At Derby Motorhomes, we often encounter customers who are thinking about their first-time purchase of a motorhome.  That means we are regularly asked for our top motorhome buying tips.

We’d like to share some of those motorhome buying tips here.

Do your homework – and speak to an expert

This may sound self-evident but it’s a fact of life that sometimes we can all be swayed by appearance and impulse.

There are lots of great things to learn about motorhomes and all of them will potentially have some influence on your eventual decision as to make and model etc.  Most of those lessons are positive ones, relating to different types of benefits that come with different versions of motorhomes but it’s also important to be aware of certain things to watch out for too.

Of course, we would be only too happy to play a role in helping you to learn more about this great recreational opportunity.

Protect your interests when buying privately

There is nothing necessarily wrong with buying a used motorhome from a private individual.  There are some pros and cons to consider but how you see the balance settling will be affected by your own individual situation and your view of life.

However, make sure you protect yourself against fraud by being fully conversant with and then applying:

  • identity checks, to be sure you know exactly who you are dealing with and that the address they are giving you is, in fact, real;
  • ownership verification – to be sure that they own the vehicle there are selling;
  • cash transfers and related security protection.

Analyse your own requirements

Most of us like to think that we know our own minds and it’s not unusual to find that people new to motorhomes have firm ideas of the type of vehicle they are looking for.

However, there are lots of subtleties involved in selecting a suitable motorhome and many of them are directly linked to the buyer’s individual requirements.  Sometimes, with assistance and prompting through questions, new buyers substantially change their mind about their preferences once they have thought in more detail about their own objectives.

Perhaps the most commonly encountered reconsideration is that arising from space. 

For example, the type of vehicle you might initially think will be perfectly suitable for you and your partner, might suddenly seem not quite so ideal when you start to consider potentially taking children, grandchildren or other friends and family with you on the odd trip.

It can be very useful to have someone help you to construct a list of things to think about before finally fixing on a given make or model.

Think seriously about a driving techniques course

The vast majority of motorhomes are easy to drive and in many respects, they’re not significantly different to driving an ordinary car.  In most cases, subject to your age, aspects of the vehicle’s weight and when your licence was issued, you can drive them on a standard driving licence.

However, they are slightly larger vehicles and need a little getting used to in terms of things such as parking, manoeuvring and reversing.  This isn’t exactly rocket science but there are some modestly-priced courses out there that will help you get to grips with safe driving techniques before you necessarily take your vehicle on the road.


We have lots of other useful motorhome buying tips plus general advice and guidance for those who are purchasing a motorhome for the first time.

Why not contact us for an initial friendly and entirely non-committal discussion?

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Sales Director at Derby motorhomes
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