One of the services we provide is that of part exchange.

Here we’d like to run through how Derby Motorhomes operates the system and some of the basic principles behind it.

What we exchange

It may surprise you to know that we don’t just accept motorhomes as part of a part exchange deal.

We will happily consider things such as motorcycles and motor cars as well.

The basic approach

In order to give you an initial part exchange estimate, we will need to have certain key information relating to the vehicle you are considering putting forward. Those details might include:

  • a precise description of what it is, including things such as its make, model and year;
  • an accurate indication of its current mileage;
  • how many previous owners it might have had;
  • a fairly objective review of its condition. Any major problems or damage should be highlighted at this stage to avoid wasting time later on;
  • a statement of any enhancements you might have made to it, such as anything that might affect its registration details and insurance;
  • a statement relating to whether or not there is any outstanding finance on it.

Once we have those details we will contact our trusted associates in whatever the vehicle field concerned is, to seek the best possible trade-in price we can on your behalf.

Assuming the figure we indicate is acceptable, we will then proceed with you to the next stage.

Confirmation and engagement

Almost inevitably, part exchange allowances will be dependent on the person offering the figure (or their intermediaries) getting to see the vehicle in person before agreeing an absolutely final sum.

There is absolutely no suggestion here that the part exchange specialist believes you might have misrepresented the vehicle. It is simply a question of them trying to make sure that there is nothing associated with it that you might have failed to spot.

Sometimes those things can be very technical and not immediately apparent to anyone other than a skilled mechanic and one who is an expert in the type of vehicle concerned.

However, in many cases, this is simply routine and the final figures are confirmed. In some cases, it may be necessary for you to take steps to settle any outstanding finance on the vehicle prior to offering it as part of the deal or it can be settled as part of the overall transaction.

Do please keep in mind that if you are purchasing a vehicle under hire purchase terms, it is an offence to offer it for sale or part exchange unless your HP funds provider has agreed to it in advance, with any outstanding sums being settled as part of the final transaction.


As we have said on our website, part exchange can sometimes be a little complicated even though it is an excellent way to offset some of the costs associated with purchasing a new motorhome.

We and our partners can be extremely inventive in finding ways to make your part exchange happen and in a cost-effective way for you. This can all be explained in much more detail and far more easily if you contact us for an initial discussion.

That will be entirely non-committal on your part but it will give you an excellent idea of how the process works and some of the financial advantages that it might offer you.

Tim Lemon
Sales Director at Derby motorhomes
Hello to all our old customers and a warm welcome to all you new ones. I am Tim Lemon sales director here at Derby motorhomes in the centre of Derby in the UK. We specialise in selling brand new and second home Auto Sleeper motorhomes and campervans. For a personal appointment please contact me on +44 (0) 1322 360222 option one. Kind regards Tim.