences for colour schemes and equipment selections are likely to be something that only you can think in detail about.

In terms of what might be called the more fixed components of motorhome layouts though, there are some general points we would like to share with you.


Remember that the smaller the motorhome you select, by and large, the more compromises you might have to make on internal living space.

That’s something that might affect aspects of internal motorhome layouts.

For example, some motorhome owners prefer lots of living room and kitchen space but are more than willing to compromise on sleeping area dimensions. That’s fine but in the case of say over-cab sleeping accommodation, keep in mind that headroom will be restricted and also one partner will have to climb over the other if they need to get up in the middle of the night.

If you are inclined towards plenty of living and sleeping space plus a good sized kitchen, then it might be sensible to think about one of the larger motorhomes as opposed to one of the smaller in overall scale terms.


Although opinions might differ, it’s probably fair to say that many people would suggest that fixed beds are more comfortable than those which fold away.

If you are someone or a couple who really value the ultimate in comfort for a great night’s sleep, then it might be better to opt for fixed beds. On the other hand, if you can sleep on the head of a pin, then folding beds may give you much more legroom during the day.

Kitchens sizes

As touched on above, the size and configuration of kitchen areas may vary considerably between models.

If you are someone who really enjoys cooking, wherever you are, then you may be prepared to sacrifice something like fixed beds or larger sized shower facilities in order to have a substantial kitchen.

Equally, if cooking is something you want to get away from on holiday, then you might prefer to save space on the kitchen and deploy it elsewhere.

WC’s and showers

It’s not unusual to hear people saying they’ll go for the smallest options possible and use the space saved elsewhere. In practice though, that doesn’t necessarily suit everybody in real life.

Some people just don’t like cramped spaces when they are trying to take a shower and very restricted spaces in these areas can be an issue for larger people.

It’s certainly possible to opt for smaller solutions but think it through first and be sure that it’ll result in something you’ll be comfortable with.

Think numbers

The optimal motorhome layouts will depend upon just how many people there will be on your trips.

In situations where there are four adults (or with larger children) regularly aboard, you may really appreciate fold-away beds and much more dining space in the living area.

On the other hand, if you are a couple with perhaps the odd trip involving your grandchildren for example, then your motorhome layout thinking might be very different.

True, you shouldn’t size your motorhome and select configurations based on perhaps one trip every 12 or 18 months with others aboard. Yet if you’re planning to invite other people with you on a regular basis, it should be taken into account in your configuration design and selection.

Tim Lemon
Sales Director at Derby motorhomes
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