In what follows, we’ll provide the answers to some motorhomes FAQs.

Can I drive a motorhome on an ordinary licence?

In many cases, the answer is a reassuring “yes” – but not always!

A lot depends here upon the weight of the motorhome and when you passed your test.

As there are so many options here, it’s probably more sensible to research your individual position against the government’s official website.

Are motorhomes easy to drive?

Yes. In complexity terms, there is nothing that should surprise someone who is already a competent car driver.

However, some motorhomes are large vehicles which rely on wing mirrors for rear views to an extent that is not the case with the typical car. That can mean additional skills are required when reversing, parking, taking sharp corners and so on.

Some dealers may be able to arrange short skills development sessions for you to practice prior to driving away for the first time.

The Caravan and Motorhome Club run motorhome manoeuvring courses and if you look further online, there are several other companies that do so, too.

Can I park my motorhome wherever I wish overnight?


Many local authorities differentiate between people parking a vehicle for a short time and sleeping in vehicles overnight. Many may prohibit overnight parking for any vehicle, including motorhomes, in standard car parks or lay-bys etc. The same might typically apply to streets and roadsides.

Whether any such rules would be enforced is another and probably unknowable question.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of good officially approved parking sites all over the UK.

Do note that your insurance policy might also have requirements about where you can and cannot park-up overnight.

Do motorhomes have real toilets?

The answer is “yes” and very sophisticated ones – assuming you select a duly equipped motorhome of course. Do discuss your question in more detail with us if required.

How much control do I have over interior fittings?

That depends upon the models you’re looking at but typically, a lot.

Many come in a wide range of configurations covering, just as one example, how much space is allocated to berths versus your shower room or berths versus living space etc. You can select the configuration that meets your requirements.

In terms of fittings, you might be able to select the type and colour of your upholstery, your specific kitchen equipment and so on.

This is best discussed with us and by looking at some brochures etc.

Can I take my motorhome abroad?

Yes, providing you have appropriate insurance cover that permits you to do so and subject to current legislation. As rules may change in terms of travel, visas and insurance requirement implications, you may want to check on the site for the latest information.

Also, please note that if you’ve imported a motorhome from outside the EU (typically from North America), some of those might not be road legal in the UK without modifications and that might mean they are not road legal in some other EU countries.

You would need vehicle-specific advice in such cases.

Is it possible to borrow money to buy a motorhome?

Yes, finance deals are available just as would be the case with motorcars etc.

Of course, that is inevitably “subject to status”. You can find out more on our Motorhome finance page, or please feel free to contact us. We’d be very happy to help.