Your motorhome is likely to prove great for enjoying the great outdoors, but don’t assume that it’s suitable only for trips into the wild and remote countryside.

On the contrary, many people love the versatility of a motorhome for exploring some of the fascinating and beautiful cities here in the UK – and in Europe, too.

Here are a few ideas from the team here at Derby Motorhomes about motorhome city breaks in the UK you might wish to think about.


The historic capital of Scotland commonly features in any top-three listing of the most attractive cities in the UK.

The city is simply packed with things to do and see as well as having the additional benefit of being surrounded by some beautiful countryside to the south and north. Some of the coastal towns around the Firth of Forth are also well worth exploring if – however unlikely that’s going to be – you grow bored with Edinburgh’s attractions.

You might indeed struggle to find a campsite for your motorhome in the city centre itself, but there are plenty in surrounding areas that are serviced by good public transport links.

Do note that like many cities, Edinburgh now has major traffic restriction measures in place – so, you’ll want to make best use of the several park and ride schemes available.


With its Roman, Viking, Anglo-Saxon, and medieval past still very much in evidence, York is clearly an ancient city of northern England.

The cathedral is the focal point of the town but there are simply stacks of other attractions – notably, the medieval Shambles, the Jorvik Viking Centre, and the historic, largely intact, city walls themselves.

You can also take in the North Yorkshire Moors and the Yorkshire coastline for some stunning scenery during day trips out from the city.

Stratford upon Avon

In the peak holiday season of July and August, this charming, but small, town can become a little packed with tourists. However, at other times of the year, it is much more manageable with space and room to wander around and about the wealth of historic buildings – many associated with one of the fathers of English literature, Shakespeare himself.

In the surrounding countryside, you’ll also find other Midland towns that are more than worth a visit including Warwick, Leamington Spa, and Kenilworth.


Now, it’s perfectly true that Manchester doesn’t often score highly in terms of the picturesque quality of its city centre but that shouldn’t detract from its many attractions. The website Trip Savvy ranks Manchester in third place among the top twenty of UK cities for international visitors.

Here in the northwest’s powerhouse, there are some major galleries and museums – not to mention a vibrant and very trendy commercial life on display in the centre of the city.

The city is also well positioned to explore some of the industrial museums and heritage of towns in Lancashire to the north and Cheshire to the south.


The ancient city of Canterbury boasts some of the country’s finest medieval architecture, including one of its oldest cathedrals, and its place in literary history thanks to the Canterbury Tales written by Geoffrey Chaucer at the close of the 14th century.

The city makes a natural base for exploring the county of Kent – aptly called the Garden of England, with some stunning countryside and a breath-taking coastline just a short drive away.

Top tips for exploring city centres

Don’t forget that, particularly during the holiday season, good campsites close to city centres can be snapped up very quickly by eager motorhome owners. So, make sure that you book in advance to secure the pitch you’re after for that city break in your motorhome.

If you can, take some personal transport with you like bicycles. It’ll make it much easier for you to get around and you’ll be less likely to run into some of the traffic congestion that, however much you try to avoid it, can be a fact of life with areas surrounding major conurbations.

It might also be highly advisable to seek sites that are located within very easy reach of good public transport services into the city. Not all cities are necessarily equally well equipped in terms of the transport infrastructure, so a little internet research will be essential.

Wherever you choose for your city break, it’s probably always a good idea to avoid, driving your motorhome into the city centre. You might get lucky, but you won’t want to lose a lot of your precious exploring time simply driving around one-way systems while trying to find a car park suitable for motorhomes.

Above all, though, remember to have fun!