The pandemic has come and – largely – gone. But the UK staycation seems here to stay. With lockdowns, face masks, and travel restrictions now out of the way, the swing towards holidays in the UK has remained.

One of the results of that unprecedented boom in staycations has been the soaring demand for motorhomes. Indeed, a story in the Caravan Times on the 18th of January 2023 suggested that demand has grown so acute that many manufacturers face the challenge of keeping up with orders for new vehicles.

Motorhome part-exchange

The simple laws of supply and demand suggest that a new motorhome is likely to set you back a significant sum.

A new motorhome won’t come cheap – but, in that case, you might want to consider the economically attractive option of a motorhome part exchange. This can be an excellent solution even when buying a model as luxurious as Auto-Sleepers – and without the hassle, of course, of having to arrange your own private sale.

The benefits of part-exchanging an Auto-Sleeper

The principles of part exchange are especially well-established in the markets for motor vehicles. Part-exchange (P/X) is simply a question of trading one vehicle for another where the value of the one you currently own is used as part payment against the new one.

That ability to stretch your budget to a quality motorhome you might otherwise not be able to afford is one of the principal attractions of part-exchanging an Auto-Sleeper. Whatever vehicle you are trading in, the part-exchange value offers you an immediate discount on the new motorhome you are buying.

Part-exchanging one Auto-Sleeper for another offers the enticing prospect of a double bonus. Auto-Sleepers hold their price especially well. As a result, you are likely to enjoy an attractive trade-in price for your old vehicle – and, at a stroke, you’ll typically achieve a sizeable discount on your new Auto-Sleeper.

More general benefits of part exchange

There are other, more general, benefits of part-exchanging one motorhome for another:

  • the motorhome you already own is likely to have depreciated in value much less than the car you use – so, it probably represents a valuable asset with which to bargain and begin your trade;
  • added to that great starting point is the fact that there is a current shortage in the market of good-quality motorhomes – that relative scarcity value may further strengthen your bargaining position;
  • in any part exchange, you will be trading with an established dealer – someone who knows what they are talking about and appreciates the value of the vehicle you have to offer as your part of the bargain;
  • if you pursue the alternative route of arranging a private sale yourself, of course, you cannot be assured that prospective buyers have any informed idea about the true value of the motorhome you are trying to sell – you may be up against the difficulty of justifying the price you reasonably asked;
  • in short, part exchange avoids the whole fraught and time-consuming business of first arranging a private sale and then negotiating the purchase of the replacement motorhome you want to buy.

Preparing for part-exchange

Although you will be negotiating a price for the motorhome you currently own with an experienced dealer who will have already calculated a trade-in value for the make, model, and age of your vehicle, it is still worth making sure to present it in its finest colours.

That means attending to any outstanding maintenance and repairs that might be required and giving your motorhome a thorough and final clean.

If there is still outstanding finance on the vehicle you want to offer in part exchange, or you are currently buying your present motorhome on a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement, it is important you let us know.

Why not contact us today?

Here at Derby Motorhomes, we are specialists in Auto-Sleeper part-exchange options. You can read more about our Auto-Sleepers P/X service here.

Whether or not your current motorhome is an Auto-Sleeper, we are still interested in considering the vehicle for part exchange and take pride in our ability to offer what we believe is an attractive trade-in price against the cost of the motorhome you want to buy.

So, why not start the ball rolling by talking to us about motorhome part-exchange today?

As you cast your approving eyes over your faithful motorhome, it’s probably difficult to accept that when its time comes, you’ll need to sell it. To cut short the potential agony, hassle, and trauma, you’ll then want to sell it fast.

What’s involved and how can you do just that?

How can I find out how much my motorhome is worth?

Whatever its age, you know that you’ll owe it to yourself – not to mention the motorhome that has given you such loyal service over the years – to get what you feel is the best possible price for it.

Few of us are natural or born valuers of motorhomes, so you’ll almost certainly need some help in determining just what is a fair and reasonable price.

The immediate and perhaps the most appealing answer to most questions these days comes by way of the internet – and the valuation of your motorhome is no exception. A quick search will show that there are several websites offering free, fast, and secure valuations online.

You could also visit several of the online listings of motorhomes for sale. Simply search for the make and model similar to your own. Compare ages and conditions. And you will come with at least some idea of what comparable vehicles are fetching – or, at least, what the current owners hope to realise.

How easy is it to sell a motorhome?

Armed with your best shot at a good and realistic price for your motorhome, you can set about trying to interest buyers.

If you’re looking for a private sale, that means advertising your motorhome. Once again, the internet makes it relatively easy to gain access to seemingly hundreds of potential buyers – all over the country. You will need to draft an appealing and well-illustrated listing, of course, while keeping the copy as accurate and honest as possible.

While composing any online sales material, you might also want to think about placing hard copies of your ads in the local newspaper, parish magazines, “for sale” boards in the supermarket, or the shop window of your local newsagent.

If your advertisements entice a buyer, of course, then you’ll then have to make arrangements to stay at home or wherever you care to set up a viewing. Some of those who express an interest might be no more than timewasters while others might fail to show up at all.

All in all, it’s likely to prove a tiresome hassle, if you make a sale, you’ll still be left wondering whether you got the best price – and any sale you do eventually make is very unlikely to have been quick.

How can I sell my motorhome?

Although a private sale may have its attractions – no middleman needs to take a commission – there are certainly alternatives.

An auction sale, for instance, might offer one of the fastest routes to concluding a sale – provided you set a suitably low reserve price. But that means you’ve probably not achieved the most attractive price possible – and you’ll still need to pay the commission charged by the auctioneers.

Here at Derby Motorhomes, we can offer what is likely to be the least painful, most straightforward, and hassle-free way of selling your motorhome. We can take all the stress out of the entire process and still give you an assurance that our valuation of your beloved motorhome is as fair, accurate and honest as you are likely to achieve.

We give you all the options – we can buy your motorhome from you; we can take it in part exchange for a great deal on a new vehicle; or we can act as your broker by offering your motorhome on a sale or return basis. The choice is entirely yours.


You’re unlikely ever to celebrate the sale of a motorhome that has given you such sterling service over the years – but, here at Derby Motorhomes, we can at least take some of the sting out of doing so.

We’ll take on all the inconvenience and sheer hassle of advertising arranging viewings and making a sale – while all along reassuring you of what we believe os a fair, reasonable, and accurate valuation.

All good things come to an end – and then it’s time for fresh beginnings. Take your much-loved motorhome, for example. Sooner or later, its day will come, and it will be time to replace it with a newer, more suitable model in which to enjoy still further adventures.

If you’ve already considered selling your old one – whether privately or through a dealer – why not think about trading it in?

Why trade-in?

When you were thinking about selling your current motorhome you no doubt remembered all the hassles, the inconvenience, and the pitfalls of previous times when you had a vehicle for sale.

Those were times that almost certainly tested your patience – from the moment you sat down to draft what you thought was an appealing advert to the time you eventually waved goodbye to the vehicle.

Drafting any advert for sale is a challenge. You know that you need to be honest and accurate in your description, but you want to sell the vehicle, after all, and you want as good a price as it can command. Pitching it right is difficult.

If only it was then just a question of sitting back and waiting for the offers to come flooding in. Far from it. You’ll be fielding telephone enquiries for quite a while. Some will translate into expressions of interest – at least as far as a viewing is concerned.

You wait in. Some of those who expressed an interest in viewing may turn up; others won’t. Some will have been no more than time wasters. It can all become thoroughly trying.

If and when you do finally clinch a sale, of course, you’re like as not left wondering whether you really did get the best price possible for your beloved motorhome.

Getting prepared to trade in your motorhome

Rather than put yourself through all that grief and heartache, therefore, why not come to us here at Derby Motorhomes and we’ll arrange a trade-in deal where you can be assured of a fair, honest, and realistic price – with none of the hassle.

We have a wide range of new and pre-loved motorhomes for you to choose and because we are proud franchise holders for Auto-Sleepers, now might be the perfect time to part-exchange to one of these market-leading models.

To help us to help you secure the most attractive possible trade-in deal, there are just a few simple steps you might want to take in preparation:

  • gather together all the relevant documentation – and that’s not just the V5 logbook but the original receipt when you bought the vehicle, the maintenance log and history of any major repairs;
  • although we will also be giving the vehicle a thorough mechanical and habitation check, of course, you can get us all off to a good start if you first make sure that everything you’re aware of is working properly; and
  • finally, give your motorhome a good clean inside and out – appearances count for us along with everyone else who’ll be looking over your former pride and joy.


When it’s time to replace the motorhome that has already given you many years of faithful service, of course, you’ll want to get the best possible price for it – and you can steel yourself for the business of arranging a private sale where you can ask whatever price you see fit.

It’s likely to prove a thoroughly tiresome and frustrating experience, however, and at the end of the day, you may still be left wondering whether you got the best possible price.

How much better, then, to let us arrange a trade-in where we can assure you of a fair and reasonable price – for a fraction of the time and effort it would otherwise take.

If you have a new motorhome on order from Derby Motorhomes, please take a little time to read this update which (hopefully) will provide all with a very valuable insight into the issues currently affecting the motorhome market in the UK, Europe and more widely, globally too.

Derby Motorhomes would really like to take this opportunity to thank each of our customers who have a new motorhome on order and apologise for any delays that some may be experiencing at present.

Manufacturing insight

As you may already know, there is a severe shortage of new model motorhomes; this is in part caused by a global component supply issue affecting all new vehicle production – cars, vans and chassis cab production, which means that new vehicle and chassis manufacturers are currently unable to build in their pre-pandemic volumes.

There are other factors affecting new vehicle production too; we live in world which has become a global marketplace.


For example, simply shipping components (globally) has become eye-wateringly expensive and a logistical nightmare; the global pressure on manufacturers to become carbon neutral is also affecting vehicle and chassis production.

Components and parts

You may not know this, but as well as a severe shortage of components (needed to actually build vehicles and chassis), vehicle manufacturers, due to globally and locally imposed “carbon neutral or net zero” emission target regulation and commitments, now also have to keep a very close watch on all aspects of production and quotas, sometimes being forced to perform a very tight balancing act between production of zero emission vehicles and internal combustion engine vehicles, whilst also building and selling enough of each to remain viable as a business!

Net zero targeting

A consequence of this (almost impossible) balancing act is that should a vehicle manufacturer produce too much carbon or be in danger of producing too many internal combustion engine vehicles and chassis’ and not enough zero emission vehicles, for example, causing a targeting imbalance and thus missing their march towards “net zero”, the EU and other global governments will impose punitive and substantial financial penalties on them, penalties that run into multi millions of Euros, Dollars or Pounds sterling!

So, the ultimate consequence of these severe component shortages, logistics issues, production schedules and net zero balancing issues (with potential financial penalties), is that there is a massive disruption to manufacturing globally, with new vehicle and chassis production being very severely impacted on an unprecedented scale.

Dealers and customers

The knock-on effect of the sum of these issues is that motorhome manufacturers for example, can’t build their models without a chassis arriving from a vehicle manufacturer first! And they can’t even rely on their ordered and confirmed chassis actually arriving on time or as ordered and promised from the chassis manufacturer due to their particular and unique issues and circumstances too.

Information and updates

Buyers are becoming increasingly frustrated, turning to their dealers for more and more information or updates; for my part (and I would imagine every other dealer too), I would love to be able to provide more frequent, general or specific updates, but this is impossible; I’ll explain why.

The information update chain

Each party associated in the vehicle supply chain, from the initial dealer-to-customer order, through various manufacturing stages, finished vehicle-to-supplying dealer and ultimately supply to the end-user (customer), understands the importance of accurate information and their customers desire for that information.

So, an update request may seem like a relatively minor, simple matter, but to put this into perspective in these very challenging times, any demand for information means that each time even a single customer makes a request, their dealer must contact their motorhome manufacturer for an update.

The motorhome manufacturer then must consult their own production schedules, check when they are expecting the chassis enquired about to arrive with them (from the vehicle manufacturer); then check that each of the raw materials and components they need (to build that motorhome) are also going to arrive on time with them.

Finally, the motorhome manufacturer then must speak directly with the base chassis manufacturer (Mercedes, Fiat, Peugeot, Ford etc.), in whatever country each head office may be situated in, to confirm that the (particular) chassis enquired about is going to be built on time! They, the base chassis manufacturer, in turn may or may not require time to consult their own schedules and supply chains before replying to the motorhome manufacturer.

This (seemingly) simple request, actually, is a huge and time consuming task which is made even more complicated because although a chassis manufacturer such as Fiat, Peugeot or Mercedes will have computerised access to their own production information, unfortunately there is no guarantee that their own raw materials will arrive on time or if they do, will they actually be in a commercial position to build the chassis they have scheduled and want to, due to other issues previously outlined.

Then multiply this one seemingly simple request by several hundred (customers from every dealer, all asking for more information) and it’s very easy to see that manufacturers (and dealers) simply become overwhelmed and overloaded and are (anyway), just unable to provide information instantly and unfortunately, without the previous link in this production-information chain being able to provide their own information or respond to an information request, dealers simply can’t pass on accurate information, instantly, to their customers.

So, one can see that a seemingly simple request is, (in reality), quite a complicated and very time-consuming chain of action for each party involved and whist all parties concerned understand this desire for information, patience, a great deal of it, is also required whilst the requested information is gathered; sometimes it can take a couple of weeks to get (seemingly) simple information back to customers.

Vehicle Pricing

Another factor that is coming into play now is the actual cost of manufacture; I’m sure everyone will have noticed that prices for all goods have increased significantly over the last 12 months or so. This, unfortunately, is unavoidable due to each of the previously discussed pressures, and it applies to every sector of manufacturing and life in general too.

Each of the previously discussed issues are further compounded due to the Russia – Ukraine conflict that is ongoing; it is a fact that global manufacturing has relied on cheap energy and a diverse array of products, some of which are, or were manufactured and supplied by both Russia and Ukraine.

The conflict in this region has halted manufacture of vital components, blocked the export of others and seen the cost of energy surge dramatically globally, all of which have a direct and huge impact on manufacturing costs, costs which are ultimately always going to be passed on along the supply and retail chain, ending finally with consumers as the end users, that is of course, if a business is to survive.

Business models

Once (very) reliable supply chains are or have already fragmented and this means that manufacturers can no longer rely on either their published production schedules or pricing.

Put simply, vehicle manufacturers such as Fiat, Peugeot, Mercedes for example (and to list just a few), have (and I generalise here), previously worked to a well-proven business model which was largely based on high volume production with relatively low (per unit produced) margins – stack ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap, to coin a phrase!

With lower production volumes and higher manufacturing costs, all manufacturers, no matter what goods they produce, have been forced to revise their established business models to account for reduced production volumes and higher production costs; this, inevitably, has meant higher retail pricing to counter manufacturer’s reduced volumes and increased overheads including raw material and component costs; unfortunately, it’s either this or ultimately, they go out of business!


I would like to reassure everyone reading this that no dealer or manufacturer, us included, wants to disrupt a customer’s plans, delay a vehicle that may be on order, upset (in any way) their customers or finally, increase their prices – there is simply no benefit to any of us in this. However, the pressures faced by all business at present are immense and diverse and dealers, in particular, are stuck in the middle, having no control over any of these issues until their finished motorhome is released to them by the motorhome manufacturer.

Even then, there is one final hurdle to overcome and that is the DVLA, who are currently taking in excess of 4 weeks to complete vehicle registrations – again, yet another necessary process that dealers have absolutely no control over!

Here to help

One final observation though; as a main dealer, our role is to help and support our customers to the very best of our abilities and whilst it may be personally satisfying to vent anger and frustration at your dealer, my hope is that with this extra insight and information, everyone now has a far better understanding of what’s really behind any issue or delay that they may be experiencing, either with an ordered vehicle or if awaiting parts; none of these issues are your dealer’s fault and your dealer cannot control or manage them, so please, spare a thought for our staff too.

Please feel free to contact us any time, but please also understand that we may not be able to give you the answers requested immediately, however we are doing everything that we can, within our power and control, to manage the current situation for all concerned.

Thank you,

Tim Lemon – Managing Director

Whether you are buying new or second hand, a good motorhome is likely to be a large financial purchase. That’s why many of our customers look to various forms of borrowing to finance their motorhome purchase.

To set your sights on any particular motorhome, of course, you will want a better ballpark idea of how much you can borrow.

Here at Derby Motorhomes, we’re happy to help you discover just that.

Motorhome finance calculator

Our online motorhome finance calculator can give you an estimate of how much your HP motorhome finance may cost based on how much you want to borrow.

If you decide to proceed with an HP motorhome finance application, the actual cost may be different as it will be influenced by the points discussed below. But it is a good starting point.

How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow – the amount you will have available to buy your motorhome – depends on and typically not limited to:

  • your financial circumstances (how much you can afford to repay each month);
  • the period over which you want to complete the repayments;
  • the rate of interest attached to any loan or credit; and
  • the measure of your creditworthiness that is expressed in your credit rating.

Hire purchase

The amount you can borrow – and how much that credit will cost – is also determined by the method of borrowing you choose. As you’ll have noticed, our online calculator takes hire purchase as your favoured method. Why is that?

It’s quite simply because hire purchase is one of the most popular forms of motor finance – according to the Money Saving Expert in a piece updated on the 11th of April 2022.

Hire purchase is a credit plan involving precisely those two elements: after paying a relatively modest deposit (typically of around 10%) you make monthly repayments to hire the vehicle and have the option of making a final payment – the purchase – to own it.

As the government-backed website MoneyHelper explains, your delayed ownership means that the loan can be secured against the value of the vehicle – and this typically helps to reduce the level of interest that is charged in other types of borrowing (an unsecured personal loan from your bank, for example).

There are other advantages to this method of financing your motorhome purchase:

  • the interest rate is fixed, so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying each month;
  • because the loan is secured against the vehicle, you might have more success getting hire purchase than an unsecured loan if your credit rating is less than good;
  • the initial deposit – of around 10% – is typically affordable, as is the final payment to complete the purchase (unlike the steep final payment you typically need to make at the end of a Personal Contract Purchase or PCP); and
  • unlike some other credit arrangements, hire purchase does not typically involve any mileage restrictions.


There is good reason for the abiding popularity of hire purchase agreements. They are typically easy to understand, have straightforward terms and conditions, and might often prove a cheaper way of borrowing than some other methods.

Our online calculator for motorhome finance will show you, at a glance, an example of just how much your monthly motorhome finance repayments could be.

If you are looking to finance your next motorhome, then please contact us today.

Christmas 2021 Opening Times




THURSDAY 23rd DECEMBER 2021                                     CLOSED

FRIDAY 24th DECEMBER 2021                                            CLOSED

SATURDAY 25th DECEMBER 2021                                      CLOSED

SUNDAY 26th DECEMBER 2021                                          CLOSED

MONDAY 27th DECEMBER 2021                                        CLOSED

TUESDAY 28th DECEMBER 2021                                         CLOSED

WEDNESDAY 29th DECEMBER 2021                                  OPEN – 11.00am to 3.00pm

THURSDAY 30th DECEMBER 2021                                     OPEN – 11.00am to 3.00pm

FRIDAY 31st DECEMBER 2021                                             CLOSED

SATURDAY 1st JANUARY 2022                                           CLOSED

SUNDAY 2nd JANUARY 2022                                              CLOSED

MONDAY 3rd JANUARY 2022                                             CLOSED 


Happy Christmas to all our customers, old, new and those we’ve yet to meet.

Have a lovely Christmas and a safe and peaceful new year……………

The Derby Motorhomes Team


The foremost British manufacturer of quality motorhomes Auto-Sleeper has never stood still. Every year sees the launch of completely new models in its range or the revamping and updating of existing favourites in its stable.

To own a new motorhome of this build and quality, of course, you might expect to pay a tidy sum. If you are already the proud owner of an Auto-Sleeper, though, you not only appreciate the reliability and craftsmanship that goes into every model but also have a valuable vehicle you can trade-in for a new motorhome.

Why trade-in your Auto-Sleeper?

As a current owner, you’ll already know that your Auto-Sleeper is not just a reliable and well-built motorhome, it is also made to last – you’ve probably enjoyed countless holidays and thousands of touring miles in the vehicle.

The enduring quality of your motorhome means that, in all probability, it has maintained its value well – depreciating much less, for example, than the car you are used to driving around in every day. The ability to trade in your Auto-Sleeper, therefore, puts you at least one step ahead of the game if you are looking to upgrade to a newer model.

New models of Auto-Sleeper

Trading in one model and upgrading to the next lets you enjoy the progress and development to which Auto-Sleeper are clearly committed.

Each year sees the launch of new models and refinements made to existing favourites. 2021, for example, has marked a particular milestone in the company’s illustrious history – its 60th or Diamond anniversary explains the Caravan and Motorhome Club. To celebrate that event, Auto-Sleeper launched a special, limited edition of the ever-popular Nuevo (which itself celebrates 20 years in production) and a brand new 6.6m Broadway EL model too.

Derby Motorhomes and trading in your Auto-Sleeper

We’ve suggested why you might want to upgrade to one of the newer Auto-Sleepers by trading in your current model – and a further big advantage in doing just that is the chance to avoid arranging a private sale, collecting the cash, and negotiating the purchase of a new motorhome.

Instead, you can safely entrust the entire transaction to us here at Derby Motorhomes.

As a leading, franchised dealer for Auto-Sleeper, your current motorhome, less than 10 years old, is always going to spark our interest in buying. Expertly valued to achieve the most favourable and fairest price possible, we’ll give you the cash, agree to display it on a sale or return (SOR) basis, or accept it in part exchange against a new or second-hand Auto-Sleeper.

With the last of these options, of course, a single, simple transaction could see you upgrading to a new Auto-Sleeper of your choice, at a price you can afford, and the sale of your current motorhome already done and dusted.

You can prepare for the transaction confident in the knowledge that you are dealing with an experienced dealer who knows exactly what they are talking about when arriving at the fair trade-in value for the make, model, and age of your vehicle.

You’ll no doubt want to ensure you get most competitive price by presenting it to us in all its full glory – and that means looking after any outstanding maintenance or repairs that might be required and giving your motorhome a thorough and final clean.


Are you already bitten by the bug of trading in your Auto-Sleeper to upgrade to a new or more recent model? If so, you might want to explore your options by giving us a call today on 01332 360222.

Well, it’s lockdown version number 3 and we’re all still living and working in very challenging times and circumstances.

Yet again, I’d really like to express my appreciation to quite a large number of people; to all of our customers who have and are continuing to support us during this third national lock down; to our wonderful staff, the majority of whom are either unable to work presently due to restrictions or working from home and to Auto-Sleepers who remain committed to supporting their dealers and customers, almost with their hands tied behind their backs.

Our service department has been forced to close this lockdown due to the national restrictions in place and preparation of sold vehicles and collections are also therefore suspended until a clearer picture emerges of exactly when we will be permitted to reopen and begin preparation, vehicle collections and service works again.

Service and After Sales – Happy to Help If We Can

Our dealership is currently closed due to the national restrictions in place and our sales and service customers have all been extremely understanding regarding the current situation and although unfortunately, everyone is in the same boat so to speak and some of you will have problems or outstanding issues with your motorhomes and possibly feel frustration at not being able to resolve these problems, I can assure you all that here at least, we would all rather be working hard, helping our customers and not being forced to sit around at home twiddling our thumbs!

Sales Department Online via email will get you a great deal

Although we all appreciate that our dealership has to remain closed during lockdown #3, for me the saddest sight that I see most days (and the one I simply can’t get used to) is the image of our great big showroom, full of new and used motorhomes, in darkness and gloom.

That said though, at least some of our sales team are still able to continue to work (to some extent anyway), behind closed doors and in the dealership and at home on-line so, to each of our customers so far, the ones who have left holding deposits against new and used motorhomes this lockdown, again, I’d like to say another very big thank you so much – your support is as overwhelming as much as it is appreciated, thank you all.

Auto-Sleepers and McLouis Fusion

I think that it is really important to spare a thought for Auto-Sleepers, the UK’s oldest motorhome manufacturer.

Last year was a challenge to say the least; as if two national lockdowns and the chaos that the last-minute Brexit negotiations caused at ports and to supply-chains wasn’t enough, this year has not started in a very positive way either with their dealer network forced to close again.

This year is certainly going to be another challenging year for all manufacturing.

The latest lockdown and restrictions have and will cause more chaos for manufacturing and yet again we can expect parts and component supply to be a particular challenge in this industry.

Scheduling and certainty had become an enormous issue last year and will continue to be so this year too; unfortunately, not everyone appreciates just how much these issues affect UK manufacturing and all I can say is that Auto-Sleepers have continued throughout to support us and you. Maybe, sometimes responses have been slower than usual – other times, models haven’t arrived on time but throughout, Auto-Sleepers have done everything within their power to deliver a service to us all.

Thank you, Auto-Sleepers, your hard work, dedication and support last year and this, so far, has been massive and appreciated.

The Derby Motorhomes Team

Finally, I’d like to say a massive thank you to the unbelievable team that work here in Derby.

We’ve all been together as a group for a very long time; no single individual is more important than another. Everyone plays a vital part in our success and the hard work and dedication usually shown by every single member of our team is an inspiration and although we all know how difficult last year was and this year is likely to be, each has always got on with their work and done their very best for us all.

On that final note I would simply like to assure everyone that Derby Motorhomes will continue to do everything we can to support our customers both old and new during these difficult times; thank you for supporting us, please continue to do so in the coming year and we will continue to support you.

Thank You, one and all.

February march 2018 newsletter

Tim Lemon

Managing Director

Have motorhome, will travel.

And thanks to the variety and contrasts packed into these British Isles, you’ll rarely need to drive all that far to experience all the joys of the open road likely to stretch out before you.

Motorhomes, of course, are made for just these kinds of road trips – every journey an adventure unto itself, exciting and fascinating, experience-rich, and mind-expanding. Few of us are likely to turn down the opportunity of embarking on the great road trip.

Britain has them aplenty – so, let’s take a closer look as we suggest some of the greatest road trips in the UK.

The far north

We’ll start our catalogue of great road trips with what might be considered the most dramatic scenically and furthest from the gentle English countryside many of us may know.

This is a journey that will take you from a starting point at Inverness on the northwest coast of Scotland, pass along the coast and many Highland towns, through Applecross, Durness, to the most northerly point of mainland Britain at John O’Groats, and Dunrobin Castle beyond.

With everything from mountains, lochs, pristine beaches, brooding castles emerging from the mists, and historic landmarks dotted everywhere along your route, this surely qualifies as one of the great British road trips.

It’s a very satisfying 516 miles in length, and you might want to take as long as seven days – or more – to enjoy the trip. Little wonder that a blog on the Winfields website describes the route – which sticks to the North Coast NC500 – as Scotland’s answer to America’s Route 66.

The New Forest

From the far north, let’s now point the compass to central southern England, where the New Forest offers a complete contrast and altogether different – but no less satisfying – road trip in your motorhome.

Because the New Forest is so easy to get to – just take the M3 or the M27 – and lies in a densely populated part of the country, it might not immediately spring to mind when planning a road trip. In fact, the area covered by the National Park – more than 218 square miles (566 square kilometres) – that many a winding journey can be made along its wooded roads and lanes.

The New Forest is unlikely to make an exhausting road trip – rather one in which you spend lazy days strolling through the woodland trails, striking out across the heathland, or visiting the surrounding places of interest. The Gap Decaders website highlight the towns of Brockenhurst, in the centre of the Forest, and Lymington, on the coast – and a gateway to the Isle of Wight – as spots worth visiting.

The Norfolk Coast

A great road trip under big, big skies awaits you along the windswept coast of Norfolk.

It’s an English coastline that is little visited these days – those steeped in an illustrious past. Indeed, your journey might well start in the historic city of Norwich and its landmark 11th-century cathedral.

Indeed, as your road trip progresses, you’re likely to encounter a hundred or so churches from the 11th century or so, built with the round towers that reflect the traditional designs from the North Sea and Baltic nations with long-standing trading links to this part of the UK.

As you head east out of Norwich, you enter the Norfolk Broads – a whole world unto itself, boasting more than 125 miles of navigable waterways winding through picturesque villages and towns. The Broads are a man-made wonder of the east coast.

Leaving the Broads, you’ll head along the coast to Cromer, Brancaster Beach and Blakeney Point (where you’ll also find England’s largest colony of seals).

A mark of the exceedingly high quality of the beaches you’ll drive past – and, no doubt, stop to admire – lies in the fact that the North Norfolk coastline boasts more than any other English region with six blue-flag beaches.

Northern Ireland

When you’re planning a great road trip, you might be drawn to those routes less travelled and paths less trodden. The Causeway Coastal Route across the top of Northern Ireland, from one side of the Province to the other, meets just such a bill – and packs in its fair share of drama and history too.

If you’re not fortunate enough to live in Northern Ireland already, of course, there’s a passage by ferry across the Irish Sea to start your journey. Your road trip can then begin in Belfast, as you take the route north and along what is probably the best of Britain’s coastal drives.

From Belfast around to Derry on the west coast, the journey is around 120 miles long – but you might want to give it a full five days to lend it justice. Handily, the entire Causeway Coastal Route is broken up into nine separate scenic drives, so you can explore each one at your leisure.

The constant backdrop to your coastal road trip is the Atlantic Ocean. Stopover nights are likely to be spent stargazing into the darkest of night skies, and topping up your tumbler of Irish whiskey as you listen to or recount the tales and legends of old.

Stop over at some of Northern Ireland’s best-known locations, such as the Giant’s Causeway, Dark Hedges, the rope bridge at Carrick-a-Rede, or the Glens of Antrim. To make the most of the outdoor life in stunning scenery, walk along, swim or surf at some of the island’s gorgeous beaches.


Can’t choose between North or South Wales for your road trip? Then why not plan one that covers its length, from Llandudno in the north as far as Cardiff on the south coast.

The key to your road trip is the A470, which you can follow from Llandudno to Cardiff, explains Visit Britain – but, of course, you’re almost certain to want to stray away from the main route to take in some of the highlights that just about anywhere in Wales has to offer.

In the north, you have the rugged majesty and splendour of Snowdonia National Park – and here alone, you might want to spend a day or two exploring the 823 square miles or so of its diverse landscapes.

The A470 pretty well follows the Cambrian Way or the spine of Wales from north to south. Once away from the more well-known tourist hotspots, you’ll find yourself deep in the countryside of unspoilt mid-Wales and its plethora of small villages and communities. Once again, you’re going to struggle in resisting the temptation to stray away from the main route and instead follow wherever your fancy may take you.

Eventually, however, you’ll find the Brecon Beacons National Park on your horizon, with its more rugged mountains and moorlands, before dipping down into the valleys of South Wales, the town of Merthyr Tydfil, and on to Cardiff.

From start to finish, this road trip covers 178 miles – on a mix of dual and single carriageway roads – which you could drive in as short a time as just four and a half hours. With so much to see and do along the way, however, who on earth would want to do that? For that chance to travel the length and breadth of the whole of Wales, your great road trip is likely to take at least several days.

We hope these ideas have inspired you on where to go for your next staycation. Enjoy!

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