As you cast your approving eyes over your faithful motorhome, it’s probably difficult to accept that when its time comes, you’ll need to sell it. To cut short the potential agony, hassle, and trauma, you’ll then want to sell it fast.

What’s involved and how can you do just that?

How can I find out how much my motorhome is worth?

Whatever its age, you know that you’ll owe it to yourself – not to mention the motorhome that has given you such loyal service over the years – to get what you feel is the best possible price for it.

Few of us are natural or born valuers of motorhomes, so you’ll almost certainly need some help in determining just what is a fair and reasonable price.

The immediate and perhaps the most appealing answer to most questions these days comes by way of the internet – and the valuation of your motorhome is no exception. A quick search will show that there are several websites offering free, fast, and secure valuations online.

You could also visit several of the online listings of motorhomes for sale. Simply search for the make and model similar to your own. Compare ages and conditions. And you will come with at least some idea of what comparable vehicles are fetching – or, at least, what the current owners hope to realise.

How easy is it to sell a motorhome?

Armed with your best shot at a good and realistic price for your motorhome, you can set about trying to interest buyers.

If you’re looking for a private sale, that means advertising your motorhome. Once again, the internet makes it relatively easy to gain access to seemingly hundreds of potential buyers – all over the country. You will need to draft an appealing and well-illustrated listing, of course, while keeping the copy as accurate and honest as possible.

While composing any online sales material, you might also want to think about placing hard copies of your ads in the local newspaper, parish magazines, “for sale” boards in the supermarket, or the shop window of your local newsagent.

If your advertisements entice a buyer, of course, then you’ll then have to make arrangements to stay at home or wherever you care to set up a viewing. Some of those who express an interest might be no more than timewasters while others might fail to show up at all.

All in all, it’s likely to prove a tiresome hassle, if you make a sale, you’ll still be left wondering whether you got the best price – and any sale you do eventually make is very unlikely to have been quick.

How can I sell my motorhome?

Although a private sale may have its attractions – no middleman needs to take a commission – there are certainly alternatives.

An auction sale, for instance, might offer one of the fastest routes to concluding a sale – provided you set a suitably low reserve price. But that means you’ve probably not achieved the most attractive price possible – and you’ll still need to pay the commission charged by the auctioneers.

Here at Derby Motorhomes, we can offer what is likely to be the least painful, most straightforward, and hassle-free way of selling your motorhome. We can take all the stress out of the entire process and still give you an assurance that our valuation of your beloved motorhome is as fair, accurate and honest as you are likely to achieve.

We give you all the options – we can buy your motorhome from you; we can take it in part exchange for a great deal on a new vehicle; or we can act as your broker by offering your motorhome on a sale or return basis. The choice is entirely yours.


You’re unlikely ever to celebrate the sale of a motorhome that has given you such sterling service over the years – but, here at Derby Motorhomes, we can at least take some of the sting out of doing so.

We’ll take on all the inconvenience and sheer hassle of advertising arranging viewings and making a sale – while all along reassuring you of what we believe os a fair, reasonable, and accurate valuation.