When the chill winds and frosty nights of winter keep you tucked up at home, your thoughts may be turning to those long summer days in your motorhome. What better way to breathe life into those dreams by considering those must-have motorhome accessories for 2020?

One motorhome owner’s must-have accessory could be another one’s passing fancy or mere folly, of course, but here is a selection of this year’s possibilities:



  • you might have invested in your motorhome for a taste of the outdoor life, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego cosy evenings in just watching TV;
  • Cello’s 22-inch HD Traveller TV is a smart television that is suitably compact for any motorhome and may be powered either by 230V mains or a 12V source. It’s Wi-Fi and mobile hotspot capabilities mean that you can stay connected whilst on the move;

Leather-bound travel log

  • it’s not all about gadgets, however. Some of the best things about your motorhome adventures are the fond memories you are likely to have of trips at home or abroad;
  • what better way to record those memories – the old-fashioned way – than to keep a travel log for posterity’s sake;
  • the Italian-made Vietri Classico is a leather-bound journal and logbook in which to record your treasured memories and comes in a special gift box;

Personalised pitch-saver

  • you’ve found the perfect pitch at the campsite of your choice. After spending the first of several booked nights, you naturally use your motorhome for a spot of daytime exploring. At the end of the day, you return, only to find that someone else has parked on your pitch;
  • avoid that irritation and frustration by investing in a simple “pitch reserved” sign from Pitch-Saver that can be personalised with your motorhome’s registration number to remove any doubt;

Folding cupboard or larder

  • once you’ve set up camp, you want the room to move around in your motorhome;
  • a folding cupboard or larder gives you just that extra space – either inside your vehicle or under an awning outside – and is easily stowed away when you are on the road again;

Brit Stops

  • it’s neither a device nor a gadget, but Brit Stops might be one of the most useful accessories to keep in your motorhome’s glove box;
  • Brit Stops is a book, an old-fashioned guidebook, but one that lists over 1,000 hosts in the UK who are happy to offer free overnight parking to motorhome owners;
  • the parking pitches are at country pubs, farm shops, vineyards, breweries, craft and antique centres – where the hosts are happy to offer you free parking in the likelihood of your passing business at their establishment.

Getting your motorhome ready for the forthcoming new season is exciting in itself. Making sure you have the latest of gadgets and accessories only adds to the fun and sense of satisfaction.