The precise layout of your motorhome will go a long way to maximising the usable space within the vehicle, the way you intend to use it, and the number of people you expect to accommodate.

A motorhome is your home on wheels, says the Camping and Caravanning Club, so there is an inevitable trade-off or compromise between interior spaciousness and the need to negotiate the vehicle on the roads – which might often be narrow, twisting, or occasionally congested city streets.

But whether you are looking for a sufficiently agile and manoeuvrable motorhome to use for touring off the beaten track or a sufficiently spacious and luxurious second home which to which you return as your base each day, there are plenty of layout options from which to choose.

Even motorhomes that are a similar overall length points out an article in AutoTrader Motorhomes may differ in both height and width to allow a layout which offers more in the way of usable space inside.

Popular layouts

Thanks to the imagination and ingenuity of contemporary designers, there is an amazing selection of different motorhome layouts to suit a variety of personal preferences and uses:


  • as the smallest in the stable of motorhomes, campervans are perhaps the most challenging for layout designers;
  • typically, the forward driver’s and passenger seats swivel around to face the interior, there is a bench seat at the rear – which converts into the bed – and a small galley and cupboards arranged along the side;
  • yet even within the relative confines of a campervan, there are variations on the theme – explains a guide produced by Out and About Live – and you have a wide choice when it comes to selecting the layout that suits your purposes;

French bed layout

  • also designed to maximise space in smaller motorhomes is the so-called French bed layout;
  • it is smaller than a regular, fixed double bed because the corner is rounded off to allow greater access around it – it is also an alternative to an island bed when space is at a premium;

Fixed bed layouts

  • as you move up in the overall size of your motorhome, it becomes possible to have fixed beds rather than those which pull down or convert and which you have to make up at the end of each day;
  • fixed bed layouts may feature a double bed or two singles – depending on the layout – and are prized for the comfort and convenience they bring to life in your motorhome;

End kitchen layout

  • if you are looking for a motorhome that serves as a home away from home, you might want to consider the luxury of a spacious end kitchen layout.
  • by putting the kitchen across the rear of the vehicle, you may achieve a fully-fitted kitchen – with an oven, multiple hobs, workspace and room for a fridge;

End bathroom layout

  • perhaps even more luxury can be found in having the bathroom at the rear of your motorhome;
  • it makes room for the toilet, hand basin and walk-in shower – all creature comforts that are likely to make your motorhome a comfortable yet mobile second home.

With layouts for all occasions, uses and personal tastes, choosing the one that suits you may be as important as picking the motorhome itself.