All of us enjoy taking a few home comforts with us when we are out and about with our motorhome.

True, “roughing it” a little is often part of the fun when in the countryside but a few motorhome accessories can make life just that bit more comfortable.

Here are some general ideas as to things you might consider taking with you. They’re not in any particular priority sequence, as that is largely a matter of personal preference.

A WIFI booster

Many of us want to stay in touch when we are on the road. Our various portable technological devices usually play a key part in that.

While many sites today offer WIFI services, it’s a fact of life that if your pitch is some distance away from the main router then your internet service may be patchy or at worst unavailable. Cue much frustration!

That’s why one of the most popular motorhome accessories is a WIFI signal booster.

There are various forms available using different technologies but the costs are usually relatively modest.

An E-book reader

If you love reading through lots of books when you are on your holiday, then you’ve probably experienced the downside of needing lots of space to store them and of course, there is the weight issue too.

An E-book reader removes all that because you can take virtually an entire library with you and hold it in one hand. Not everybody instinctively warms to these devices in advance but it’s worth giving them a try because once you get used to them, they’ll revolutionise your view of how to take reading materials with you.

Portable satellite TV

Once upon a time you almost needed a PhD in astrophysics and a team from NASA to set up your own satellite TV system on or around a motorhome.

Those days are now long-gone and the systems are small, highly intelligent and above all, easy to use.

Unless you pay for a very high-tech one that will tune itself in to the satellite of your choice, you still may need to spend a little time aligning it every time you use it. That though is much easier than it used to be and this is now a really viable option if you’d like to watch your favourite programmes.

Remember, if you’ve left somebody behind at home who is watching your normal television, once you start using your television in the motorhome you will need a second TV licence.

Battery operated lanterns

Many motorhome owners sensibly take torches with them but those are hardly conducive to creating a pleasant evening glow as you sit out watching it get dark around you.

On the other hand, battery operated lanterns can provide a great ambience on those warm evenings outside your vehicle.

Most providers of motorhome accessories will offer a wide choice.


These can be extremely useful motorhome accessories because they can significantly increase your living space.

There is a vast range to choose from though it’s worth checking to make sure that any motorhome insurance you have covers them against a range of mishaps.

External collapsible furniture

There’s little point in sitting inside your motorhome if the weather outside is beautiful!

The days when external collapsible furniture consisted of two rickety deckchairs you’d inherited from your grandparents are (or should be) history. Most motorhome accessories providers now offer a range of ultra-modern external furniture that isn’t only practical but stylish as well.

It’s worth checking out.