Seeing an Auto-Sleeper for yourself, by getting up close and personal with the motorhome of your choice is clearly an excellent form of introduction, but it is still likely you to leave you with plenty of things to ask your Auto-Sleeper dealer.

At Derby Motorhomes, we are here to answer precisely those questions:

Which is the right Auto-Sleeper for me and my family?

  • there are so many possible answers to this question that you might be glad of our expertise, experience and guidance;
  • the Auto-Sleeper for you and your family, of course, depends on the way you plan to use it, the size of motorhome you want to buy, and whether you are buying new or second hand;
  • since we have such a wide range of new and pre-loved Auto-Sleepers on display, you may try out our suggestions for yourself first-hand, even taking those in which you have a particular interest for a test drive;
  • for innovative design, layout and spaciousness and through the use of proven chasses and powertrains, it’s no accident that Auto-Sleepers are our flagship range;

Van conversion or coach built?

  • ask your dealer about some of the differences between van conversions and coach built motorhomes;
  • just as the terms suggest, a van conversion takes a standard chassis type and powertrain – in the case of Auto-Sleepers, a Peugeot or Fiat Ducato engine and transmission – with the superstructure skilfully converted to create a spacious and well-appointed interior;
  • a coach built motorhome is specially crafted, lovingly built from the chassis up and, in the case of an Auto-Sleeper, powered by a 160bhp Peugeot engine or a 163bhp Mercedes;
  • as you might imagine, therefore, coach built motorhomes tend to be in a luxury class of their own – and come with a price ticket to match;

What after-sales service and warranties are offered?

  • if you have to wait at all for delivery of your Auto-Sleeper from Derby Motorhomes, that’s because we put every aspect of the vehicle through rigorous and stringent pre-delivery tests, before giving your model a finishing valet service;
  • on the rare occasion that anything should go wrong after that, of course you expect the reassurance that it will be put right;
  • that’s where our long history in dealing with Auto-Sleepers, and our fully-trained and experienced team of technicians who are familiar with every model in the range, comes into its own – we have the expertise and well-stocked parts stores to ensure any replacements are fitted speedily and professionally;

Can you arrange finance?

  • buying an Auto-Sleeper is likely to represent a significant investment and one for which you may need finance;
  • we are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to offer three principal options – personal loans, hire purchase and even Personal Contract Purchase – giving you the widest choice of finance options (depending on your credit history, of course).

If you are thinking of buying an Auto-Sleeper, you’ll not only want your own private viewing and maybe a test drive, but also have lots of questions to ask your dealer. Here at Derby Motorhomes we’re delighted if you ask away – and our dedicated team of sales people will provide the answers.