Just as with any vehicle, your motorhome benefits from regular, attentive servicing and maintenance by manufacturer-approved technicians.

In the case of a motorhome, of course, servicing and maintenance extends to far more than just the mechanical aspects of your vehicle and includes an interior that you want to keep as fresh and functional as the day you bought it.

With that in mind, here are some motorhome servicing tips and suggestions:

Choose a specialist

  • the very nature of a motorhome makes it a specialist vehicle and second home;
  • that calls for specialist attention, of course, and you might want to make sure that you commission a known and trusted dealer to take care of your servicing and maintenance requirements – whether or not you had actually bought your motorhome from that particular franchise;
  • if you are fortunate enough to own an Auto-Sleeper, for instance, you may want the reassurance and confidence of knowing your servicing is being carried out according to the manufacturer’s specifications;

The mechanics

  • as with any motor vehicle, the law says that you must arrange for an MOT test on the anniversary of your motorhome’s first registration and every year afterwards;
  • it is illegal to circulate any vehicle that requires one without a valid MOT certificate – on penalty of a fine of up to £1,000;
  • but just as with the MOT certificate for any motor vehicle, it confirms the basic roadworthiness of your motorhome on the date it was tested only;
  • it is your responsibility under the law to make sure that it remains in a roadworthy condition throughout the rest of the year – if you do not, you risk invalidating your motor insurance as well as attracting the unwanted attention of the police;
  • regular servicing and maintenance by a reputable dealer, therefore, may spot any potential problems before they develop and keep you and other road users safe on the highway;

The interior

  • the process of keeping the interior of your motorhome spick, span, healthy and hazard-free is known as a habitation service – which the Camping and Caravanning Club recommends that you have done on an annual basis;
  • it involves a thorough servicing, inspection, repair and maintenance of the electrical, gas, heating and water systems in your motorhome, together with an overall service of the whole of the living and sleeping areas;
  • it is an essential health and safety check and may also help to detect longer-term issues – such as mould and damp – before they spread to become especially expensive problems to resolve;
  • if you have a slightly older motorhome – or one that you are not using on a regular basis – the drinking water system is likely to be especially vulnerable to the build-up of potentially harmful bacteria;
  • your habitation service, therefore, is likely to include flushing out the entire water system with an antibacterial solution;
  • in between services, you may help to keep your drinking water somewhat safer by using it regularly or at least running off some of the stored water and refilling it.

Regular servicing and maintenance – of both the mechanical and interior aspects – of your motorhome is therefore an important route to prolonging its working life and keeping you and its occupants safe and free from potential harm to your health.